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The Gaffemeister has another "whoopsie!"; admits he likes higher gas prices.

Incredible, isn't it, that the more gaffes the Obamamessiah makes, the tighter the mainstream media and his rabid supporters cling to him.

The Obamamessiah admitted on national television that he actually likes the idea of higher gas prices, thankyouverymuch, and that the only reason this is presenting a problem for the American people is because they went up so quickly. If they went up gradually, it wouldn't be a strain on the American pocketbook, and everything would be hunky dory.

Yes, he really said it.

Maybe in the Obamamessiah's communist paradise, paying $7.00 a gallon could be considered a good thing. The rest of us who aren't multimillionaires, Ivy-league educated, arugula munching elitists can't afford that, no matter how slowly you may adjust the prices.

And for those liberal trolls who are going to immediately go into BDS mode after reading this, screaming about the war for oil, and McHitlerBurton, and all the same tired crap that you always spout anytime Iraq, the Middle East, oil, gas prices, global warming, money, or whatever else that gets mentioned that you find some ridiculous way to tie to BushHitler? Before you start sputtering in indignant rage, feeling triumphant that you've finally, finally got us KKKonservatives, save your breath. No one cares. You've played that card so often that it's old and tired and worn out. Don't even bother. I already know that's exactly what you will do. That's how stupidly transparent you are. So seriously, don't even mention it. (Five bucks says that they still will. Just wait.)

Anyways, Mitch McConnell promptly ripped Obama a new one. Watch:

Perhaps, as McConnell points out, this is why Democrats simply refuse to act on these outrageous gas prices. They love it! Dems seem to think that the best way to help out the little people, those cute little blue-collar workers they condescendingly claim to fight for, is to raise taxes on them over and over and over again, while bloating the government with pointless bureaucracy. With oil prices skyrocketing, Democrats are seeing another opportunity to impose even more bureaucracy.

Exit question: what is it with the word "change" being prominently displayed in the background of seemingly every Obama video that I watch? I know that's his meme and all, but seriously -- will that continue even if he's President? As he's screwing the country into oblivion, we'll be reminded over and over again that it's change, to bring us hope, and that the government is doing all these things for our own good. Maybe seeing those words makes liberals feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but not me. Every time I hear Barack Obama talk about how much he's going to change this country, I worry a little more.

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Well, he is welcome to enjo... (Below threshold)

Well, he is welcome to enjoy the high gas prices all he wants. I would guess, though, that sooner or later he will have to answer as to why we are so unwilling to tap our own in ground reserves. I'm pretty excited that we might have a president soon who knows what's best for me and saves me all that worrying of having to reason things out by myself.

It's o.k., if anyone questi... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

It's o.k., if anyone questions him, Obama will just say: the man that gave that interview is not the Barack Obama that I know...

"Ripped him a new one"? It ... (Below threshold)

"Ripped him a new one"? It sure doesn't sound like it, McConnell is far too polite considering the damage the Democrats are doing to our economy.

0bama is a typical liberal ... (Below threshold)

0bama is a typical liberal who believes in policies where you "cook a lobster"... slowly you don't realize you are boiling to death... but put a lobster in boiling water and it will freak out.

The Obamamessiah ad... (Below threshold)

The Obamamessiah admitted on national television that he actually likes the idea of higher gas prices

Nice try, but once again you concrete-thinking conservatives can't parse words properly. The only thing that even marginally "references" your ridiculous statement is Obama saying "it would be better if it were gradual" - regarding the rise in prices. I'm sure you're banking on the fact that most people won't actually click on the video and listen to it - because if they did, they'd discover your entire pathetic post about this video is an outright fabrication.

Get a life.

Hate it when they actually ... (Below threshold)
P. Bunyan:

Hate it when they actually tell the truth for a change huh Hansel?

How is that helping Michell... (Below threshold)

How is that helping Michelle Obama's children??

God what a bunch of fools in this Obama campaign. I didn't think anyone could bring this out better than Bush and the BDS crowd, but Obama makes himself, and the Press/his "fans" look like absolute nitwits.

The Dems love the poor so m... (Below threshold)

The Dems love the poor so much - they try like anything to make more of them! $4 a gallon gas hurts, but it'll be a hell of an incentive to raise the minimum wage! And when unemployment rises following that - it'll be a grand excuse to raise taxes to provide benefits! That'll cause some businesses to fold that can't afford higher taxes - but that just means more people will be unemployed... so they can raise taxes even further to lengthen benefits.

Add in a hefty health-care tax, and you're looking at a REAL economic meltdown!

I love it! And all Obama's got to do is refuse to drill for a couple of years... and the country crashes.

Hansel2, your "defense" of ... (Below threshold)

Hansel2, your "defense" of this nonsense by Barack Hussein Obama is ludicrous.

He IS saying higher prices are not only NOT a problem, he is saying (as are ALL the LEFT) that Americans need to get over it!

The Left has been engineering us into this situation for years...and Obama likes it!

I watched the video, listened to the audio and read the transcript...it's clear as hell!

Whenever I hear the word "c... (Below threshold)

Whenever I hear the word "change," I reach for my revolver.

Change, Change and Change, ... (Below threshold)

Change, Change and Change, not even an original thought in the messiah's head. Stolen from Slick Willie after he wore it out in his first campaign. Guess they have the same nuts working with them.

