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Lethal injection is cruel says Ohio judge, from his Che-Obama shrine.

This kind of stuff makes my blood boil:

A judge in Ohio says the state's method of putting prisoners to death is unconstitutional because two of three drugs used in the lethal injection process can cause pain.
Lorain County Common Pleas Judge James Burge said Tuesday the state's lethal injection procedure doesn't provide the quick and painless death required by Ohio law.

Burge said Ohio must stop allowing a combination of drugs and focus instead on a single, anesthetic drug.

Last time I heard someone whining about this, it was notorious Florida serial killer Danny Rolling, who brutally butchered college students in Gainesville. Here's what I wrote:
Before he was executed, his lawyer submitted documents stating that the chemicals used during lethal injection ''cause extreme pain''. One, it's lethal injection. We do this to pets all the time. You give them a little shot and they fall asleep forever and that's extraordinarily painful?! Give me a break. And two, even if it is extraordinarily painful, who says he doesn't deserve it?? In my opinion, lethal injection, no matter how ''painful'' is not good enough for a monster like him. A couple of minutes of pain is not retribution for the pain, torturing, terror, and grief he caused to not only the victims but to their families as well.

His attorney also told the Associated Press in an interview that Rolling had told him, ''I don't want to die, but it looks like I am going to die.'' Oh, really?! I'm willing to bet that his victims didn't want to die, either, but what kind of choice did they have in the matter? I mean, I guess they might have opened the door to him and said, ''Come in, do you have a knife? Because I think I'd like to be tortured and mutilated today,'' but somehow I doubt it.

On top of this blatant hypocrisy, Rolling was fed an extravagant final meal of lobster tail, butterfly shrimp, a baked potato, iced tea, and strawberry cheesecake -- exactly what he had requested. Did he extend that same courtesy to his victims? Somehow I don't see him saying to Christa Hoyt, ''Before we get started, what would you like your final meal to be before you die?''

Excuse my political incorrectness here, but I don't believe Daniel Rolling was punished at all -- and certainly not in a way that was ''cruel and unusual''. He should've been made to suffer, minute for minute, exactly the same as his victims did. Being allowed to live in relative comfort for sixteen long years, fed a nice final meal of exactly what he requested, and then being executed by going to sleep forever is not punishment. Basically, in my opinion, he absolutely got away with his crimes.

And now we have yet another libtard crying over murderers being put to death, which I just don't get. Seriously, how is it that liberals don't get anywhere near as offended about the horrific crimes the animals have committed as they do about the damn death penalty?! So they get a few minutes of pain before they die. My response? Good. Let's sign up rapists and child molesters while we're at it. And then we should find a way to make the death penalty a little bit more relative to each scumbag's crime. That's how I feel about that, along with most other people who aren't libtard morons.

How do I know this guy is a libtard moron, anyways?

From this picture of him in his office:

That picture says it all.

I can't help but wonder how the good judge feels about the pain and suffering that good 'ole Che caused to so many. Apparently, he approves of that. It's causing pain to sick, heartless animals who kill innocent people that makes him cry. Nice.

And let's not forget the Obama poster. I wonder, by making death a little bit easier and crusading for murderers, who exactly will that bring "hope" to? Other murderers? It certainly doesn't make victims feel any better, that's for damn sure. Douchebag.

Hat Tips: Rachel Lucas and Gabriel at Ace of Spades


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Comments (33)

Will the judge volunteer as... (Below threshold)

Will the judge volunteer as a the test subject to prove his theory? Na, he accomplished everything he's ever wanted in life. He got his picture in the paper. Ego's are a dangerous thing, to other people.

Does anyone really believe that after the 'court' decisions of the past few months that we have a justice system left. I vote we so away with all laws and all judges. Everything, including doing whatever you want with the former judges is legal.

Those who don't know histor... (Below threshold)

Those who don't know history, are doomed to repeat it, or just look plain dumb, like this A-Hole judge.

Everytime I see a Che t-shirt among the clever little fashiontistas, usually of the world of the unreality (colleges and universities) I just want to grab the punk and tell him all I know about Che's murderous rampage through South America and Cuba.

