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HuffPo: McCain mooched off the Vietnamese taxpayers.

Here's some real classiness from the classiest of liberal blogs, the Huffington Post (emphasis mine):

When John McCain says government is too big, what do these people think he means?

Who are we kidding?

John McCain was in the navy and then he was in the U.S. Senate. He has never cashed a check a bureaucrat didn't write. I'm not trying to be glib, and I realize he was doing a solemn and dangerous job, killing people from the sky. But it was still government work.

Wait, except for those years as a POW. A sick but undeniable fact about John McCain: The only period in his life when he wasn't living off the American taxpayer, he was living off the Vietnamese taxpayer.

John McCain's father was in the navy and his father was in the navy. The last McCain who didn't live in government housing owned a plantation in Mississippi when the state still had slaves.

Which is why John McCain always sounds so emotional when he gets to this line in his stump speech:

"I am absolutely committed to reducing the size of government."

What he's promising is eventually he'll die.


Oh, by the way, John Glenn's fine.

So, basically, all in one post this idiot is: smearing and devaluing John McCain's service as a pilot as "killing people from the sky"; insulting John McCain's heroic service as a POW, who turned down the opportunity to get released as the son of an admiral, choosing to stay and be tortured for five years, as mooching off the Vietnamese taxpayers as if it was some kind of luxury vacation; smearing McCain and his family as racists who once owned slaves (Is this even true? I guess because's he's white, this smear is OK, because then it must be true, because all white American's ancestors owned slaves, right?) and likewise smearing his family's military service as mooching off of the government; and then finally, making jokes about McCain dying.

Real classy.

If any conservative said anything even remotely similar to this about the Obamamessiah, they'd be tarred and feathered by the mainstream media. Really, that's irrelevant. This piece is disgusting filth. If I ran the Huffington Post, the idiot who wrote that would be fired on the spot. (Yes, there is such thing as freedom of speech. But that doesn't mean everyone else has to agree with your freedom of speech, and as a privately owned blog, Arianna Huffington can censor as much as she wants on the HuffPo, just like I can censor whatever I want on my blog.)

Anyways, I find it especially rich that a lefty is complaining about someone living off of the government. Even if that is what they consider military service to be, living off of the government (a stupid concept if I've ever heard one), why would that bother them? Isn't that the ultimate liberal goal, to get everyone completely dependent on the government?

Finally, to really show just how depraved not only the author of this post is, but also the entire Huffington Post, be sure to check out the response to this piece. I didn't read all of the comments, but I didn't see one that decried this smearing of McCain. It's interesting that they aren't willing to attack McCain on policy differences or on the issues. They have to resort to crap like this, usually because they have no other platform to stand on. I may not agree with everything that McCain stands for, but at least the American people know what he stands for, something that they can't usually say about the Obamamessiah.

This kind of filth is what the left stands for. It's not particularly the kind of filth I want representing my country.

Hat Tip: Ace


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Comments (19)

Sounds like an anti-america... (Below threshold)

Sounds like an anti-american, anti-military rant by the ditch witch and code pinko's. You can remove McCain's name and insert anyone who has ever served in the military since the country was formed. But then it was ok for the Traitor Hanoi John Kerry, and the other JFK, duh. I'm not saying what I really think because there is probably a prison or death sentence involved, and the lefties wouldn't object to that execution.

he was living off the Vi... (Below threshold)

he was living off the Vietnamese taxpayer.
Insanity which goes beyond parody!

"real classiness"? That ce... (Below threshold)

"real classiness"? That cesspool wouldn't know class if it drowned in a poll of the stuff.

This is disgusting. We were... (Below threshold)

This is disgusting. We were a military family and as I recall, I had to work in order to meet even basic needs, the pay was so low. We paid taxes on every dollar except on my husband's pay when he was in an officially designated combat zone and we each had to pay our share to Social Security, combat or no. We didn't get any handouts, unless you count very mediocre government run health care, which we seldom used because I had better insurance through my job and preferred our private doctor. My husband worked for about 1/3 of what his civilian counterparts made and was expected to be ready 24/7, no overtime. The only other "benefit" I can think of is that the government did pay a mover when you were on orders, but even that was based on poundage by rate or rank and was so undervalued, we always had big out-of-pocket expenses for frequent transfers, not of our making.

Do they feel the same way about police and fire personnel, their mailperson, or tenured professors?

The left has no problem wit... (Below threshold)

The left has no problem with welfare recipients who provide no service of any kind to anyone taking monthly government checks, but they say the brave men and women helping to secure the blessings of freedom for our country are "living off the government." How rich is that? These folks are too stupid and classless to fathom. I'm no big fan of John McCain (his town hall comments criticizing the oil companies' manner of reinvesting their profits made me sick), but demeaning his service and sacrifice as "living off the government" or "living off the Vietnamese people" is outrageous to the extreme.

