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McCain: If I'm running for Bush's third term, then Obama is running for Jimmy Carter's second.

Have I said before how much I can't wait to see McCain and Obama debate each other before a live, national audience? A Townhall setting would be best. Of course, Obama rejects those, because as Van Helsing points out,

The Obamessiah without his teleprompter is like Popeye without his spinach.

That was in response to the sheer geniusity that was this video:

Then McCain gets interviewed and gives us this golden little line:

Senator Obama says that I'm running for Bush's third term. It seems to me he's running for Jimmy Carter's second.

McCain seems ridiculously sharper and more quick-witted at 71 than Obama is at 47.

God, I can't wait for these two to debate face-to-face!!


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Not exactly a unique sentim... (Below threshold)
The unfortunate thing about... (Below threshold)

The unfortunate thing about the comeback is that if you're under 38ish or so, you could be convinced Carter wasn't that bad since you didn't see it for yourself.

Obama is just re-goddamned-... (Below threshold)

Obama is just re-goddamned-diculous..
notiz=You guess which word got you disemvoweled.

God, I can't wait for th... (Below threshold)
ryan a:

God, I can't wait for these two to debate face-to-face!!

I agree.

Now if only the Wizbang Blu... (Below threshold)

Now if only the Wizbang Blue crowd got it, so that they'd quit using the extraordinarily lame and unimaginative "McBush" formula.

Face to face? ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Face to face?

More like face to lapel.

jpm - most actual voters wi... (Below threshold)

jpm - most actual voters will be old enough to remember Pres. Malaise. It'd take me 444 years to forget that loser.

What Obama MEANT to say was... (Below threshold)

What Obama MEANT to say was:
"I, uh, feel that, um, the reality of the need to, uh, hope for change, is that the change is hopeful but 10 times more than if you just changed your hope for non-hope and then changed!" [thunderous appause]

God. The Carter years. </... (Below threshold)

God. The Carter years.

High inflation. High mortgage rates. High unemployment. Lousy TV programs. Leisure suits. Disco.

Nope - don't want a rerun of those years, thank you very much!

Hope he takes up his energy... (Below threshold)

Hope he takes up his energy policy.

Bush: clears brush<p... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

Bush: clears brush

McCain; moves brush to a slightly different location

Adrian, all you are doing i... (Below threshold)

Adrian, all you are doing is demonstrating your ignorance of both men.

Wait, were Bush's handlers ... (Below threshold)

Wait, were Bush's handlers lying about the brush clearing?

History is a curious thing,... (Below threshold)

History is a curious thing, isn't it? We voted for "hope" in 1976 and ended up with stagflation, the Iranian hostages, and lines at the gas pump. We voted for "change" in 1992 and ended up with one Clinton-gate after another, and Enron/Global Crossing/Tyco/Worldcom etc.

By the way, Fritz Mondale is still around somewhere in Minnesota, and since Obama needs an running mate with experience, well, I'm just sayin' ...

Yeah, the 90s sucked, Mike.... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the 90s sucked, Mike.

I mean, uh, if You visit th... (Below threshold)

I mean, uh, if You visit the 54th state, uh, with a child, um, and the child says mommy my toe hurts, uh , or something, and, um, You think it may be an emergency? so You rush to a clinic um, and there aint no breathalyzer handy and well...? I cant even hear Myself talk..um .. I gotta go call Jimmy or jeremiah folks.

I wonder when people will g... (Below threshold)

I wonder when people will get tired of going after gaffes inarticulate wordings.


I wonder when people wil... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I wonder when people will get tired of going after gaffes inarticulate wordings.

Aw, are you pissy now that the Democrats have a nominee that is actually WORSE than Bush at articulation? Chickens coming home to roost, I guess...

McCain seems ridiculousl... (Below threshold)

McCain seems ridiculously sharper and more quick-witted at 71 than Obama is at 47.

Yeah, it only took McCain's writers several months to come up with that ridiculously sharper and more quick-witted retort. Can he bring them to the debate?

