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Man takes advantage of Tim Russert's death to push his agenda

Mike Adams at Natural News has decided to use Tim Russert's death to sell his agenda and seemingly his books. If you take a look at this website, you'll see a couple of books written my Mr. Adams clearly displayed on the right hand side.

So what's the issue? It's this: before Mr. Russert has even been eulogized and buried, Mr. Adams has published an article in which he blames Mr. Russert's death on pharmaceutical industry. Mr. Adams doesn't know anything about Mr. Russert's medical history or daily eating and exercise habits. Nor does he know anything about his stress levels, yet Mr. Adams acts like he and his lifestyle alone could have single handedly saved Mr. Russert's life. Not only is this in bad taste, but it's also sickeningly manipulative.

Mr. Adams' goal is to sway as many people as possible to adopt his way of living. His argument is that people should eat healthy and exercise, therefore, eliminating any need for pharmaceuticals to control a health issue. On the surface, that sounds completely innocuous, a good idea, in fact. However, eating healthy and exercising alone is not going to solve everyone's health issues, something Mr. Adams doesn't acknowledge. Instead, says this:

What happened to Russert is about to happen to America's medicated population

Sadly, Tim Russert has learned the hard way what four generations of Americans are about to learn: That you cannot medicate yourself to good health, and when you try to do so, you often end up dying from the very medicine you thought was saving your life.

There's a book Tim Russert needed, and it's the same book that tens of millions of Americans need right now. It's called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn. You can read about the book at his website, www.HeartAttackProof.com

This book, simply stated, teaches you how to reverse heart disease by changing what you eat. Change your diet, and heart disease vanishes, blood flow is restored, and the build-up of arterial plaque begins to fade away. It is absolutely true that through changes in diet and exercise, a person can make themselves heart attack proof.

That's a terrible over generalization and over simplification of a very complex health issue. Take my parents for example. They are both 64 years old and in excellent health. They both exercise every day. My dad runs on his treadmill for about a half an hour every morning. My mom runs/walks 2.5 miles every day, rain, snow, or sun. They also eat very healthy: lean meats, low fat, low glycemic index carbs, lots of fruits and vegetables, and plenty of protein, like fish. And they take a variety of vitamins that are good for them: vitamins, minerals, garlic, omega 3 fatty acids, 81 mg aspirin and other things, every single day. And they've been living this way for years. From the time I was in grade school (think the 1970's), I was drinking skim milk and eating low sugar foods, long before it was popular to do so. Kid favorites like Hostess, Little Debbie, and other high carb, high fat sweets were banned from my house.

But that has not made my parents heart attack proof. They both are on Lipitor because, in spite of their excellent eating habits and daily exercise, they both have high cholesterol. Why?

It's genetic.

So Mr. Adams' argument does not apply to my parents, and I'm quite certain that there are plenty of other people just like my parents out there as well.

Now, maybe I'm over reacting here and Mr. Adams is just trying to save people's lives, but his tone sounds too snake oil salesmanesque for my taste. Instead of simply providing unbiased information on diet and exercise to educate his readers, Mr. Adams is arguing that living his way will make you heart attack proof, which is simply not possible. He's using Tim Russert's death to advance his agenda. That's in very bad form, Mr. Adams.


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Get your parents off lipito... (Below threshold)
There are all kinds of peop... (Below threshold)

There are all kinds of people in this work. Everyone is trying to make a buck off of something. And I don't know what can be done in this age of the internet to stop them.

As an example, my house is for sale. One of the guys who came by and looked at it tried to tie it up with a purchase offer. We discovered he's put an ad in Craig's list for our house, trying to sell our house for more than he offered us. We have no contract with with him. In fact, we're under contract now with someone else. We can't stop him. It's absolutely sickening.

I think we just have to recognize scumballs for what they are.

You make the good point tha... (Below threshold)

You make the good point that the Adams article is also selling a product, and that some people have strong genetic propensity for high cholesterol.