Maybe Mitchy McConnell, Sen... (Below threshold)

Maybe Mitchy McConnell, Senate Minority leader, ought to be concentrating on his re-election bid more than what Barack Obama says. Recent polls I've seen show him 4-7% behind his challenger.

I dunno, Ryan. I find it re... (Below threshold)

I dunno, Ryan. I find it refreshing that a politician ISN'T focusing all their attention on their own career, their own re-election, their own personal benefit, and look to larger issues.

I guess you prefer pandering pols, though. To each their own.


Comrade Obama speaks the tr... (Below threshold)

Comrade Obama speaks the truth, a rarity for a Democrat Marxist.

I have a major project, won't go in to it, and it required me to go all over town picking up parts and supplies. The whole town was like a morgue, no traffic, stores were empty - more clerks than customers. It was so quite. Then I filled up my diesel pick-up at $4.79 a gallon and it was all clear why there was no economic activity and the gas station was empty.

The Democrat Marxist are still searching for their perfected world. But hey, at least your library card is protected from the evil Bush.

Just remember one thing when you consider voting for a demagogue like Obama, Hitler was elected. Tyranny arrives on the wings of demagogues providing hope for the masses, over and over again. We seem incapable of learning.

RyanHow much do you ... (Below threshold)

How much do you really know about McConnell's challenger, Bruce Lunsford?

Senator McConell isn't up late at night worrying about this guy. And I can't see Obama coattails carrying Lunsford in KY given Obama's abyssmal 65%-30% loss to Hillary in the primary. He lost every virtually every demographic category in KY.

It sure would have been nic... (Below threshold)

It sure would have been nice, at this point in time, to have another 50 nuclear power plants operating in this country.
But the Democrats stopped that.
It would be great to have oil derrickss in the gulf of Mexico near the line between Cuba and Florida when the Chinese are drilling.
But the Democrats stopped that.
We could have 6-7 new refineries to crack the crude down more efficiently, leading to less waste.
But the Democrats stopped that.
We could have a population that is 10% less than our current one, which would have put significantly less strain on our oil, gas and water supplies.
But the Republicans and Democrats didn't do anything to stop illegal immigration.

This country forgot to check our oil supply, just like a car, you have to check the oil once in a while. The problem is, our oil is in Alaska, off the coast of California, it is in the tar sands near the Canadian border and in the Gulf of Mexico near the Cuban border. That is where the oil is and, unfortunately all of our dipsticks are in Washington DC.

"Hansel2" exhibits the typi... (Below threshold)

"Hansel2" exhibits the typical liberal response when they are arguing.

Obama is asked, "so could the oil prices help us" and Obama answers, "I think I would have preferred a gradual adjustment..."

In his own words.

"Deny everything"
"Admit nothing"
"Make Counter Accusations"

Liberal SOP when they have no real case.

Ask a tough question and Ob... (Below threshold)

Ask a tough question and Obama will also say: "See, that is what I want to change about Washington." Huh? Is the electorate that dumb? Nevermind. ww

Careful Cassy, your Obama D... (Below threshold)

Careful Cassy, your Obama Derangement Syndrome is showing.

It is kinda sad, though, that your candidate is so pathetically weak that all any of you can do is try to tear down Obama every chance you get. I say stick with that strategy. It's bound to work.

We do have an Energy Policy... (Below threshold)

We do have an Energy Policy in this country, it's just been the Democrat one for the last 30 years. Chickens coming home to roost, as Pastor Wright would say.

Mitch McConnell is my favorite Senator. He's smart, succinct, and knows what he's about. Wish all our Repubs were the same.

Tyree,Beautiful us... (Below threshold)


Beautiful use of words.

"All the dipsticks are in Washington"

There are probably enough in local governments as well, but certainly the dippiest ones are in DC.

I don't think anyone questi... (Below threshold)

I don't think anyone questions that we need change in Washington, DC, but not a change for the sewer. We need a change for the better, and it isn't going to come from a socialist, give-away politician.
Can't we impeach all of them and start over with a few farmers and truck drivers? Oh, and of course a good group of housewives.
We don't need any financial sharks, or corporate types, or people from the media. Just regular people with common sense about how to buy tomatoes and grow corn, and make ends meet.
They would be rare in Washington, but they certainly are more qualified to manage things in life than the proliferation of power seekers we have in DC.
Don't we have a system in government where we can turn in all our cards and get a new hand?
I don't believe we are going to improve things by just getting dealt a joker.

This country forg... (Below threshold)
This country forgot to check our oil supply, just like a car, you have to check the oil once in a while. The problem is, our oil is in Alaska, off the coast of California, it is in the tar sands near the Canadian border and in the Gulf of Mexico near the Cuban border. That is where the oil is and, unfortunately all of our dipsticks are in Washington DC.

Maybe we should start drilling for oil in
Washington D.C. LOL

Damn Tyree! I was saving t... (Below threshold)

Damn Tyree! I was saving that joke for just the right occasion here. And you went and blew it! :)

Well I have Environmentalis... (Below threshold)

Well I have Environmentalists and International Socialists who don't want me more than my fair share of the world's oil. So if High prices accomplish that, they're all for it.

Then I have Rush Limbaugh and those heavily invested in oil on the right who naturally like high gas prices.

This problem won't get fixed until it tanks the economy and the two special interests on both sides who want the same thing get abandoned.






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