What is it about the Left and slogans and icons??? Can you see some of that in this mindless Obama syndrome??? It's like a manifestation of a serious mental illness.

I can't help but wond... (Below threshold)

I can't help but wonder how the good judge feels about the pain and suffering that good 'ole Che caused to so many.


Death penalty law in this country was not, and has never been, based on "an eye for an eye". Such law, however, has precedence in countries and governments that the US has paid precious national treasure (the blood of our troops) to oppose.

Do you not see the irony here? Equating the butchery of Che' and then speculating if the judge should experience it? Do you think through these posts before you publish them?

That's how I feel about that, along with most other people who aren't libtard morons.

Wrong. I'm no libtard moron. My comments here on Wizbang are evidence of that. The moronic logic here is yours exclusively. Do I believe in the death penalty? Yes. Do I believe that it is the government's place to intentionally inflict pain on a death row inmate? No.

Cassy, why not hang the convicted? Instant death. Why not a firing squad? Instant death. Why do you want to torture them first? Your apparent desire to do so speaks more about your character than anything you have said about the offenders.


So they get a few minute... (Below threshold)

So they get a few minutes of pain before they die. My response? Good.

This explains the "torture is OK" crowd.

This explains the "tort... (Below threshold)

This explains the "torture is OK" crowd.

What is your definition of torture Brian?

HughS - Cassy, ... (Below threshold)

HughS -

Cassy, why not hang the convicted? Instant death. Why not a firing squad? Instant death.

Actually, neither are instant. Hanging, if it isn't done properly, is slow strangulation. A firing squad - yeah, it's sure - but not painless. Electrocution - well, let's just say it's not painless. Gas? Eh. Not fast, or painless. Then you've got to worry about the environmental effects.

Lethal injection's about the most painless method yet, except perhaps for the guillotine. If they're to be killed, I'd say lethal injection's the most humane method yet.

Even a single anesthetic dr... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Even a single anesthetic drug administered by injection causes some pain, if only from the injection itself. The only practical method of scientifically provable pain free execution is the high powered rifle equipped firing squad using the condemned prisoner's head as the target. The bullet travels much faster then the nerve impulse it generates as it penetrates the skull. The brain itself doesn't feel pain directly and by the time the nerve impulses from the penetration reach the brain it's already destroyed.

Liberals don't like firing squads because of the violence and use of "guns." However, it's provably pain free and if capital punishment has a deterrent value then perhaps such executions would have more value than something that looks like a medical procedure.

A judge supporting a murder... (Below threshold)

A judge supporting a murdering terrorist must make the people of Ohio so proud. Why don't people like this live in my neighborhood so I could make a nude run through on a Sunday afternoon (setting up a temporary insanity defense) and burn his house down with him in it. That would be less than his terrorist friends did to thousands of people. Wonder how he would rule on that?

JLawsonI mentioned... (Below threshold)


I mentioned hanging and firing squad. Both can be carried out with no pain to the condemned by competent executioners. Lethal injection is controversial because its efficacy is arguable and it may involve consequences that its original objective (swift, clean, easy) is wrong.

As I mentioned before, I support capital punishment, but the means by which we as a nation carry it out reflects on our character. Wishing pain and torture on the condemned is a base instinct which we all share; making it official government policy against our citizens is a step too far.

As for the liberals who wish to seize on this position as a foothold to abolish capital punishment it is important to remember that the ultimate judgment lies with He who our forefathers trusted most.

Brian, what the hell is you... (Below threshold)

Brian, what the hell is your definition of torture?

Where have we come up with ... (Below threshold)

Where have we come up with the requirement that death for capital punishment be painless?

Cruel and unusual does not mean painless.

Pain for the sake of pain is different. Choosing the most painful of alternatives is different. Pain incidental to killing a person deemed deserving of death is not cruel or unusual.

And in the end I have to agree... it's obscene, really, to worry so very much about someone who caused pain and horror without a single care for those they destroyed. It's OBSCENE.

Oh, and, are judges elected... (Below threshold)

Oh, and, are judges elected in Ohio?

Gotta LOVE the pictures... love love love... the pictures behind the guy's desk. You'd think that someone wanting to support Obama would recognize that this is not helpful. What sort of a hole does this fellow live in that he doesn't?