However, most people would indeed be better off using serious diet and exercise to prevent and treat heart disease--perhaps even those with genes for high cholesterol, though in their case they'd have to take rather draconian lifestyle measures.

The data so far suggest that cholesterol-lowering drugs do a good job of lowering cholesterol, but not so good a job of lowering mortality, which is what really matters.

There is still a lot we don't know, but intelligent lifestyle improvements will help most people and harm nobody.

Mr. Adams is clearly an Oba... (Below threshold)

Mr. Adams is clearly an Obama supporter.

Mike is right.. People in A... (Below threshold)
Herbert Berkley:

Mike is right.. People in American, more frequently than not, eat themselves to death..

The pharmaceutical industry are selling snake oil as well only it's legal..

Americans want to pleasure themselves to the point of destruction and then count on the health care system to save them. This will never work.. We should promote a preventative approach not a curative one..

The "genetic" excuse has be... (Below threshold)
Herbert Berkley:

The "genetic" excuse has been a really easy way for science, primarily the pharmaceutical industry, to push the sale of their drugs..

Don't just think that if something is genetic it takes a man made DRUG to fix it..

It's not always that way..

"The word "genius" isn't al... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

"The word "genius" isn't always applicable in the blogging and commenting world. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."

Paraphrasing Joe Theisman.

"This book, simply state... (Below threshold)

"This book, simply stated, teaches you how to reverse heart disease by changing what you eat. Change your diet, and heart disease vanishes, blood flow is restored, and the build-up of arterial plaque begins to fade away. It is absolutely true that through changes in diet and exercise, a person can make themselves heart attack proof."

Worked for Jim Fixx... er, um...

One easy way to spot snake ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

One easy way to spot snake oil is if they use the phrase "cleans your body" or "detoxify your body". These scams often attack highly successful drugs like Lipitor because that's where the money is. The scam starts by scaring people about some drug their doctor has prescribed with links to inappropriate. poorly designed or outright phony studies along with anecdotal accounts and news that someone filed a law suite; none of which caries any scientific weight. Then the scammers offer an "all natural" food supplement replacement. The reason it's an all natural food supplement is because that class of product doesn't need FDA approval to be sold.

Like other foods such supplements may even be able to lower cholesterol by a few points. The difference is that even with low dose Lipitor the cholesterol reduction is often dramatic such as going from 200 down to 145 using just a 20 mg dose. No food supplement comes close to having that much effect. Obviously, not everyone should take Lipitor, but doctors know how to test each individual's reaction to the drug.

Yes, lots of exercise, a good diet, plenty of rest, a low stress fulfilling job, and having no injuries, communicable diseases or adversity in your life is the best means of maintaining your health. Now for the 99 percent of us who can't achieve that ideal there are well studied drugs that can offset some of the more harmful effects of a less than perfect life style or less than perfect genetics.

As people get older their metabolism naturally slows and people often gain weight. At the same time, many will experience joint deterioration and pain that prevents rigorous exercise. The best that many can do is walk and even that can be painful if you have foot problems that often develop in later years. Telling such people that they need to exercise is like their financial advisor telling them they need win the lottery.

The data so far suggest that cholesterol-lowering drugs do a good job of lowering cholesterol, but not so good a job of lowering mortality, which is what really matters.

The increase in life expectance just published this week is due in large part to a drop in deaths rates from heart disease and stroke, both of which the medical community credits with cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor.

Been there. Done that. Bu... (Below threshold)

Been there. Done that. But it was touch and go until bypass surgery and anti cholesterol drugs allowed me to resume a normal lifestyle. It's been more than ten years now and not a complication in sight. And I'm healthy enough to be a regular blood donor even though I'm well past 80.

