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Obama on race and cruel, hate-filled, fearful, demon-possessed whites and the hurt that blacks should cause them.

This video is made up almost entirely of quotes from the Obamamessiah himself on race. It's pretty disturbing stuff.

For liberals whose lives revolve around victimhood and white guilt, this video will probably not be an issue for them. But for regular Americans, whether Democrat or Republican, conservative or moderate, this video will probably be both frightening and offensive.

Do we really want this kind of person in office?

Hat Tip: John Hawkins at Right Wing News


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Do we?NO.</... (Below threshold)
Maggie Mama:

Do we?


NO!... (Below threshold)


Obama has been an eager und... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Obama has been an eager understudy of racists for over 20 years and he has learned his lessons well. How then is such a man going to bring anything but racial and political strife to this nation? Do the democrats seriously think the nation is going to elect the most left wing candidate the Chicago's political machine can produce to the Presidency? A Bush third term may prove more palatable than an Obama first term.

Is this kind of "hum... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

Is this kind of "humor" from the "conservative" or "republican" or whatever the hell you people are, the result of watching Nascar and listening to country music?

That is a popular theory.

These hilarious posts on the evil muslim Obama remind me of a washed-up comic performing at a nursing home

I'm really thinking that ri... (Below threshold)

I'm really thinking that ridicule, Dr Lava, is much less persuasive than you seem to think it is.

You come across as angry, insecure, and more than a little bit bigoted. But then - is it terribly surprising that such a person would be an Obama supporter?

As far as Obama goes -... (Below threshold)

As far as Obama goes -

Asking him to 'heal the racial rift' is looking a lot like asking an arsonist to put out a fire with a 5-gallon sprayer full of gasoline.

His supremely intelligent idea today to tax oil company windfall profits doesn't make any sense to me - unless he's looking to actively FUBAR the US economy. For all the talk of alternative energy sources, none of them (or even all together) can take the place of the oil we use - and the oil companies are already paying about twice their profits in taxes. So Robbing Hood Obama wants to take MORE from them?

Man, much as I hate to say it, Obama's making Jimmy Carter look like a paragon of energy and economic virtue. HE, at least, realized you have to DRILL so there will be more oil. Obama doesn't seem to have made that connection.

It's a pity some of those q... (Below threshold)

It's a pity some of those quotes weren't in context; the first several were about some guy named Ray's opinions, others seemed dowdified.

There were some quotes that were so bad, that just stand on their own so well - and the others weakened the whole video.

Dr Lava reminds me more of ... (Below threshold)

Dr Lava reminds me more of a washed up aide who can't keep a job at our local nursing home:bitter and angry that its everyone else's fault,

Just a shade away from a 'w... (Below threshold)

Just a shade away from a 'white-pride' post. You folks are downgrading quickly. Better for the rest of us I suppose.
notiz=Assumptions that all are white? Broad brushing again.

Least funny/insightful anal... (Below threshold)

Least funny/insightful analogy ever, epador.

You've got to understand so... (Below threshold)

You've got to understand something here, folks. All of the quotes from Obama's book in the video are quotes of Obama telling you what someone else said. It's easy to leave out whatever quotes may follow that might explain why Obama is including these quotes in his own book, or what HE thinks about the views the other people are expressing. Whoever made the video would clearly like you to think that just because the passages are read by Obama, they describe his own beliefs and thoughts.

Clearly the reason he's got these anecdotes in his book is not only to show you how a black person deals with the common experiences of being at the brunt of racism, but also, and this is important for white people to understand, how people who are curious and intelligent go where their curiosity and intellect takes them ... to try to understand what's really going on. Are some of the conclusions wrong or unpalatable, yes. But so what? It's much better to be a thoughtful person, not afraid to consider the meaning, motivation and truthfulness of good as well as bad actors in history and society. Even if it means you make an intellectual, philosophical or moral mistake now and then. If you never made mistakes of that kind, you would never grow ... and you'd become an intellectual and moral midget like GW Bush.

