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Democrats for McCain!

We've seen poll after poll telling us that Hillary's supporters would vote for John McCain, and not Obama, if she doesn't get the nomination. Well, that prediction is already starting to come true.

First, from Hot Air, is a new ad the RNC is running showing prominent Democrats making statements against Obama:

There's more meat to that story here.

What's much more fun to see happen is how the GOP Convention office is
getting calls from Hillary supporters asking how they can help with his campaign.

Matt Burns, the spokesman for the GOP convention in St. Paul e-mails to say that the RNC's convention office in St. Paul has received numerous telephone calls in the last few hours from people who identify themselves as Clinton supporters asking how they can help Sen. McCain.

Will Hillary supporters really come out in full force for McCain and against Obama? It's certainly a possibility... if Hillary concedes. I know Barack Obama is saying that he is now officially the nomineee, but the super delegates are free to change their minds, and if this Michelle Obama "whitey" tape pops up, it might be just the push some of them need to switch to Hillary.


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Comments (41)

I know that the right has b... (Below threshold)

I know that the right has become delusional since the failure of the current presidency has become obvious to all. But if you think there's going to be a mass or even significant democrat movement to McCain then I want some of what you're smoking.

The more McCain talks, the more visible he is the more absurd that view will become. Yup, that's what dems want - McCain's absolute ignorance (admitted by him) about how to solve the economic problems in their lives. If you could hermetically seal McCain till election day I'd agree. Otherwise, keep leading the fantasy life.

It doesn't matter what the ... (Below threshold)

It doesn't matter what the facts show, JFO will consistantly live in his denial world where all the flowers are vibrant and the clouds are marshmellows. IN the real world, the Hillary fans are pretty fervant and at the beginning of this race it wasn't shown how racist Obama is, now is a different story. Not a cake walk by any stretch either way. ww

Newsweek Poll: Obama and th... (Below threshold)

Newsweek Poll: Obama and the Race Factor
N = 1,205 registered voters screened from 1,399 adults, 18+
N = 608 Registered Democrats and Democratic leaners (MOE: plus or minus 5)

Obama McCain

Republicans 7 89
Democrats 74 19

Focus on the 19% of the Democrats who are thinking of voting for McCain, vs. 7% of Reps who are thinking of voting for Obama. Differential of 12%.

Then think about this:

Bush won 11% of Dems in 2004, losing 6% of Reps to Kerry.

Then ponder this: Kerry carried 89% of Dems vs. 74% of Dems who are thinking of voting for Obama.

This may change between now and Nov, but the Dems have a problem at this time.

However, keep HOPE alive. HOPE this picture CHANGES. Have FAITH.

JFO certainly lends a lot o... (Below threshold)

JFO certainly lends a lot of support in his postings here to the argument that the more some people talk the more absurd their views are shown to be. And too, he's proven himself quite familiar with the absolute ignorance and fantasy life of which he speaks, so I'd have to concede his familiarity with the overall subject matter. In fact, I venture to say that most people here would also support the clear fact that he is steeped in and thoroughly familiar with the subject matter of absurd views, total ignorance, and fantasy in most topics he brings to the table.

But still, in keeping with his established tradition here at Wizbang, he continues to draw erroneous conclusions and as always, constitutes a caucus of one with little hope of ever gathering any delegates to abide with him in his campaign of uselessness. Though he has always demonstrated his sure grasp of that characteristic too.

After watching both McCain'... (Below threshold)

After watching both McCain's and Obama's speeches on TV Tuesday night, McCain no less than NEEDS to run Alaska Gov Sarah Palin as his VP mate.

I'll take "Obama Swiftboate... (Below threshold)

I'll take "Obama Swiftboated By The Vast Left-wing Conspiracy" for $500, Alex...

This will increase the pres... (Below threshold)

This will increase the pressure on Obama to offer VP to Hillary. Although I'm sure he loaths the idea.

Michael, 'zactly. All JFO ... (Below threshold)

Michael, 'zactly. All JFO ever says is, "If you disagree with me, you're crazy." No reason why, no facts or data to support that opinion. And McCain is absurd because, well, JFO says he is. Never mind that many of us disagree with McCain on many issues. We're well aware of his shortcomings. But many of us will vote for McCain because we have closely examined each of the candidates and find the other two so far outside our own ideals that McCain is the closest of the three. JFO can't seem to get over the fact that although he continues to come back here, day after day, making sweeping ad hominem attacks he still can't foster any reasonable debate.

