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The Tone of the Election

The thing I like the very least about this year's Presidential election, is the way the major candidates have campaigned; largely on the claim that the other guy is not only worse, but a catastrophe waiting to happen. I certainly agree that there are strong differences between Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, but the "Bush's Third Term" and "Carter's Second Term" snipes are far below the level I would expect of men who want our trust in their leadership.

It really comes down to who can make a reasonable claim for their ability to lead the nation, and who can point to a track record that shows accomplishment. I am dismayed a little to see both major parties relying so heavily on negative tactics, especially this early.


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Both candidates are doing t... (Below threshold)

Both candidates are doing this because both have the same problem: their major policy initiatives and plans are highly unpopular. If they attempt to talk about those plans, they'll lose more voters than they attract.

Despite McCain's wish to ke... (Below threshold)

Despite McCain's wish to keep things dialed down to 275F and to let the idea of his own ("safer") version of the third way prevail over Obama's (thanks to the electorates' moderate voting habits), there are freelancers on talk radio (and others) who have just declared as formally as they're able, that the candidates' wives are fair game.

Because of Cindy McCain's record of forgery and embezzlements from a childrens' charity, I feel confident that the kamikaze tactics are very unwelcome by the McCain campaign.

In fact, the race is almost of the front porch variety if the squawk box is discounted. But the squawk box is were the Bushbots be! And though it will likely backfire, preserving the executive branch as Republican will salvage something for Bush to float away on.

So: the "tone" is keyed to Bush's legacy. McCain mumbles, Obama drones, the Bushbots' hair's on fire.

bryanDt... (Below threshold)


there are freelancers on talk radio (and others) who have just declared as formally as they're able, that the candidates' wives are fair game.

Who are some of those talk radio freelancers who have declared the candidate's wives' fair game?

bryanDWhile you ar... (Below threshold)


While you are looking for those talk radio links ( hint: Scary Larry, Roger Stone and Bob Beckel don't count)

With the exception of Stone, the squawk box is not Republican but rather Democrat. Adjust your tone, bryanD. And inform Kenneth what the frequency is.

This is all each man has to... (Below threshold)

This is all each man has to offer. Sadly, both parties struck out in the same cycle.

A single candidate could ma... (Below threshold)

A single candidate could make a major contribution to the rhetorical health of the Republic simply by pledging never to say even one word about his opponent(s). Were he to confine all nis statements to policy preferences and analyses, he would raise himself above our current crop of snide and malicious campaigners by a light-year. I think other sane Americans would appreciate it just as much as I would.

I am reminded of the South ... (Below threshold)

I am reminded of the South Park episode where the school mascot election boiled down to a runoff between a "shit sandwich" costume and a "douchebag" costume.

I think most elections turn out that way.

Just think of it as Sweeps ... (Below threshold)

Just think of it as Sweeps Week for politicians and you won't be far wrong. It's a race for the bottom.

Too bad al that negative st... (Below threshold)

Too bad al that negative stuff works, otherwise politicians wouldn't do it.

There is so little substant... (Below threshold)

There is so little substantial difference between the candidates, it is all they have to offer.

Wah, Wah Wah, call the Wahm... (Below threshold)

Wah, Wah Wah, call the Wahmbulance!

Negative Comments, Oh My!

Oh for the Halcyon Days of a kinder, gentler politics!

Never happened, never will.

It's because one of the can... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

It's because one of the candidates is desperate and panicky.

A McCain presidency would c... (Below threshold)
George Author Profile Page:

A McCain presidency would certainly not be a third Bush term.

Obama a second Carter term? If the shoe fits...

The sad irony is that an ec... (Below threshold)
John S:

The sad irony is that an economic disaster is a given and it doesn't matter which of these morons we elect. The only question is which party will own the White House and be blamed for the utter destruction of the American middle class.

DJ, I certainly understand ... (Below threshold)

DJ, I certainly understand your frustration at this situation, even though I sometimes find myself using the "Bush third term" analogy myself. But I certainly respect Mr. McCain as a legitimate hero. Heck, only a few years ago I probably would have voted for the guy, just not this year. and I'm certain that both of my parents would have voted for McCain this year if they lived as well, even though my dad was a Democrat, because he liked McCain that much.

By the way how's your health doing, DJ. You've always been a real gentleman to me, extending me much needed support after the death of both my parents in a 90 day period last year. And Father's Day is a good day to reflect on the value of family and what's really important in life. Politics isn't that critical, the Sun will still rise and set no matter who wins the White House in November.






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