The best book on the subjec... (Below threshold)
Jim Russell:

The best book on the subject is Dr. Dean Ornish's Reversing Heart Disease released in 1996. It is a highly regarded controlled study that proves to any reasonable person that adopting lifestyle changes including eating a vegetarian diet and exercising 30 minutes a day will prevent and actually reverse heart disease. Why more medical schools don't teach this and why more doctors don't advise their patients accordingly is a tribute to big Pharmacology companies that make literally billions of dollars annually by selling their useless anti-cholesterol drugs that do nothing to prevent heart attacks and make people, like Russet, complacent and unwilling to make the necessary changes to save their life.

shameless... (Below threshold)
joe citizen:


Dr. Dean Ornish give great ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Dr. Dean Ornish give great advise and many can get their total cholesterol down in the 170's following it. Unfortunate there are millions of people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis or other conditions that limit their ability to do the exercise part of the regime, without which, the diet alone is only partly effective. Also, only part of a person's total cholesterol comes from foods with the balance being made in the person's own liver. The amount of cholesterol a person's liver makes is determined by their genetics as much as by their diet.

An acquaintance of mine went on Lipitor when diet and exercise could only bring her cholesterol down to 192. With the addition of just a 20 mg a day dose of Lipitor her total cholesterol crashed to 136, which is maybe too low (opinions very) so the dose was dropped to 15 mg a day. That put her total cholesterol in the 150's, which is lower than what most people can achieve following Dr. Ornish's plan alone. The best advise is to use dite and exercise first, but if that's not bringing your total cholesterol low enough then Lipitor (among others) should be considered.

Half of all fatal heart attacks occur to people who have NO prior symptoms of heart disease. Medical science is looking for the cause and it seems to be inflammation within the circulatory system. Lipitor reduces that inflammation, so it may be that Lipitor benefits people on two levels.

Anyway, Lipitor has been extensively studied in large populations over long times and by many researchers. There's little doubt within the scientific community that it lowers both cholesterol and mortality rates from heart disease. Of course there are some who would rather believe the non-scientific claims of others, many of whom are in it for profit just like the big drug companies.

If you think this guy is pu... (Below threshold)

If you think this guy is pushing an agenda go to SFGate and read the comments following the Russert story. The American left at its finest.

When I read the headline, I... (Below threshold)

When I read the headline, I thought you might be criticizing McCain. Then I came to my senses.

When asked yesterday by reporters what it was like to be interviewed by Russert, McCain said with a smile, ``I once told him I haven't had so much fun since my last interrogation at prison camp.''

The guy will do whatever he can to bring that up. It's all about him - McCain 2008: "He was tortured."

Then you say this:

That's a terrible over generalization and over simplification of a very complex health issue...It's genetic.

Umm...how much is genetic Kim? What percentage of cholesterol is related to genes? What percentage is related to diet/exercise? Just so you know, it's fairly rare for a genetic condition to cause dangerous levels of hypercholesterolemia. What you are saying is a terrible over generalization and over simplification of a very complex health issue, Kim.

You can place your faith in... (Below threshold)

You can place your faith in the profit driven drug companies if you want to, but I choose to stay away from them. All you need do is look at all of the side effects listed to know that something is wrong. And why do they advertise prescription drugs, anyway? Yeah - I choos enot to trust them - all they care about is profit, not your parents.

And now we have the classy ... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

And now we have the classy Chrissy Mathews using the death of his friend for his own political musings (courtesy of Hot Air).

jp2, go ahead and ignore th... (Below threshold)

jp2, go ahead and ignore that McCain also called Russert's death a "shocking loss" and said he was the "preeminent political journalist" of his generation. What you prefer to highlight is something that McCain admitted he said to Russert himself. It's actually a testament to everything others are saying about Russet's hard hitting interviews. The lefties are going crazy over it though, so I'm glad they have something to entertain themselves with.

I'm not all that familiar with Russet so I actually have nothing to say other than to hope his family finds solace soon.