Now Sam posted some clear data to support the argument that JFO is wrong. A link would have been nice, but we can look it up easily enough. What did JFO use to support his argument? Nothing.

I seem to remember a great ... (Below threshold)

I seem to remember a great number of conservatives/Republicans promising to not support McCain after it became clear he would be the nominee. Most of that sentiment seems to have vanished now. Go figure.

Oyster: I am tech-illitera... (Below threshold)

Oyster: I am tech-illiterate enough not to know how to do links. Cut-and-paste is my limit.

The poll I cited is Newsweek's, released 5/23 (I pasted this information in the note above.) Easy enough to find, even through Google.

You can find confirmation of this trend in polls from other organizations such as Rasmussen and Pew. Here's Rasmussen from today:

"McCain attracts 83% of Republicans while Obama is supported by 76% of Democrats. McCain has an eight-point advantage over Obama among unaffiliated voters."

Here's the salient point: Obama is losing 1 in every 4 Democratic likely voter. Plus he is losing I's by 8 points.

Compare to Kerry: Kerry lost 1 in 10 Dem voter in 2004, and was essentially tied with Bush (50% to 49%) among independents.

Now, as I said earlier, things will change between now and Nov. Will it get better or worse, who knows?

mantis:I seem to ... (Below threshold)

I seem to remember a great number of conservatives/Republicans promising to not support McCain after it became clear he would be the nominee.

"A great number"... what exactly was this great number ? Was it also prime ?

mantisThose folks ar... (Below threshold)

Those folks are still around, they just don't comment much here. You can find many of them at Townhall and Malkin's site in the comments section.
You can also listen to them on any of the conservative talk radio shows, particularly Limbaugh and Laura Ingram. I don't think they have changed their minds either.

Obama didn't even get the m... (Below threshold)

Obama didn't even get the majority of the popular vote in his own party. Hillary exploited his pastor (and big mouth wife) problems by talkin' God & guns and the old Democratic party tradition of race division (I do believe the majority of segregationists fighting abolition,civil rights and Jim Crow were Dems).

Rather than use the red herring of calling us stupid,answer this: where IS Obama going to get enough votes from middle America when he's running against a guy who gets a woody every time he taunts fellow Republicans? Seems to me independants and moderate followers of Hillary are going to be a rather slippery fish to hook.

But then again, I like the blind fanaticism of Barry's sheep.....he's never wrong so he won't feel compelled to recognize how offensive his followers treatment of Hillary might divide all those Dem/feminist votes he'll need to counter the gun toting religious freaks who didn't go to Harvard.

Oops...I meant Dems fought ... (Below threshold)

Oops...I meant Dems fought ending Jim Crow.

And before you mention Hillary's attacks on Barry....yeah, HE wasn't too nasty towards her. But it doesn't get much uglier than the Obamanatics treatment of Hillary's true believers on the moonbat blogs.
A read, IMO, more entertaining than girls on trampolines.

Wow....the wingers are all ... (Below threshold)

Wow....the wingers are all stirred up.

Well Oyster et al here's the deal. I'm a life time democrat. I've lived in Pennsylvania and other rust belt states. I live in the midwest right now. Do I have stats to "prove" my point? Of course I don't. To interpolate the "stats" as they exist now to the election in November would be absurd. Even you, Oyster, would probably agree with that.

No one at this point knows, for example, whether Hillary will be the VP candidate. Is she runs with him the argument about Hillary's dems moving too McCain is probably not very valid.

Now lets assume she isn't going to be the VP candidate. Any hope she would have of being a person of influence in the party or the next candidate should Obama not win would be gone forever. Hillary is a lot of things but dumb isn't one of them.

She will be campaigning with or for Obama rest assured. McCain has nothing to offer bread and butter dems. I actually thought about him in the event Hillary won the nomination. But his policies are indeed left over failed Bush policies. His admitted lack of knowledge and interest in the economy will kill him with the Hillary crowd. It's the rust belt dems who feel the negatives of the economy the most and McCain has nothing to offer them at all.

"She will be campaigning wi... (Below threshold)

"She will be campaigning with or for Obama rest assured."

Campaigning with or for someone is worth nothing. Ask Bob Casey and Obama. Or John Edwards (who could not even deliver his precinct to Kerry). Or Bill Richardson, the supposed leader of Hispanics.

"McCain has nothing to offer bread and butter dems." For a lot of Democrats, McCain has one thing to offer that Obama doesn't: he is white.

"Hillary is a lot of things but dumb isn't one of them." I am not so sure, losing to a minority less-than-one-term senator with no accomplishments is pretty dumb.