HughS -Sorry, I di... (Below threshold)

HughS -

Sorry, I disagree. They both cause pain, even if for a moment or so. (And what if the executioners aren't competent as you could wish? Slow death by strangulation... and have you ever had a rope burn? Ow! Or if a rifleman had a particular grudge against a rapist who murdered his victims? "Damn, that rifle shot *low*. Good thing we could shoot him in the head to stop his soprano screaming!")

If I offend, I apologize. Some things are too serious to NOT joke about. Death, for me, is one of them. Executions especially so...

I'm not a fan of the death penalty - but I can see instances where it is indeed appropriate and fitting. If, after all the legal manuvering is over, it is determined the person should be put to death, I have no problem at all with it being pretty much painless.

Electrocution was advertised as a more humane method of execution than hanging. As I've said - the seemingly most painless method is the guillotine - but there's not much of a call at all for bring back THAT method.

There's a saying - "Perfect is the enemy of 'Good Enough'". "Pretty much painless", to me, is sufficient. I won't hang my head in shame over world opinion.

"What is your definition... (Below threshold)

"What is your definition of torture Brian?"

Reading Cassy's blog posts and the comments that support her viewpoint. Dammit, just when you thought they got used to the taste of the gun barrel...

Pain for the sake of pai... (Below threshold)

Pain for the sake of pain is different. Choosing the most painful of alternatives is different. Pain incidental to killing a person deemed deserving of death is not cruel or unusual.

You have two methods for killing someone. The end result is the same... they'll be dead. But you purposefully choose the method where pain is incidental. How is that not pain for the sake of pain?

The point of the death pena... (Below threshold)

The point of the death penalty is that someone has committed such atrocious crimes that they deserve to die... NOT to be tortured. That makes you just as bad as they are.

So I'm back after a long hi... (Below threshold)

So I'm back after a long hiatus. I've embarrassed myself as well as vindicated myself; but I've been disconnected from the internet for a long time, and I don't think that I'm the same person.
I don't have anything against the death penalty, except for the fact that we don't have the divine and ominous intellect to proscribe it infinitely correctly, and I do have something against the jerks who think that the most disgusting people must have the most horrible deaths.
I hope none of you whom feel that way are Christian because God is supposed to give the ultimate and eternal punishment to those whom deserve it end the end. It's not your job.
It is just ultimate arrogance and a God like complex that allows humans to murder ruthlessly and painfully as a precursor to the suffering that a life may or may not receive in the afterlife. All of that bad karma rolls off on the executioner and those that support the painful act for trying to play God, so I hope a lot of you are atheists.
Yes, I think lethal injection is the most humane of the ways to kill people, but I also think that there's an inhuman fervor that wills the death of a lot of people when they don't realize that the negativity that they are projecting is only going to hurt themselves in the end; if theyh are at all religious mind you.
Now for Che. Do you know the difference between Che, and the president that you seem to hold as omnipotent? Che was a healer before he was a killer. He was an educated man who did a lot of things for a lot of people.
He didn't use his medical knowledge to make his enemies suffer as horrible and emotional and psychological punishment as was medically available, disregarding the Hippocratic Oath that we hold as legally and morally binding. He just came to his judgment, right or wrong, and had those whom he needed to cease to exist disappear, and he didn't lie about it.
I'm not saying that that was right, but just imagine all of the women, children, and other innocents that we have killed in this unprovoked war. If you bring 9/11 into it, you're a total idiot.
Look at all of the American soldiers that are killing themselves; not because of the ferocity of the enemies' attacks, but because of the blind retribution that we are extolling on anything and everything that moves in any direction other than the one that we have been forcing them to. Some soldiers treat Iraq like it's a play day, and are killing people and animals just for pleasure. Others have to see it and take part in it, and we get to reap the benefits of a few more casket pictures.
I'm not a radical; you can see a lot of bad mojo on youtube. Yet you want to belittle Che for having a concrete ideal, and having a definite, yet naive goal to reach his ends for a better world for all of his people, not just those that are willing to use others as stepstool? You want to belittle his beliefs, and the beliefs of the millions, not just Hispanic like I am, people that still learn from his works?
We don't all agree with his retaliation with deserters and informants, but neither do we with the US. How many deserters are in jail for not believing in what we are forced to believe in? How many of us have died in cowardly "friendly fire" and have been covered up? Now getting to the Iraqis finally; how many of them that we killed have been guilty of planning to do do harm to any of us? we will never know, and they'll never tell us, and it seems to make you people happy.
Ultimately in the future, the difference in Che, and Bush is that people are always going to be proud in the ideas that Che provided, and will sport his shirt or effigy with pride, while Bush is always going to be seen with a dunce cap, sported with pride by our people; the ones you want to insult. The ones who care about the troops, your well being, as well as the well being of those abroad.
I hope you all give yourselves a pat on the back for not seeing the ordeal that we are going through. Karma and justice isn't something that we wield as a sword, we just warn that righteousness is a weapon best held by a force much greater than any of us.

