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Reason #91 the GOP will get their heads handed to them in November

Meet the Republican nominee for the US Senate from Montana, Bob Kelleher

For the last 44 years, Kelleher has run for office 16 times and lost 15. His only taste of victory came in 1971, when he was elected a delegate to Montana's Constitutional Convention. There, he helped replace the state's century-old territorial constitution with one of the most progressive governing documents in the nation. Kelleher's political passion then, as now, is unique - and largely unpopular: He wants to replace the U.S. Senate, House and presidency with a parliament.

Under a parliamentary system, citizens vote for parties, not individual candidates. The party with the most votes selects a prime minister, who serves as a kind of president, from the ranks of the legislative branch. Under a parliament, Kelleher said Wednesday, you can't have a president of one party playing the blame game with a Congress controlled by the opposing party while the nation's real problems and real people wait endlessly for real solutions.

"There's no more passing the buck," he said. "The party in power is responsible for everything that goes wrong, as well as everything that goes right. Now, nobody is responsible, really."

Such broad representation would free America to deal with the problems that have literally been known to bring tears to Kelleher's eyes: He is passionate about eradicating poverty. He believes health care is a right of all citizens and the government should pay for it with tax dollars. He believes bad trade policies have shipped American jobs overseas, while bad tax policy has created a startling dichotomy between rich and poor that threatens democracy itself. He believes government exists to serve the common good, not necessarily private interests, and that taxation, if spent wisely, is a solution to America's problems, not the cause.

Kelleher said he intends to campaign on those very issues, along with his long-held pro-life stance, in the general election against Baucus.

May I also mention Kelleher is a former Democrat who once ran on the Green Party ticket. Incumbent Democratic Senator Max Baucus is a thirty-year incumbent in a fairly balanced state that tilts slightly to the GOP. And the best the state GOP can do is Kelleher?

Did I mention Kelleher got 3% as the Green Party nominee against Baucus in 2002? I did now.

The signs the Republican party is quitting or conceding the 2008 elections just keep piling up. No Republican nominee for a US Senate seat in Arkansas, writing off the Republican leaning Florida 22nd district, idiot incumbents in safe Republican seats who don't know when to quit and more. Those Rasmussen polls pointing to a possible 10 Senate seat pickup by the Democrats in November are looking more likely by the day.

Hat tip- Jonathan Adler of The Volokh Conspiracy


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Comments (22)

It's a shame, because there... (Below threshold)

It's a shame, because there are good people on both sides. But the GOP did it to itself, and is still doing it. In fact, both parties fail to realize that they are suppose to work for the American people, not their party.

Just maybe their will be enough new faces in Congress that will start working for us taxpayers. One can hope for that, but don't hold your breath.

Right, wrong or indifferent... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Right, wrong or indifferent. People get the government they deserve.

Shouldn't you be over at Bl... (Below threshold)

Shouldn't you be over at Blue?

Baucus is incredibly popula... (Below threshold)

Baucus is incredibly popular in Montana and would not be defeated anyway. Dems run token candidates in many districts too because they don't want to funnel National Senatorial Campaign funds to support candidates that have no chance of winning. My family has dealt with Baucus a ton and he is actually very fair minded and good for Montana, and on national issues he is about as moderate of a Dem as Lieberman and Zell Miller.

But read down to the bottom of the article:

First, Wilson said, the vote in the GOP Senate primary was split among six candidates, none of whom had raised much money or done much campaigning to get their names out...

There's also the matter of the paltry Republican turnout, Wilson said. Almost two-thirds of the ballots cast Tuesday were for Democrats, a startling turnaround.

So you've got a small number of Republicans splitting their vote amongst a large selection of political nobodies - and one guy with a spotty record.

There's also the matter of Ron Paul, a Republican/Libertarian presidential maverick who got 22 percent of the Montana vote. Some of those Kelleher votes could have come from Paul supporters registering their general disapproval of the party, Wilson said.

The Ron Paul effect on disinterested Conservatives that know that they cannot beat former Gang of 14 Moderate Sen. Baucus anyway. Don't make it into more than it is.

I'm glad to see it happenin... (Below threshold)

I'm glad to see it happening. The republicans have bacame the cover your eyes and you won't see it, so it didn't happen party. They won't respond to the lies of the democrat party from top to bottom. If you won't protest or protect yourself when you are done wrong you deserve to be killed, literally or at the ballot box. I talked to people today that are so dense they blame Booooosh for the $1.90 per gallon increase in gas prices in the past seventeen months of 'democrat' control of congress, and democrat refusal to allow any development of oil in this country. He's in the oil business (actually not since 1987) so he't getting richer (actually he will leave office with a net loss of wealth).
I put the blame where if belongs, the democrat POS party and they're sh** eating media lap dogs. Can I say that?

Can I say that?... (Below threshold)

Can I say that?

You sure can, and I'll even agree with you. I've been a lifelong Republican, but I have to confess that I changed my party affiliation to 'independent' in January. There was a time that Republicans were about protecting the Constitution. There was a time that the party of Lincoln understood that this country was founded upon principles that cannot be compromised without compromising the truth.

Until they rediscover their soul, they don't deserve to win elections. Maybe a few years with the Democrats will cause America to wake the hell up and turn on their brains.