I've posted this elsewhere.... (Below threshold)

I've posted this elsewhere. It seems to me that many republicans are counting on democrats to do their heavy lifing and dirty work come November.
They are democrats. Come November they will vote in probably larger numbers than republicans. They won't do stupid things, like not vote because they're feeling pissy at their party. They won't be total jackasses like the repubs who voted dem to "teach their party a lesson". And they will vote dem if their candidate is named Lucifer.
Many of you repubs consoled yourselves after the last election by saying "don't worry, the blue dog dems will bail us out". Any body read Novak's column last week about the 'blue dogs'? They've been sticking it to you since they got in. Now, you all believe a huge chunk of dem voters will pull your bacon out of the fire come November.
And you'll be bitterly disappointed again.

"Wow....the wingers are ... (Below threshold)

"Wow....the wingers are all stirred up."

No JFO. YOU'RE all stirred up. So much so that if someone mutters a disparaging word about your hero, his campaign or anyone that's ever had contact with him or his dog, you charge in all puffed up and spewing crap.

Nice job twisting the conversation to the direction you wanted it to go. First you pretend the author made a clear prediction of what will happen five months from now (after the obligatory disparaging "right-winger" remarks, of course) and then you argue your made up debate.

I seem to remember... (Below threshold)
I seem to remember a great number of conservatives/Republicans promising to not support McCain after it became clear he would be the nominee.
I am one of those and I have to admit I've 'waffled' back and forth on this. Not because I like McCain any better. Its because its become clear Obama is that much worse than I thought. If Obama was John Kerry, I'd probably stick to my decision.

On the otherhand, just when Obama has me so disgusted enough that I'd break my commitment. John McCain comes through with support of Global Warming, Unilaterially disarming our nuclear weapons, or throwing Republicans under the bus.

Right now, I'm still leaning towards a write in at the moment.

FWIW, my sister-in-law who'... (Below threshold)

FWIW, my sister-in-law who's a strong Dem, is one of those who will vote for and work for McCain over Obama. And her significant other is doing the same. Oh, and so is a cousin of mine and her family and friends.

This is not an imaginary thing. There is a lot of opposition to and worry about Obama in the more conservative leaning wing of the Dem party. This is what my cousin wrote me in an e-mail:

"I am as scared as you are of this upcoming election. It is the most talked about topic at all social gatherings."

While I'm not happy with Mc... (Below threshold)

While I'm not happy with McCain's economic policies in the past, the idea that Obama has any solutions to any economic ills ( real or the usual imaginary Democratic ones ) is so laughable as to be dangerous.

Campaigning with or for ... (Below threshold)

Campaigning with or for someone is worth nothing. Ask Bob Casey and Obama. Or John Edwards (who could not even deliver his precinct to Kerry). Or Bill Richardson, the supposed leader of Hispanics.

Or Teddy Kennedy for Obama clone Jimmy Carter. Worked out well, eh? Not that McAmnesty is RR.
Many conservatives (who identify as more independent than Repub.) will hold their noses and vote for McCain because Barry and his loud mouth wife are too naive and Eurosocialist for them to take.
And BTW, Richardson is an ungrateful weasel who stabbed the Clinton's in the back. Politicians and these so called delegates are whores & hacks in general but I don't think that dark stuff on his face is a beard.

What people say in public a... (Below threshold)

What people say in public and what they do in the voting booth are two different things. Don't count on it.

The only thing you can count on is a low turn out.

I cannot stomach the though... (Below threshold)

I cannot stomach the thought of voting McCain in November any more than I can stomach the thought of a President Obama.

Melissa, Obama ? Oh, you m... (Below threshold)

Melissa, Obama ? Oh, you mean "Jimmy Carter II" ...

This is a pathetic lot to c... (Below threshold)

This is a pathetic lot to choose from. If McCain isnt smart enough to pick a real conservative running mate ( the polar opposite of Himself ) Im voting Bob Barr or writing in Ross ( Dumbo ) Perot.

As I said Oyster...wow you.... (Below threshold)

As I said Oyster...wow you...err...the wingers are all stirred up. Take a deep breath. The election is 5 months from now. You won't have to go into mourning till then.

If McCain isnt smart eno... (Below threshold)

If McCain isnt smart enough to pick a real conservative running mate ( the polar opposite of Himself ) Im voting Bob Barr or writing in Ross ( Dumbo ) Perot.

I feel your frustration. But Barr is a wacko....common ground with the ACLU? C'mon. And he is a has been like Dick Zimmer who claims he wants to defeat Frank Lousenberg.
Wasting your vote is no way to go through life son.