The larger point I would make is that our country would be much better served by a person like Obama who is not so quick to turn off his ears, brain and curiosity when what he's encountering is offensive or even wrong. That self-censoring intellectual straightjacketing is what made it so easy for the Bush administration to ignore the warning that Bin Laden was determined to strike in the U.S. back in 2001. So, don't be afraid of a person who is honestly laying out his history of listening, considering, adopting and then rejecting ideas.

It's always interesting to ... (Below threshold)

It's always interesting to read that the whitest political group on earth thinks dems are racist. They run nothing but old white men, have virtually no people of color in the Congress . Do they have any? Any many discussions about Obama involve the racist theme. Are you people serious?

This piece of garbage video says all there needs to be said about Fiano. Another in her continuing series of hate posts. The owner(s) of this blog should take a hard look at her. is this what you folks stand for?

To dr lava, who said, "Is t... (Below threshold)

To dr lava, who said, "Is this kind of 'humor' from the "conservative" or "republican" or whatever the hell you people are, the result of watching Nascar and listening to country music?"

Well, I must admit that I like NASCAR, and I do listen to country music most of the time, but I am NOT white nor mostly conservative (I have liberal and conservative leanings depending upon the issue). Please don't assume that NASCAR-loving, county-music listening folks are rednecks from the Deep South who drive Chevy trucks with gun racks (and yes, I like guns, but I support gun control).

No! What has been said real... (Below threshold)

No! What has been said really tells me that there is so much that we do not know about this man. Spending 20 some years in a church that now he feels for political reasons to quit it.

It is too little, too late!

There are so many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS and until Barack Hussein Obama explains to the American People, where he stands!

I often find questions like... (Below threshold)
Mwansa Mandela:

I often find questions like the one posed in this column by Fiano, interesting. The comments on this blog are just as interesting as well. One question that keeps being asked, (usually by white people) is why did he remain in Wright's church for 20 years? I would like to ask these same people, why did your family---grandparents, parents, etc---remain quiet or supported jim crow laws, and discrimination against black people and Indian people not just for 20 years, but for generations---for most of your life? Why didn't you or your family speak up? Why does or did your family members remain in all white schools or all white churches or (even now) live in white-flight neighborhoods, again for generations? Why does your family or a large population of your white culture belong to the KKK (at one time belonged or even still belongs today) and for a long time went around killing black people or burning crosses or homes or churches in black neighborhoods? Why didn't your family do anything to stop that? Why does your group still (in their private conversations, refer to black people as niggers or use some other derogatory word in reference to black people? And, why does your group hate it that a black man has been nominated to run for President? Are you a christian? Is hating black people one of the precepts of christianity? Of course, we know that it is not.---but many people from your group, still hate/despise/fear black people anyway; even though they are christian---why is that? There have been many white senators, and US Presidents that have passed (and or supported) laws that discriminated against black people for generations. Why? Why hasn't anyone talked about that? Why is it that everytime a black man or woman gains political power, they are attacked by white people? Why? Why does a whole group of people want to destroy one black man? (ie Martin Luther King, Malcom X, she wouldn't give up her seat on the bus, and was arrested, etc).
It's as though, white people want to villify Obama, if he dare talk about the travesty's commited against blacks by whites. Why? Or that he dare talk about a 'typical white person'. Why? Why do white people want to do harm to him, because he is a black person?

And concerning, Wright, if anyone were to go through his speeches, sentence by sentence and discuss what was said, often you would learn, that he was describing points in American history that have already occurred---events that have already taken place. He wasn't making things up. Just like this guy (Scott is his first name) who used to be on Bush's team and is now talking about what happened. People are angry with him---calling him crazy and what not. But, I bet when history takes a look back at what his book is saying, there will be truths in his book. Your group is angry because a black man is running for President. Angry because you hate it that a black person would be President. Hate is such a strong emotion.--such a strong negative feeling.
Mwansa Mandela

"It's always interesting... (Below threshold)

"It's always interesting to read that the whitest political group on earth thinks dems are racist."