And what McCain really mean... (Below threshold)

And what McCain really meant was the war with Islamofacists started during Carter's years and his unwillingness to fight back emboldened the Islamofacists by our demonstrating our cowardous. Them's the facts. ww

Why not blame Great Britain... (Below threshold)

Why not blame Great Britain for drawing such stupid borders all over the Middle East, WW? King George was a secret Islamomarxicommunofascist!

And it's *cowardice*.

Heh. The press sure loved o... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Heh. The press sure loved ol' Maverick McCain when he was going against Bush all these years.

Now that Maverick is running against a Dem, the new meme is that 'McCain Is Just Like Bush'.

Umm, that's because his vot... (Below threshold)

Umm, that's because his voting record isn't as mavericky as his media fluffers would have us believe, save for certain hot button issues like campaign finance reform. Also, as for the most salient issues leading up to this election (the war and the economy), McCain's positions are pretty indiscernible from GWB's. More war porn! More tax cuts! How would you expect that to resonate with the anti-Bush majority known as "the voting public"?

Uh hyperbolist, can't under... (Below threshold)

Uh hyperbolist, can't understand why anyone would want their taxes raised. But then again never could understand a liberal either.

You don't have to understan... (Below threshold)

You don't have to understand why people in the United States prefer universal health care to lower corporate tax rates, jhow, so long as you acknowledge that that is, in fact, the case.

So says the Canadian.... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

So says the Canadian.

Our embassy in Tehran was t... (Below threshold)

Our embassy in Tehran was taken over and our citizens were held captive, tortured and released over a year later. What did Carter do? Nothing. What did the Islamofacists learn? We are afraid to fight. What will Obama do? Read up on Carter. ww

Wow, look at all the righti... (Below threshold)

Wow, look at all the righties coming to attack Obama. He must have hit a nerve.

...who's smart enough to re... (Below threshold)

...who's smart enough to read polling data, Les. Americans love the idea of universal health care by a wide margin. What's not to like about that?

Zing! Good one, John!... (Below threshold)

Zing! Good one, John!

Rasmussen, July 2007:

Jimmy Carter
Approve: 57
Disapprove: 34

George W. Bush
Approve: 41
Disapprove: 59

Carter, in fact, is more popular than Bush Sr. or Bill Clinton. And that was a year ago, with a much more "popular" Bush than today. Now, he's mired in the 20s.

And what is with McCain and always looking back to the last century?

"What did Carter do? Nothin... (Below threshold)

"What did Carter do? Nothing."

Didn't he send in a hastily-planned helicopter raid which failed miserably? Hey, I think Carter was (and is) a disaster overall but give him some credit for one of his few gutsy moves. That it failed wasn't really his fault - more along the lines of bad luck.

Obama is the devil. His rea... (Below threshold)

Obama is the devil. His real name is Mabus. The ' Black One ' Nostradamus talks about. He is a muslim, no matter what he says. His father and step father is a muslim and in an eye of a muslim so is he. All of the Muslim extremists around the world side with Obama and support him, because they know that he is a muslim and what his true initiatives are by being in charge of the world's major power. He is un-American. His plans are to side with America's enemies, to weaken our defense, and to step back on our accomplishments, to allow them to reorganize and to strengthen. His aims for 'change' is unrealistic in a world that has constant threats. The muslims aren't going to stop, this war isn't going to stop, they are set in their plans to destroy the ideals of the West and to annihilate Israel. This is a necessary war that must be carried out, this is a holy war. Obama is the charismatic, charming, mesmerizing speaker that satan is. When he speaks he speaks of 'change we can BELIEVE in', I don't believe him. He can't do what he speaks, he is just brainwashing the American people to follow him. FU*K BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, he is the anti-christ that the Bible speaks of.

Looks like liberals are try... (Below threshold)
LoveAmerica, Immigrant:

Looks like liberals are trying to confirm that they would rather have Carter than Truman. So liberals are happy that Obama is running as 2nd term Carter. Go out and trumpet that card! Thank you.






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