A vote against the continue... (Below threshold)

A vote against the continued leftward slide of both party's IMO is not a wasted vote.

We are in the middle of the... (Below threshold)

We are in the middle of the largest wealth loss in the history of our nation. When the dust settles, our way of life and the Republic party will have irretrievably changed.

Wealth loss--Trillions of dollars of wealth lost. Most since the F'n thirties!

Nobody could've imagined th... (Below threshold)

Nobody could've imagined the bursting of the Bush Bubble. Nobody could've imagined the Iraqui resistance. Nobody could've imagined the tallest buildings in the USA being felled.

Billions and trillions wasted.

Now countless trillions have evaporated on the Bush bubble.

Us conservative Republicans... (Below threshold)

Us conservative Republicans who hate McCain are still here. I definitely won't vote for race-baiting Obama, but I still haven't been given a good reason to back McCain. I haven't been commenting on the matter because I see no need to keep re-asserting that McCain sucks and so many Republicans are supporting him only because he makes them throw up in their mouths a little less than Obama and Clinton do. Just a little.

It'd be tempting for me to vote for McCain if he picks a good conservative VP like Palin. Then I can at least hope that McCain will become unable to fulfill his duties as President and his VP can step in.

I've heard some polling types say that Washington state will be in play this year, and we've seen in the past that Washington state is capable of some very, very close elections, so it would be smart for the McCain camp to convince me. But I'm still waiting.

Amen Clobber Girl,... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

Amen Clobber Girl,

I despise McCain. If I vote for him, I'll have to vomit afterwards. I don't write much about it because it is just not productive. This election cycle totally sucks.

Oh and for the record, I *m... (Below threshold)

Oh and for the record, I *might* end up voting for Bob Barr.

I do have to point out thou... (Below threshold)

I do have to point out though that there is a difference between Republicans who say they will sit out/vote for a write-in candidate and Democrats who say they will support McCain over Obama because they can't have Hillary. We may hurt the Republican party by staying home and not voting, but these people will hurt Obama's campaign twice as much by not backing their party's candidate AND voting for the other guy.

I haven't heard any Republicans who hate McCain saying they'll vote for Obama instead.

However, there's still a lot of time between now and November for hurt feelings to mend and people to change their minds about supporting their party's candidate. Once the perceived threat of yet another Republican presidency has really sunk in, there are Hillary supporters who are bitter now who will grudgingly support Obama instead of McCain. And yeah, some of us Republicans who hate McCain will wind up supporting him, though personally, I'm not there yet.

This election cycle tota... (Below threshold)

This election cycle totally sucks.

Really, that is the whole problem.
A corrupt and broken system which gives us what.....these three stooges?

You can blame the 24/7 cable channels. You can blame the institutions and campaign finance reform but mostly you have to blame the lazy and increasingly drugged and ignorant Americans for not being informed.

At least I take solice in the fact that many conservatives are discusted by McCain. But 1/2 of the dem voters loved their choice and another 1/2 have found their messiah.

I'm not saying I'm sitting ... (Below threshold)

I'm not saying I'm sitting out this election cycle, but McCain has given me no reason to donate to his campaign or offer support in any way besides voting in his favor. Maybe we can convice the RNC to provide barf bags at the polling booths?

Heh,SPQR, Carter II or Carter version 2.0

Jimmy Carter version 1.5 at... (Below threshold)

Jimmy Carter version 1.5 at best.

As a moderate Democrat, I a... (Below threshold)

As a moderate Democrat, I am voting for McCain. Obama is way too left wing for my taste and he is way too inexperienced and corrupt to gain my vote.

Well I'm a Hillary Supporte... (Below threshold)
Jim Hewson:

Well I'm a Hillary Supporter, who will no doubt be voting for McCain. I don't like Obama, I don't like how he speaks, and am at most times confused what he is about.

I will not vote for him even if he chooses Hillary as his mate.

Its sad that we had to have our Voting System set up where the person with the most votes (Hillary) looses to a person (Obama) with half the votes of the latter.

The DNC, Pelosi, and the Ob... (Below threshold)

The DNC, Pelosi, and the Obama's patronizing and phony
praise of Hillary Clinton are nothing more than insincere steps
to get some of Hillary's 18 million voters to vote for Barrack.
These people are so pitiful. maybe some of Hillary's supporters
will fall for it, but most of us see it as adding insult to injury,
and we are voting for Senator John McCain in November.






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