JLawsonO... (Below threshold)


Or if a rifleman had a particular grudge against a rapist who murdered his victims? "Damn, that rifle shot *low*. Good thing we could shoot him in the head to stop his soprano screaming!")

In my understanding of firing squads, there is one empty rifle. No one in the squad, knows who has the empty one. The only people who know which rifle is empty, are the people that loaded the rifles. This is done on purpose, to assuage any guilt that a member or members of the squad may have after words. So your thesis that a particular member of the firing squad aiming low is next to impossible

"Yet you want to belittl... (Below threshold)

"Yet you want to belittle Che for having a concrete ideal,..."

NO. We belittle him for the means by which he aspired to reach an ideal. If this is your way of mitigating what he did in between or after "healing the sick", it's pretty sad.

"....but because of the blind retribution that we are extolling on anything and everything...."

It is ridiculous, too, for you to assume exactly why any of them have taken their own life.

But as far as the post goes ... I have to agree with a couple here and repeat that wanting to exact 'eye for an eye' punishment is human; it's understandable, yet I think it's one of our failings. Though it should not ever be our government's policy, nor should it be condoned. There would be no other purpose for that unless there was an audience to witness it. Yet those who argue for it would also rail against those countries who hold public executions.

And finally, Brian, nice broad brush you got there. Where can I get one?

Sorry, I disagree.... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Sorry, I disagree. They both cause pain, even if for a moment or so.

As I explained in post #7, there can be no pain if a specific type of firing squad is used; not even for an instant. The condemned experiences no transition between being alive and being dead. Similar execution techniques have been used by militaries for over a century. The guillotine is quick, but not at all painless as it leaves the brain intact and living for a few seconds.

Whether or not a state has capital punishment is, and should be, up to the voters in that state. The method should be humane, but it doesn't need to be genteel. Executions are often witnessed by families of victims. Maybe they should decide if they want to use lethal injection, firing squad, or a block of C4 strapped to the head. All are humane, but get more violent and messy as you go down the list.

Some group of good Ohio fol... (Below threshold)

Some group of good Ohio folk needs to keep this jokers name, picture and infamy in front of voters for his next election try. I guarantee an informed public would throw this guy off of the bench and probably out of the state. Rather than just getting indignant at his lunacy, get his butt out of power.

What a silly argument. <br ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

What a silly argument.
'What about 6 .308 rounds to the head' No, they might slip up and he might live for 12 extra milliseconds.
'OK, how about 16 .300 win mag rounds to the head' Well, no , he might live for 2 extra nanoseconds and that would be cruel.
'OK, how about we strap half a megaton of TNT to his head' Mmmm, might screw it up and blow him into only 3 million pieces instead of the official 6 million pieces.

Then someone upthread actually was complaining about the literal 'injection' in 'lethal injection'!! They are actually complaining about a pinprick!? wtf?

Kill them as quick and painlessly as possible but let's not go crazy about it.

#15 Brian; I don't think you know what the word 'incidental' means.