One of the amazing things a... (Below threshold)
Herbert Berkley:

One of the amazing things about America is that we can enjoy eating ourselves into poor health and then be forced to support big pharama's share holders. It's a brilliant system that dismisses the concept of cause and effect and instead calls itself the pursuit of happiness..

Umm...how much is ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Umm...how much is genetic Kim? What percentage of cholesterol is related to genes? What percentage is related to diet/exercise?

According to the American Heart Association "Cholesterol comes from two sources: your body and food. Your liver and other cells in your body make about 75 percent of blood cholesterol. The other 25 percent comes from the foods you eat."

So if you are one of the many people with a total cholesterol of 250 you could get it down to maybe 185 with a complete vegetarian diet and vigorous exercise. That's not really low enough, but with just 10 to 20 mg of Lipitor you can get it down in the 150s and go back to eating some meat and/or dairy products. Just so you know, the maximum standard dose of lipitor is 80 mg per day.

You can place your... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
You can place your faith in the profit driven drug companies if you want to, but I choose to stay away from them. All you need do is look at all of the side effects listed to know that something is wrong.

This issue is not about faith. I don't trust big, medium, or small drug companies. What I trust is a large body of both scientific and imperial data that demonstrates Lipitor is "safe and effective" when used as prescribed by a doctor. Don't get me wrong, you should exercise, eat a healthy diet and maintain normal weight for as long as you can. There may come a day, however, when you can no longer exercise vigorously enough to keep your weight and / or cholesterol low. That's when it's time to utilize the best drugs modern science can offer. They're not perfect, but they're way better than OTC supplements and the snake oil so may scammers are selling.

One of the amazing... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
One of the amazing things about America is that we can enjoy eating ourselves into poor health and then be forced to support big pharama's share holders. It's a brilliant system that dismisses the concept of cause and effect and instead calls itself the pursuit of happiness.

A good diet and exercise is the most important part of maintain your health. I don't know of any reputable medical authority that says it's not. But as I have been saying, that doesn't work for everyone. Some people make way too much cholesterol in their liver. For those folks diet and exercise won't lower their cholesterol any more than it will grow hair on a bald guy. Lipitor works by blocking the production of cholesterol in the liver.

The proof is really in the life expectancy figures. According to the UN, the US has an overall life expectancy of 78.2, China is73, India is 64.7, and Russia comes in at 65.5. While not the highest, the US is well above the world average of 67.2. If our diet is so poor than it must be our healthcare system that's responsible for much of that 78.2 figure.

You would think that if that eastern medicine we hear so much about were all that effective the life expectancy in China would be higher than in the US. Maybe it's effectiveness is in lining the pockets of it's purveyors, not in extending the life of the user. Instead of cleansing your body it cleanses your bank account.

What I read in the article ... (Below threshold)

What I read in the article was that, besides selling books, he was giving a warning that medicine alone OFTEN does not save you. To that end, he is closer to truth than the medical profession. Mr. Russert should have been on meds, but also following a strict diet and exercise program. One glance at the man, and you can see that was not the case. Unfortunately, his profession makes it very hard to maintain good health: erratic schedules, on-the-fly meals, daily stress. But for the general population, it's important to note that it takes both the responsibility of the patient coupled with the expertise of the medical doctor to maintain good health. Just taking a pill to "control" an issue will not save you.

To all who believe that lif... (Below threshold)

To all who believe that lifestyle is all you're deluding yourselves and grossly oversimplifying. My husband, all 160 pounds of him, who exercises vigorously 4 times per week and never eats dairy or red meat or saturated fat but subsists on cereal w/orange juice, fruit, vegetables, fish and legumes has a cholesterol level of 205.

KimFor the love of y... (Below threshold)

For the love of your parents and for yourself, give yourself a few minutes to check out the reviews of the book "The Great Cholesterol Con" in amazon.