And then you go on to ascertain that Republicans are indeed the racists:

"They run nothing but old white men, have virtually no people of color in the Congress." blah, blah, blah

I see. I'm still looking for the data (or a quote here for that matter), that indicates the "whitest political group on earth" collectively see Dems as racist. Unfortunately for you, all polls seem to show that 90%+ black dems support Obama. But I'm sure it has nothing to do with race.

Your statement just perpetuates the fallacy "if you're Republican, you identify with racists". The fact that many white Republicans aren't voting for Obama and that many white Dems are voting for him couldn't possibly have anything to do with political leanings, could it? To you, it's a clear-cut case of racism on the part of Republicans.

The fact that there are more black Democrats in office couldn't possible be that under 10% of black people overall identify with the Republican Party, could it? It couldn't possibly be the spectacles we've seen such as oreo cookies being thrown at Michael Steele or shouts of Uncle Tom and Aunt Jemima that might deter black people from seeking a position as a conservative, let alone a Republican conservative, could it? And I'm sure the fact that the first black Secretary of State, Colin Powell, proves how racist Republicans are. And gee whiz, a 2007 Harris poll showed 54% of Republicans and Independents would consider voting for Condi Rice as a presidential candidate as opposed to 4% Democrats (recall the Aunt Jemima slurs here). Who was the most desired nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor by right of center bloggers and their readers? Janice Rogers Brown. Who nominated Clarence Thomas as Supreme Court Justice?

Care to throw out any more of your ill-thought out aspersions? Because I have more.

Mwansa, you want white peop... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Mwansa, you want white people, who aren't running for Prez, to be held accountable for what their ancestors did (or did not) do decades and hundreds of years ago...but you take umbrage at Obama being held accountable for what he does today? Mwansa, you are a real racist asshole. stfu and foad.

Mwansa Mandela: you'll hav... (Below threshold)

Mwansa Mandela: you'll have to ask the people who actually participated in the injustices you speak of. As for me ... no one in my family belonged to the KKK and the "n" word was a good reason to get your mouth slapped.

I'll pass on the rest of your accusations as they are over-broad and and personally insulting.

Considering Muhammad Obama ... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Considering Muhammad Obama is the post-racial candidate, the issue sure seems to come up a lot. Strange, that.

Mwansa Mandela:Mig... (Below threshold)

Mwansa Mandela:

Mighty wide brush you're taking a swipe with.

Why does your family or a large population of your white culture belong to the KKK (at one time belonged or even still belongs today)

Where are your sources to back up this allegation?

You might want to study american history
before broad brushing anyone.




There lots more on american history on the
internet where these links came from.

"The fact that there are mo... (Below threshold)

"The fact that there are more black Democrats in office couldn't possible be that under 10% of black people overall identify with the Republican Party, could it?"

That about says it all Oyster. Thank you for confirming my comment.

Yeah, twist one sentence in... (Below threshold)

Yeah, twist one sentence into impossible contortions that only makes sense to you and ignore the rest of my comment JFO - it's what you do best. The only thing confirmed here is that you are willingly obtuse and willfully impervious to facts. But psychological masturbation makes you feel good doesn't it?

Sweetie, your words speak f... (Below threshold)

Sweetie, your words speak for themselves. Your wrote them. Your whole comment was actually pretty funny. Your attempt to rationalize the diversity of your party by citing 3 or 4 people of color was pathetic and laughable. You ought to take a hard look at what you're so fast to defend.

