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Now that's health care

The latest reform to come to Cuba since Raul Castro took over.

HAVANA - Cuba has authorized sex-change operations and will offer them free for qualifying citizens, an official said Friday. The move is the latest in a series of changes implemented by President Raul Castro since he succeeded his elder brother, Fidel, in February. Raul Castro's daughter, Mariela, heads Cuba's National Center for Sex Education, which strongly backs the new policy.

Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer signed a resolution approving sex-change surgery, said an official at the center who spoke on condition of anonymity because the measure has not been formally published. The resolution will be posted on the Internet on Saturday, the official said.

The procedure would be available to Cubans for free as part of their country's health-care system.

The sex education center has said previously that 28 transsexual Cubans have asked to undergo the surgery and that Cuban doctors have trained with physicians from Belgium to prepare for the procedures.

According to the center, a clinic for transsexual health will be created to perform the procedures, but it was not clear when it will start operating.

Toasters, computers, now sex changes. What's next in store for the people of Cuba?

All joking aside, I think Cuba has another reason for opening this clinic. They will start selling GRS(Gender reassignment surgery) to non-Cubans. As it stands, most people wanting GRS travel to places like Thailand for that surgery. The last time I researched it(For a web fiction I was writing), there weren't many options here in North America. Montreal, Neenah Wisconsin, Oregon and maybe one or two other places. Also note the physicians teaching the Cuban doctors come from Belgium. Belgium was another place people went for GRS.

Unless travel restrictions are relaxed, few Americans will be making the trip to Cuba for surgery. I'm all for easing up some on Cuba for our present policy isn't working. Change won't
happen till some US President takes a unpopular stand. Obama maybe, if he's elected. McCain is less likely because Cuban Americans vote heavily Republican.


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This is somewhat old news h... (Below threshold)
Carlos Echevarria:

This is somewhat old news here in South Florida, as it had been rumored for some time amongst the panolply of local Hispanic stations which cater to the Cuban-American population.

As for the restictions, Cuban American bloc is not monolith anymore, as witnessed by Barry's hypocritical trip to the Cuban Amering Foundation which used to be run by Jorge Mas Canosa till 97'.

B. Hussein Obama went on to lie about his views regarding the embargo, as in 04', he was dead set against maintaining it.

Moreover, his Houston campaign office had till recently a huge banner of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, that disgusting monster who is so idiolized by Hollywood, the NY Times, etc.

What is needed is to dislodge the present tyranny in Havana, not granting them credits or a lifeline, as Obama would do.

These are cosmetic changes by the regime, a la the PRC, which Raul greatly admires...

Many of Sen. McCain's cellmates were brutally tortued and some even killed by Cuban interogators at the Hanoi Hilton...

Sorry, but this was a waste... (Below threshold)

Sorry, but this was a waste of my time reading about deviants seeking surgery. ww

"The last time I researc... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

"The last time I researched it(For a web fiction I was writing), there weren't many options here in North America."

When was that 1950? Gender Reassignment surgery is performed at many hospitals all over the country. The problem that drives transsexuals to places like Thialand is the cost, not the availablity.

Remember America is the land of litigation and big government regulations and those two things are the primary reasons for the health care financing crisis* that we have. Of course the Democrats are almost solely responsible for those problems and anyone who votes for a Democrat because they think the Democrats will "fix" the problem that they themselves have created to enrich themselves at everyone elses expense, is either totally ignorant or an imbicile at best.

*Anyone who says we have a health care crisis is either ignorant or a bald faced liar. That's just a little sematic game disingenuous people (aka Democrats) play. We have the best health care in the world. The crisis is health care FINANCING.

(And Willie, sorry but you are clueless. Try to broaden you mind beyond the Jerry Springer show.)

P.Bunyan, high-five/chest-b... (Below threshold)

P.Bunyan, high-five/chest-bump/fist-touch on the parenthetical point there.

Wild Willie has also referred to homosexuals as deviants. One might say he uses the term non-pejoratively, to merely denote a demographic that deviates from statistical norms, but I am unaware of him having ever left a comment here that suggests his crackpot nincompoopery ought to be interpreted with even a modicum of charity. But hey, it's a free country, so go on being a crazy ol' bigot. Whatever floats your boat.






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