100% of the medical community does not go with the current Cholesterol theory. For your sake and all the visitors sake, let me summrize a big truth quickly. Let he who has an ear hear. Cholesterol is never an issue. God made our livers to make so much Cholesterol,more than what you can eat in a day, because the body needs and uses it. Also He made is so intelligent that if there is more than enough Cholesterol in the diet, the liver adjusts its level of Cholesterol production. But get this: it is the oxidized Cholesterol that destroys someone's health. So you may have only 150 Cholesterol, but predominantly oxidized, which is much much worse than a 300 number Cholesterol. ALso there is a blood test that is getting more popular to check the oxidization of blood Cholesterol . It is called VAP test. (thevaptest.com). You have to check if the LDL is Pattern A or B or AB.

I have given you enough info to wake up on this issue, that millions of americans will never get to see or understand before they die of heart diseases.

Also, your parents are following the diet prescribed by the medical community as safe. Check out http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22116724
The above website will be hard for you to swallow, as your parents have believed into the 'low-fat' theory, since the 1970s, and that precisely has been damaging them. It is a sad joke, what the MDs of our day believe themselves into. You may have to do a lot of unlearning and new correct learning before it is too late.

was Adams trying to sell something, then that is his problem. Does he give a life-saver also along with that. If so, and if you ignore it, you face the consequence of it in due time.

Best wishes and truly care for my fellow citizens,
God bless and keep

John 3:16-18

KimYou can check out... (Below threshold)

You can check out these other books on the subject, also, if you are interested:

The Cholesterol Myths: Exposing the Fallacy that Saturated Fat and Cholesterol Cause Heart Disease by Uffe Ravnskov

The Heart Revolution: The Extraordinary Discovery That Finally Laid the Cholesterol Myth to Rest by Kilmer Mccully

The Myth of Cholesterol: Dispelling the Fear and Creating Real Heart Health by Paul Dugliss M.D.

Best wishes again

John 3:16-18

For the love of yo... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
For the love of your parents and for yourself, give yourself a few minutes to check out the reviews of the book "The Great Cholesterol Con" in amazon.

Interesting, but you see the guy is selling his book. I didn't see any link or citations to scientific studies that back up his assertions. You can't counter scientific evidence with just criticism and a theory that's not backed up by evidence. Look at the UN life expectancy rates and explain why they very from nearly 83 to just 40 in some nations. Obviously this can't be due to just diet and exercise? The only rational explanation includes a significant contribution by modern medical technology.

US Life expectancy was in the news just last week. Note the following paragraph.

"The researchers noted especially sharp declines in several of the leading causes of death. Deaths from stroke and lower respiratory diseases fell more than 6%, nearly matched by declines of 5% or more in heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes"

If modern medicine has it all wrong then why are deaths from these causes falling?

Mac Good point. On t... (Below threshold)

Good point. On the surface, those figure seems to make sense. But, sadly, there are more details behind the news, and you will be know to read between the lines, if you do not want to be duped.

I will give only a couple of examples and sites. I gave you links to 4 books. Uffe Ravnskov's books has lot of scientific backings. Even if you do not want to buy it, if you care to know if there another side to the coin, you should borrow it from your local library or ILL.

When we have this kind of blind faith in the reporting system of the conventional medical community, we give up an inheritance to get a morsel of bread. There was no cancer in USA in 1904, but today we multiply it in different forms each year.

In the 1930s, 80% of American men smoked and there was more tar in cigarettes. At the time, though, death rate from lung cancers was very low. Then the food industry with the blessings of FFA and the MDs came along with the unstable Poly fats, to replace the healthy saturated fats. By 1980, only 30% of American men smoked, but 60 times more lung cancer deaths.

The total mortality data is so much more important than the rates of CHD, and even CHD-related deaths. Who cares if a statin reduces CHD events when it raises mortality from cancer and other diseases at the same time?