Maggie-I have read... (Below threshold)
Mwansa Mandela:


I have read the american history books, and most of them, when I was in middle and high school did not address issues of the Klu Klux Klan or Jim Crow. There were a few pages offering a paragraph or two on slavery. Even, when my own children graduated from high school about 15 years ago now, when I read through their history books, there were again a few sentences on slavery, brown vs board of education,etc. Additionally, I really don't have to read the books (though, I do read a great deal),because I was living when the KKK was more visible and verbal than they are now. My Mother's (actually it was my Grandmother's home--my Mother was 5 years old, when their home was bombed. She said the goverment put them up in a tent for a year and she remembers that it was very cold that year-- the whole neighborhood was destroyed. The church I was baptized in, was had to be rebuilt. This was the race riots of 1924 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Greenwood (name of the neighborhood)--banks, stores, library, theater, etc, bombed by members of the KKK--no one was ever brought to trial. The case has recently been picked up by Olgetree (attorney in DC). Many of the survivors of the bombing have passed on. Some are still living and are working with Atty Olgetree.

May I suggest to you the following reads:

-Before the Mayflower by Lerone Bennett, Jr.

-Yurugu by Prof Marimba Ani discusses from a historical perspective christianity, cultural thought, behavior, and violence, etc, etc.

or articles or books by Dr Maulana Karenga, Dr Jacob Carruthers, or Dr Asa Hilliard ( Carruthers and Hilliard are deceased, but both were reknowned scholars). --check on Amazon.com

Their works maybe too intimidating; maybe discussions by Clarissa Pinkola Este, author of Women Who Run with Wolves, would be more digestable.---

PBS will be running a program beginning June 24th on the film: Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North by film maker Katrina Browne---also a look at American History. The book, Traces of the Trade is written by her cousin, Mr. DeWolf. It is a history of race relations/slavery/economic inequality in the US.


Nessman-No, I AM a... (Below threshold)
Mwansa Mandela:


No, I AM asking that the religious and social associations/connections, background and behaviors of current and/or past US Presidents be examined and researched as well. I'm asking to take just as close a look at McCain's associations.--that he be taken through the same process, if this is the yardstick being used to measure a candidate. If a political system or news reporting entity decides to research and dissect every single person that a candidate has ever talked to, lived in the same neighborhood with , or been in the same room at the same time with, then that kind of scrutiny has to be done across the board with all other candidates as well. And, this kind of process actually seems a waste of time to me; however, that is what has occured with Obama and his family. I think the focus for any candidate for the US is better served by evaluating the individuals level of intelligence, leadership ability, skills for handling crisis, ability to understand and empathize with all of the people of its nation, and be willing to listen to and address their concerns, having a clear and thorough knowledge of the nations economic infrastructure or have staff on board that has this knowledge, and lastly, important charateristics to me, is someone who is compassionate, integrity-filled, kind and genuinely likes people--who is oriented more toward process/negotiation/discussion and compromise around issues of conflict and disagreement. --Someone who considers that this planet has to be shared; that people, communities, religions, nations have to figure out, have to learn how to co-exist, if we want to live and survive with dignity.

Racists: Hatred and intolerance of another racial group or all other racial groups; belief by an individual, group or system that his or her racial group is superior to all other racial groups.

I'm of the generation that is not familiar with
the meaning of the word 'foad' et al, --I'll have to ask my granddaughter. Now, that I think about it, I probably won't---I probably know want to know what that words mean. Because I work with this younger generation, I'm sure I'll learn what it means.

To Oyster-

Why does anyone have to be slapped? Your viewpoint is what it is and mine is what it is.
We both have the right to express them without fear of either one of us being slapped. I was not "calling" anyone this word as a derogatory put down, but rather, I was making a point by USING the term as part of an example. I am from the group where this term has been used against -- over and over---my grandmother and grandfather had it shouted at them. I was going off to college, when a group of boys shouted the word at my Dad as they drove by; My uncle was called this term, and shot at as he walked home from work one night. Both my son and daughter came home from school upset, when they were in elementary school, where the term was thrown at them. My grandson, has been spoken to by other kids using that term. He's not even 10 years old yet. That's 5 generations of people all from the same family that has had that term shouted or muttered at them from people they don't even know.