A lethal injection is exact... (Below threshold)
john jones:

A lethal injection is exactly that its leathal, the people on the reciving end of it have no rights, because they have been found guilty of a crime by the legal system which places themseves above everybody else and able to pass judgement. The fact that a criminal is complaing he doesn't want to die is stupid if you dont want to die dont commit a crime that warrents it you idiots. If it causes pain tough luck stabbing, shooting and strangulation casue far more pain than a simple injection, they should be strung up beaten with a baseball bat for a few hours then let them bleed themselves to death slowly. Murders and rapists deserve nothing better.
So as for the lawers and judges saying its not ethical to cause pain and suffering to a death row inmate thats a load of bull they should all be used for medical testing so the mormal law obiding people can have better treatments for cancer and AIDS.
I wish the dath sentance was allowed in the UK then maybe the prisons(which are basically holiday camps) wouldn't be full.

"Do you not see the irony h... (Below threshold)

"Do you not see the irony here? Equating the butchery of Che' and then speculating if the judge should experience it? Do you think through these posts before you publish them?"

Only Cassy could post something so idiotic that I actually have to agree with HughS. You are a bad person, Cassy. A very, very bad person.

Since suicide is painless, ... (Below threshold)

Since suicide is painless, just lay out a few options for the convicted and let them choose. They can tell us about their pain threshold afterwards.

His Honorless, Judge Purge, looks a small man from his photo, which may explain his need for hero-worship, and his index finger looks positively grotesquely deformed, much like his mind.

That is all.

#15 Brian; I don't think... (Below threshold)

#15 Brian; I don't think you know what the word 'incidental' means.

Why don't you explain why you think that, instead of hiding behind snark?

Simple, Brian. You used th... (Below threshold)

Simple, Brian. You used the word almost exactly opposite of its actual meaning. Which might lead one to think you don't know what the word means.

Nor does Brian know what Ch... (Below threshold)

Nor does Brian know what Che really meant to Latin America. Construct a little room for your little mind to hide until the end of your days. We're quite happy out here in the real world, loser.

That's all Liberals really are is delusional losers. It's the movement for world class destructive f'n losers.

incidental: 1. Occurring... (Below threshold)

incidental: 1. Occurring or likely to occur as an unpredictable or minor accompaniment;
2. Of a minor, casual, or subordinate nature

Nope, used it entirely correctly. You have two methods: one in which pain is likely to occur as a minor accompaniment, and one where it is not.

That you guys don't understand the meanings of simple words says a lot.

notiz=Broad brushing, wide brush there Brian.

Nor does Brian know what... (Below threshold)

Nor does Brian know what Che really meant to Latin America.
That's all Liberals really are is delusional losers.

It's you who is delusional. Where did I mention Che?

Dont you get tirwed of a bu... (Below threshold)
Spurwing Plover:

Dont you get tirwed of a bunch of unelected judges making our decisions for us KICK THEM ALL OFF THE BENCH AND THROW THEM OUT OF THE CONTRY

Are any of you here, includ... (Below threshold)

Are any of you here, including the author of this piece of absurd journalism actually familiar with laws surrounding capital punishment in ohio? Maybe if you all had done some reading outside this riduculous website, you would know that Judge Burge was following the law put forward in Ohio. It states that the procedure used for executions must be speedy and painless. The three drug lethal injection protocol in the state of Ohio is neither. If you don't believe me, look up information about the executions of Christopher Newton and Joe Clark.
So for all of you who are ataacking him for being a liberal moron, realize that it is a judges job to uphold the letter of the law, and that's all he was doing.
Oh and I don't know who made the comment about how we used lethal injection on animals, but the method of lethal injection used to execute human beings was deemed to cruel to use on animals by vets.
You'd think such a group of self righteous people would have a little respect for humanity in them.

I think personally that the... (Below threshold)
Sharon Mcdougall:

I think personally that they should keep the lethal injection because if they took someones life and they put them through pain then why should'nt they feel pain when they are getting the injection fed into their arm if they caused that person pain then there is no reason that they should feel pain in return, and if they don't want lethal injection then offer them another method of execution because in my opinion if they took someone's life then why should they be spared their's in other words an eye for an eye. Also I don't think a person should have his sentence commuted only if they have solid evidence that the person never done it in the first place but maybe he had something to do with it. The only time I don't believe in the death penalty is if a person rapes another person because if he rapes that person without taking that person's life then why should he have his life taken from him a prison tern is sufficient in my opinion. So in a nutshell keep giving out those lethal injections or if they don't want them some other form of execution.






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