The medical community rules the normal man's health, and they make it seems like it is normal to have diabetics, arthritis, cancer etc, whereas these are all man-man 20th century diseases, which many primitive cultures do not have today, but they do when they have access to american lifestyle and foods. They give you diseases, and then they say you should died quicker, but we have added a few years to your life, but don't worry about the declining memory or the side effects, just trust us, and come to us regularly.

If the common man understood God's principles in lifestyle, food etc, he would have control of his health, and he would have less or no diseases.

Statins do not reduce total mortality in 95% of the population. They have serious and significant side effects and risks, many of which are underreported. They have been shown to cause cancer in every animal study done to date. In the highest risk population (middle-aged men who already have CHD), a 50-year old man would have to take a statin for 30 years to extend his lifespan for 2-weeks. Statins do not reduce total mortality in primary prevention populations or women, and they actually increase total mortality in the elderly (high cholesterol is protective in this population). Statins MAY reduce CHD mortality in primary prevention populations (people who've never had heart disease), but they do not reduce total mortality in this population. Statins do not reduce CHD rates or total mortality in women. Statins do reduce CHD mortality in secondary prevention populations (people who have or had heart disease), but do not reduce total mortality in this population. Statins do not reduce CHD or total mortality. In fact, elderly people with low cholesterol die twice as often as elderly people with high cholesterol. Statins do not, therefore, reduce overall mortality in 95% of the human population

If you are open-minded, I will give a link to another powerful book, written by a good MD. "Confessions of a Medical Heretic" by Dr.Robert Mendelsohn. ISBN 0809241315.

Another small example how the Pharma sponsored reaserch are fooling us: They will say Saturated fat is bad, but the test will be using 40% Poly Fats, or do not care about the junk refined sugars or refined carbs in the test, but put all the blame on SFA or Cholesterol. Go figure! and we are supposed to believe their conclusions blindly.

3 more links..


Best wishes again.. I write because I care about you..


Thou shalt show me the path of life; in thy presence is the fullness of joy, and at thy right hand there is pleasure for evermore.
Psalm 16:11

Dan,First let me s... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


First let me say that I'm a Christian and I have defended that position many times on this blog. However, I don't see this as a discussion so much about faith as it is about valid evidence for selecting the best life style for our earthly walk. Faith in a particular point of view for or against medical science is misplaced.

I don't know if you ever heard of Kenneth Copeland, but if you have you know he's a man of faith with his own healing ministry and testimony about miraculous cures even the resurrection of the dead. But unlike some groups, he doesn't teach that you have to abandon modern medical science in order to receive miraculous healing from God. In fact, when Kenneth's daughter was stricken with spinal meningitis he got her to a hospital immediately. The miracle was how quickly she recovered, not that she recovered without the best that modern medicine could provide.

Many doctors are Christians who are called to medicine by God as their life's work. Even the Apostle Paul prescribed a little wine for Timothy's stomach problems. When someone is sick pray for a miraculous healing, and pray that God guides the doctors, and pray that the drug works or that the procedure is successful. It may well be that it's God's will to heal a person, but not to do so in such a way that His hand is readily apparent. Remember, salvation is far more important than this earthy life and salvation comes by faith in Christ.

I believe that when God does an obvious miracle, people who observe it first hand are held accountable to a higher degree for having witnessed it. An unbeliever may be shown a miracle as a sign that they might turn to God, but also as a witness against them if they don't repent. A mature believer of strong faith may be shown a miracle because God knows that doing so will give them great joy without lessening their reward in His Kingdom. But I believe God is reluctant to show his hand in an undeniable way to an immature believer or one with weak faith because in doing so He has to hold them accountable to a higher degree, not for salvation, but for the rewards believers receive in God's Kingdom. Thus, I believe that God often uses doctors and modern medicine as His instruments to answer the prays of His people.

