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MSNBC reporter to Obama: Stay out of that redneck country!

MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell explains how the most logical move for the Obamamessiah is to just give up on rural places like southern Virginia, because they're all a bunch of hicks who won't like him anyways, unlike high-tech northern Virginia. It's that gosh-darned Republican racism in those backwoods wastelands striking again... at least as far as the elitists in New York, Washington, and California are concerned.

Here's the video:

Way to go, Andrea. Way to go.

Of course, she was quickly forced to apologize. Here's the video of her completely insincere apology, with a telling little nugget in there:

Money quote:

... used a term strategists often use to demean an entire community.

Gaffes are great things. It's when people mistakenly admit the truth that they do the worst damage. And apparently, this is the kind of thing strategists say all the time to describe entire communities.

What's really annoying is not so much what she said, but the fact that she said it so quickly and easily without even blinking an eye. This is something that she's used to saying, something she didn't think twice about. There was no thought process in her head that this was something bad to say.

Also, note the "I was trying to explain based on reporting from Democratic strategists... !" See, she was just trying to explain something to us little people who were just too stupid to understand what she meant. I mean, come on, she couldn't help it. Strategists use the term all the time, it just slipped, and we were too dumb and ignoramus to understand it. Gosh!

Dontcha just love the elites and their worldview of rural middle America?

Hat Tip: Moonbattery


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Comments (16)

Thanks, Andrea!Wel... (Below threshold)

Thanks, Andrea!

Well, er, indirectly. I never waste my time on the MSM anymore. Maybe time to launch a note to the pinhead sponsors?

<a href="http://youtube.com... (Below threshold)
Bushmessiah.<p... (Below threshold)


That's, uhm, pretty darn creative there, jp...Have your mom stick that up on the refrigerator.

Cute, little tyke...but, his head's...I say...his head's about as sharp as a bowlin' ball.

"Dontcha just love the elit... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

"Dontcha just love the elites"

Too bad we can't have an open season on them. No bag limit.

Remember when we were told to take plastic bags in order to 'save the tree'. Now they want to charge us $.25 per bag at the grocery store. Or shop like Eruopeans and bring cloth bags to the store. Of course they don't realize that Europeans shop several times a week at a store in walking distance from the home. So that means all the soccor Mom's will be driving more. Oh, they can't drive more, gas prices are too high. Ok, we'll tax the evil oil companies so that we can return to the Carter years and odd-even rationing. But wait, we can use corn to make ethanol. Ooops! Food prices are now going up. Who'd a thought that would happen. Well we'll have to learn to use wind and solar power. Just don't bring up that those sources of energy have their own unique problems. And the sun doesn't shine at night. But the elites will get it right, eventually. We can rely on it. They say so.

Our Preznit is looking out ... (Below threshold)

Our Preznit is looking out for us, don't worry GarandFan.

Peter Maer of CBS News Radio asked: "What's your advice to the average American who is hurting now, facing the prospect of $4-a-gallon gasoline, a lot of people facing ... "

"Wait, what did you just say?" the president interrupted. "You're predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline?"

Maer responded: "A number of analysts are predicting $4-a-gallon gasoline."

Bush's rejoinder: "Oh, yeah? That's interesting. I hadn't heard that."

In February...

JP2 -I hadn't hear... (Below threshold)

JP2 -

I hadn't heard them predicting $4 gas in Feb either. No mention of it in papers at the time, or on TV.

That was back before the speculators started really jacking up the price of a barrel of oil, too - so take that into consideration.

JP2,I'm sitting here lookin... (Below threshold)

JP2,I'm sitting here looking at the facts. In six years (01-06) the price of gas increased 11 cents per gallon, 'per year' or 66 cents per gallon. $1.44 to $2.10.

In 2006 the democrats promised to do something about gas prices. They are true to their word. Gas has increased 12 cents per gallon, 'per month' up to today's price of $4.13 per gallon in my area with the dhimmi controlled congress.