To the comments towards the... (Below threshold)

To the comments towards the middle/bottom--So you all say that the nit-picking over Obama's associations is fair because it has to do with who he associates with and what he believes/says today. You say the comment that EVERYONE should then be held to the same standard is unfair, because that is asking everyone to be held accountable for things that happened/were said/done many years ago by people other than ourselves. Okay. Set aside what was said/done historically. Let's deal with today. According to the standard you all hold Obama to, every person who attends Reverend Hagee's Church should abandon it. In fact, Rev. Hagee himself should be driven out and anyone who has ever sat in a room with him while he made a racist statement should be labeled racist and beaten with a stick too. Afterall, these statements were made TODAY, not a hundred years ago. John McCain is associated with Rev. Hagee. McCain has distanced himself from the comments--afterall--it didn't come out of his mouth. But, hey, let's conveniently forget that it didn't come out of his mouth (just like the media conveniently forgot that Rev. Wright's words didn't come out of Obama's mouth) and let's play Hagee's comments on a 24 hour loop on every news station on the air. Sound fair?

For the comments up top--You all seem to feel that Obama's ideas about strengthening the economy (that your boy genius Bush has mucked up beyond recognition)are terrible. Call me crazy, but whatever ideas he may have, I don't see how they can be any worse than "W"'s policies, which have put us in a financial toilet. Let's see, following your treasured Republican, conservative (code for intolerant) rhetoric has put us: in a war we never should've started, with gas prices at a record high, with unemployment soaring, teen pregnancy up, the economy in a shambles and the dollar down (WAY down). And John McCain, another Republican gem, has been right there with Bush through every policy blunder. But, hey, who cares right? As long as the President is an old, White man like we're used to, who cares what kind of job he does? McCain has promised us 100 more years of war in Iraq. Oh, goody! Now we can all get a chance (eventually) to experience the joy of seeing our sons and daughters (and Iraqi sons and daughters too) killed, maimed and otherwise decimated. I know, I know, he backed off the 100 years idea, right? Yeah, everybody dog piled the old codger and he backed off the statement saying, maybe we would just have a "long term presence". Neo-colonialism anyone? Then when Obama suggested actually--*gasp*--TALKING to foreign leaders instead of rushing to war, everyone took offense under the careful guidance of--you guessed it--good ole' John. Because, hey, why should we TALK? I mean, why bother, right? Let's just keep sending our kids to get their limbs blown off and save talking for the eggheads who actually THINK before they act! Ah, we can rest easy. Another old White man in office who only thinks about the word "change" when his Depends get full. Forget REAL change. It's too scary! Every Billy Bob from back water Kentucky seems to think Obama is the big, Black boogie man. Scaring you poor, cookie baking, Republican girl scouts half to death, right? So, let's throw up as much half cooked garbage as we can to keep the White House "White Only". Obama is Muslim (which you all know is not true because we all know his church and pastor of 20 years courtesy of CNN)....whooooo, scarrryyyy! Obama is Black (it's just a color people, not a disease)...whoooo, scarryyyy! Obama's policies might be different from Bush/McCain's in that they might actually, I don't know, work? Whoooo, scarrrryyy! You know what, I see your point. You Republicans (and traitor Democrats who are gonna vote Republican because you're racist) might be right. It's too scary. Let's stick with what we know and watch America go so far down the tubes we'll never be able to pull it back....but at least we won't be scared! You say Obama cannot heal the racial rift, so he shouldn't be President. I know! Let's get an old White guy who refused to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday in his state to heal the racial rift! That'll work! Give me a break! You all need to get some guts, get over race and vote for a different set of ideas to break the apparent inertia of the Bush/McCain disaster. Go Obama! Yes we can!






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