Modern medicine uses the most rigorous tests they can devise to discover safe and effective drugs. Certainly, vaccines, antibiotics and anti-viral agents have prevented the premature deaths of millions upon millions of people. Extending the lives of people is harder to do and it takes longer to demonstrate what works and what doesn't work. Particularly because there are so many confounding factors. Yes there's more to it than just total cholesterol, yes it's the oxidation of cholesterol that's very important. But medical science doesn't deny that, they also claim it's so and that antioxidants such as from dark chocolate and tomato sauce are an important part of a healthy diet.

The science of fats is not complete, but current research strongly indicates that plant based unsaturated fats are healthy. Earlier studies to the contrary failed to account for the man made tarns fats in the subjects diets. It's now known that these partially hydrogenated fats are largely responsible for the harmful effects associated with other fats. The natural source of trans fats is in the milk fat and body fat of cattle and sheep.

As for Lipitor, the best studies to date indicate that it reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes in people who can't otherwise lower their total cholesterol. For every study that finds a tentative link between Lipitor and cancer there's another study of equal or better quality that says there is no link. When that happens it's more likely that there is no direct link.

Any drug that increases life expectance has a indirect link to cancer and other diseases that increase in frequency with age. It's real simple, the longer people live the more likely they are to develop such a disease. That principle explains most of the statistics you posted. Yes, there were fewer known cancers in 1903 for two reasons. First, the life expectancy was 30 years lower than today, and second, many people who today would die from a cancer would get run down first and then get a secondary disease that killed them. Remember, antibiotics didn't exist until the mid 1940's.

Medical science of the early 1900's couldn't even detect some of the cancers now known to exist at that time from preserved tissue samples. Thus, statistics that compare specific diseases from 100 years ago to today are meaningless. The one statistic that counts is life expectancy because even in 1903 the fact of a person's birth and death could be easily tracked.

When there's a buck to be m... (Below threshold)

When there's a buck to be made, especially in this bad economy, not everyone will show the very best taste in marketing. Look at the Sock Obama controversy for example. A small Utah company offered what they thought was a cute and affectionate new variation on the classic sock monkey toys, however this bad judgement created a public outroar.

I'll give the heart health guy at least some respect though. While using the awful Tim Russert tie-in shows bad taste, at least the intent of offering some a new path of lifestyle changes, etc. may save a life.

I had very severe angina, and would certainly have been dead at least 10 years ago, but I became a vegan after nitroglycerine and other medications failed to help me very much. Now after years of an all-vegan diet, my heart condition, blood pressure, etc. are all very good. The only problem is that I became so self-confident that I like to ride motorbikes. In late April, I was involved in a very serious crash at about 30mph when I went to brake and skidded during audden flurry of hail. Body armor prevented most broken bones injuries, but still for a guy in his fifties to get thrown and rolled 20-25 feet on hard pavement is not the best thing. I'm still recovering from some of the injuries.

You might feel better with a new diet, like the vegan diet. But if you engage in dangerous sports like motorbikes. then maybe you won't be able to see all the advantages of your diet it seems.

"All you need do is look at... (Below threshold)
capital L:

"All you need do is look at all of the side effects listed to know that something is wrong."

Some people experience terrible side effects associated with peanuts-- I blame that god awful George Washington Carver and Big Peanut. (You think I'm crazy? How else can you explain Jimmy Carter?)

In all seriousness, there's no reason you should blindly trust pharmaceuticals or pharmaceutical companies-- but the concept of "side effects" is not sufficient reason to get the proverbial vapors.

"...he was giving a warning that medicine alone OFTEN does not save you. To that end, he is closer to truth than the medical profession."

Oh please. Have you really been to a doctor that told you to just do whatever you wanted and take pills to fix it later? Seriously?