It was funny watching Hussein (Elitest party) flub his entire speach while visiting Bristol, Tn, my part of the country and the best part of the United States. I've lived in more than a dozen states and several foreign countries so I can make that call.

They probably paid Mitchell a million dollars or so to make what 'the liberals' would scream is a racist remark (if a conservative made the same remark about the blacks but used another word, not Redneck, to describe them) to get the fact that Hussein O knows less about the country than the average 10 year old, and without a teleprompter he speaks like a retarded 3 year old, off the front pages.

jp2, a link to the actual q... (Below threshold)

jp2, a link to the actual quote you are using about the Pres not knowing about gas prices, or are you lying as usual. Last politician I heard (I'm retired and the TV is on news day and night)saying stupid things about gas prices was Peeeeloshi and that is on tape. The politicians deal in billions of dollars and none of them buy their own gas so they would know the price of oil if someone put it in a breifing paper yesterday, maybe, but not gas at the station like us poor folks without a government credit card.
I'm still loving it and I drive a Ford F-150, FX4. I'm waiting to see if $5 a gallon gas wakes up the public to the 'fact' that democrats have been blocking development of everything to do with energy for 30 years or more. Maybe it will take $10 a gallon to bring out the ropes, some assembly required. Anyway I don't want any politician with a 'D' after their name to have the same last name as mine. Wouldn't want to be hanged by mistake.

I wonder why, the KKK is De... (Below threshold)

I wonder why, the KKK is Democrats so that shouldn't be a problem for him. Maybe he doesn't know? He should ask Sen Byrd for a history lesson.

I love my country,my family... (Below threshold)

I love my country,my family and the lord Jesus Christ,if that makes me a redneck,I can live w/that.If the Dems would get off their deadass and do someting right for a change(that word again)like they promised, then gas wouldnt be so high.But Im not holdin my breath on that one because all they care about is themselves,power and money.

We should all take out stoc... (Below threshold)

We should all take out stock in a make-up company..

She must use a bucket of tan spackle on that cratered face every morning..

Just like any other progres... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Just like any other progressive disease, liberalism is self-limiting. Eventually the emotion driven decisions destroy the environment that allows liberalism to flourish in the first place. If it wasn't for conservative intervention that would have already occurred in the US.

Liberalism is unprincipled, disdainful of the lessons of history, and arrogant in ignorance. You know, like adolescents who think they have all the answers and that somehow their generation is above the reality of the real world. Many adolescents grow out of that myopic mode of thinking, but some just become liberals.

Not all middle Americans ar... (Below threshold)

Not all middle Americans are rednecks, just like all big city coastal folks aren't elitist (After all, there have to be low-lifes to do all of that mugging).

Scrappy, I used to live in ... (Below threshold)

Scrappy, I used to live in the Tri-Cities area. It is a beautiful part of the country, where I had to holler to greet my nearest neighbor who shared a well.

I think Obama is wise to stay away from there. 'Course I think he'd be wise to go back to Chicago and stay there. Period.

Funny thing, JP2 (is that h... (Below threshold)
Son of a Pig and a Monkey:

Funny thing, JP2 (is that half-strength jet fuel?), I thought this string was about that stupid c**t on TV insulting half of an entire state regarding the Obamessiah (PBUH) campaigning (or not), there. How does this become about the Bushmessiah, who, unless he has really shredded the Constitution this time, is not even campaigning for POTUS this election. Either your catheter is backed up, or you need to empty your drool-cup.

"Obamamessiah is to just gi... (Below threshold)

"Obamamessiah is to just give up on rural places like southern Virginia, because they're all a bunch of hicks who won't like him anyways, unlike high-tech northern Virginia. It's that gosh-darned Republican racism in those backwoods wastelands striking again" -- Cassy

Cassy, such candor about the Republican Base is admirable. Still, though, when members of the Base lacking health care find themselves in deep water, their loyalties will be tested.






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