Oh please Bill...if you wan... (Below threshold)

Oh please Bill...if you want to be depressing keep it to yourself...what a load...of poop.

The Republicans are in a de... (Below threshold)

The Republicans are in a death spiral from which they will not recover. As soon as The Obama Administration and the Democrats in Congress put 20 million illegal aliens on the path to citizenship, the Republicans will be have zero chance of recovery.

Maybe, all of the former Repubicans should start voting in the Democratic Primary so that they will have at least some say in how the U.S. is government and can limit the damage done by the worst part of the Democratic Party.

Do you really think they ne... (Below threshold)

Do you really think they need Obama for that? McCain will substitute just fine.

I love all this talk of Rep... (Below threshold)

I love all this talk of Republican death spirals. Correct me if I'm wrong, we're still the party that won something like 7 of the last 10 Presidential elections, right?

I seem to recall, 3 years ago when Bush won re-election, people were yapping about how the Democrats were done for. And hey look, they recovered.

I don't know why the party leaders have made so many poor choices lately, my best bet is complacency, but we're far from done for--and while the Dems may keep control of the House and Senate, Obama will be a long shot for the Presidency no matter how much the media dotes on him. A man with his meager resume wouldn't have been given a second glance if he were all white instead of half-white. Dressing that sock puppet up in President's clothes is going to take a lot of work.

A couple of years under mostly-Democratic rule may be the wake-up call this party needs. Six years under our rule seems to have done it for the Dems.

clobbergirl, Those... (Below threshold)


Those writers predicing the permanent Republican majority were too politically correct, they refuse to consider demographics.

Considering that less than have of the children in kindergarten are white, the long term prospects for conservative are dismal. In addition, those same authors never considered that black voter turnout would increase as much as it has.

The biggest flaw that the current Republican leadership has done is alienate the northeast suburbs whites. That is why the Republicans are doing so badly in 2008. But remember, the long term prospects for Republicans are horrible.

If the Democrats get 60 seats in the Senate, the Republicans become irrelevant at the national level. When redistricting occurs in 2010, the Democrats will easily be able to eliminate 30 more Repulbican house seats. Since the Democrats already have over 125 seats that the Republicans have zero chance of winning, the should be able to get that number close to 200.

The biggest flaw that th... (Below threshold)

The biggest flaw that the current Republican leadership has done is alienate...

I disagree. Leave politics by polling to the unprincipled Democrats. The Republicans were about standing on the principles of limited government and free markets once. They deserve to lose elections until they return home. And until they do, they will remain the "me, too" party.

I won't play the game of voting between the lesser of two socialists.

Republicans WILL will in 20... (Below threshold)

Republicans WILL will in 2008. Mark it. It is true. REPUBLICANS will win. House, Senate and White House. (I have my reasons, but I'm not telling why I KNOW IT.)

People get the gov't they d... (Below threshold)

People get the gov't they deserve. California proved this when they elected Gray Davis and Dem majorities is both houses of the California legislature.

I'm really not sure that I ... (Below threshold)

I'm really not sure that I understand what statistics you're citing and what point you're trying to make, superdestroyer. You do know that more than just white people vote Republican, right?

And last I checked, conservatives are the ones who like having more kids and big families. I very much doubt we'll lose the population war to the party that's constantly weeding itself out by killing its unborn children.

When Republicans stop trying to pander to a media that hates them and return to their conservative roots, then we'll be winning again. And if Obama wins? Look for the shift in power 4-6 years into his Presidency. That seems to be the way things usually go.

Clobbergirl,The De... (Below threshold)


The Democratic Party know that it can count of 90% of the black voters, 75% of the Hispanic voters, and 65% of the Asian voters. The Democratic Party also gets about 75% of the naturalized citizen voters. Blacks and Hispanics have more kids than whites.

Why do you think that the Republicans in California have no chance of being the majority party.

The Republicans could have keep more of the suburban whites if they would have been more conservative and have stayed out of Iraq. However, there are too many idiots in the Republican Party who want to alienate voters instead of appeal to them.

Not going to Iraq was not a... (Below threshold)

Not going to Iraq was not an option superdestroyer. It was either them or Iran.

There's still hope for GOP!... (Below threshold)

There's still hope for GOP! Just take a look at this YouTube re Sarah Palin (as Veep for McCain) -


It was either them or Ir... (Below threshold)

It was either them or Iran.

An important distinction that's lost on many.

Posted by superdestroyer </... (Below threshold)

Posted by superdestroyer


One note. The GOP in California has no change of winning not because of demographics but because it has its head even further up its ass than the national party.

they demand perfect conformity on social issues (like abortion) which annoy 70-80% of the voters in CA who just don't care about social issues.

They roll over and play dead on financial issues every single time.

And they have no interest in growing the party. Perfering to protect their few remaining strongholds as they slowly die out.

Democrats likely will make ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Democrats likely will make some gains in Congress, but Obama's election is far from certain. Because the dirty secret is that in the privacy of a voting booth a majority of DEMOCRATS won't vote for a black man. Will Obama fare any better with Republicans and independents?

Insulting, vulgar, childlis... (Below threshold)
Blood for Odin:

Insulting, vulgar, childlish and content free.
Why should people 'debate' with Hyper?






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