There is no way to over gen... (Below threshold)

There is no way to over generalize the need for Americans to maintain good health through regular checkups and exercise. We live in an almost land of milk and honey. How's that for generalization. We are fat because we ate our way to those hefty pounds. We live good- better than our forefather and mothers could imagine. We are living longer thanks to the advancement in science and medicine. Yet in the midst of all this knowledge we choose not to take proper care of ourselves. We smoke, we eat too much ice-cream, and too much sugar, too much salt, too much fast greasy foods and we love it. And some of us are angry at those trying to profit on the avocation of good health habits. We are angry at the wrong people. Mr. Russert was well known and died of a heart attack. Why should we wait until he has been dead for fifth-teen years to exploit the need for better health practices and eating habits? Don't take it so personal. Eat right and live the best you can. I will die one day but not from bad eating habits.

It is well proven that foll... (Below threshold)

It is well proven that following a vegan/vegetarian diet strictly and elimating fats to 10% of your caloric intake has a good chance to prevent and reverse heart disease. This has been proven by over 40 plus years of research.

Unfortunately when this message is extolled, most feel it is coming from the far left or environmental wackos. This is not the case. This comes from mainstream reputable MDs who have done the research.

Hopefully Tim Russerts passing will help others become aware of this killer and do something about their health before it is to late.

Dear MacThanks for y... (Below threshold)

Dear Mac
Thanks for your gracious email.

Thanks for explaining your position on faith vs science. Yes, when I talk about Bible, I do not want to bring science into the picture, but I believe on the final day, all the scientists will bow down and salute the truths of the bible.

In the previous email, I would have meant that eating only the unprocessed version of the foods mentioned in the bible will not bring any diseases or cure any diseases or slow down the rate of decline of health. Of course, I will leave it as anecdotal (for me and my family and my close friends who have an interest in it) for now. I recommend that this is God's will for those will adhere to the natural principles of life, and an atheist will also benefit if followed.

Thanks for telling about Kenneth, and good for him, and I do not think i am talking about that issue.

I will also take my children to doctors for emergencies like accidents etc, but thankfully, never have to take anyone of us because it is not necessary. Our children/grand children have never had vaccines, but have not had any other medical issues in their life except occational cold/fever, which goes away by itself. We have cancelled our health insurance for years now, as we will not need it, most likely for the rest of our lives, Lord willing. We personally believe, if people lived by simple principles of life, medical doctors /anti-biotics etc will be needed in only very few/rare cases. Of course reality is people suffer with commitment and reality, which may be more costly than their convenience-based lifestyle, and yes, we are glad for those people, the MDs and the system is available, and that will keep many alive for a while, but alas, the quality of life will be long gone, or on the decline. How many folks who have lived into the 80s,90s and even 100s, with the help of anti-biotics etc have vitality and energy and focus and sharpness etc? (lets compare with 93 year old Jack Lalanne).

I thank you very much for writing about the attitudes of a mature believer. It is well taken.

Regarding Lipitor, Fats, Drugs, vaccines, the real reason for longetivity etc, we are of course, coming from vastly different schools. We live in a day when a scientific group can extrapolate and almost produce any kind of research result that they want their audience to accept/propogate. But I would really hope you get at least one of the 5 books I referenced from your local library, and give it a glance & print the Masai article from MSNBC from last year. You will be glad you did. Just like in creation/evolution, there will be enough scientists on both sides of this issue, most of them innocently sincere, but not all of them, for they have something to gain in it. I wish you well Mac, in spite of our differences. I liked your spirit. Good to have met you here. I'll sign off this thread after this posting.

I wish all the readers the best of health and well-being, and as Mac said, eternal blessing, which far outweighs any earthly blessing, including a 120 years life span with no disease and perfect eyesight & Vitality, for example, as Moses enjoyed, or even a 93 year old 'youth' Jack Lalanne. So folks, shoot for the best. I do not know if Tim R had any reality of the eternal world (he right now least worries about the health/FDA issues we are talking about in this thread) but he is alive now, and after the judgmeent seat of God, is either in heaven with the Lord if his sins were forgiven through the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and as the bible says, sadly, in hell, if he had rejected the Lord and His merciful forgiveness while he was on earth.

Bye for now

But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.
Malachi 4:2






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