They can't even get their s... (Below threshold)

They can't even get their slander right.

When a POW, John McCain was still paid his full rate by the Military, as is fitting. I am pretty sure the North Vietnamese "taxpayers" didn't support him much since they were a communist country, where the government owned everything, including the "taxpayer".

Yes it was entirely unfair ... (Below threshold)
Michael Price:

Yes it was entirely unfair to describe McCain's job as just "killing people from the sky", he also maimed people for the sky and destroyed things from the sky. However it's far more inaccurate to call what McCain did "service" or "heroic". Who was served? Not the people who paid his wages who gained nothing from the war. To be heroic you have to be doing something good (and also not betraying secrets to the enemy) what was good about what he achieved or tried to achieve?
The point is that McCain has never had to actually earn a living. NEVER. Not once has the fact that nobody would willingly pay for what he provides with their own money been relvenet to his lifestyle. He hasn't even had to persuade a private landlord to rent out his property to him. He is a government man through and through, yet we're supposed to believe that suddenly he wants to cut the tree he sits on? Be real.

So the Vietnamese didn't pa... (Below threshold)
Michael Price:

So the Vietnamese didn't pay for his food and board? The fact is that McCain has been a government man from day one, born in a government provided hospital, raised in government provided houses, fed by government provided food and his bills paid by government wages. Not once has he had to worry that the people who pay for his lifestyle don't want his products (not that he made any). That was not his concern and he's showing all the signs of it. The only thing he's passionate about is people loving their government.

Of course it's unfair to call his "service" "killing people from the air", he also maimed and destroyed goods from the air. It's far more inaccurate however to call it service. The people of the United States were worse off for his efforts and thus were not served by it. Nor were they "served" by his efforts destroying the constitution and selling out his anti-torture principals when in office.

While I will never try to h... (Below threshold)

While I will never try to hide my blue leanings, the guy that wrote this is a fucking idiot. I could have written it myself much better. That being said, your selective judgement leaves me beside myself. Read: it's not OK to "swiftboat" a war hero as long as he claims to be a Republican.

(Heads up guys, John McCain is less Republican than Democratic senator Mary Landrieu among many other Democrats)

You want to start bringing up sick images, let's start with 2004's Republican convention, when people were displaying Band-Aids with purple hearts on them.

You sicko Republicans wrap yourselves in the flag with war medals pinned to it, yet all your representives in Congress manage to time and again defeat bills to upgrade the VA medical system and extend greater benefits to GIs.

You can't support the troops with a sticker on your SUV.

Read: it's not OK ... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Read: it's not OK to "swiftboat" a war hero as long as he claims to be a Republican.

You can't swiftboat McCain nor can the other clueless idiots who ignore the lessons of history. To swiftboat McCain you need about 100 of McCain's peers to come forward and dispute his claims about what he did in the military. These peers need to be honorable and highly decorated men who served in the same area at the same time doing the same job as McCain. You know, like the men who came forward and called bull shit on John Kerry's delusions. Until then McCain is not being swiftboated.

The only reason conservatives call out these lame attempts by the clueless left to discredit McCain's military service is to demonstrate to all who served, their families, and their descendents how perverted and out of touch with reality the left has become. Keep it up; you're helping McCain win.

Yes it was entirel... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
Yes it was entirely unfair to describe McCain's job as just "killing people from the sky", he also maimed people for the sky and destroyed things from the sky. However it's far more inaccurate to call what McCain did "service" or "heroic". Who was served? Not the people who paid his wages who gained nothing from the war.

Are you really that clueless? It was President Lyndon B. Johnson (Democrat) who sent McCain to that war. You know, the same president under who's leadership this nation passed much of the civil rights legislation that has allowed Obama to perhaps hold the same office as the guy who sent McCain to war.

Who are you to decide if McCain's service was valuable? That's the decision of the lawfully elected government of the U.S. That government, in the name of the people who elected them, built the ships, aircraft, bombs, and bullets McCain used. It's that government who trained McCain, paid his wages, and sent him to war.

If somehow Obama becomes President and calls on the military are you going to ask who the military serves? Maybe you will, but most will know that the military serves the lawfully elected President, and it's the President who speaks for this nation even if you don't like the guy. That was even more true in LBJ's time.

You know, the US may well be attached by terrorists in the next four years. Will you support the President if he decides to use the military in response to such an attack? Best think about what chickens you're stirring up. They could come home to roost on Obama's head.

So the Vietnamese ... (Below threshold)
So the Vietnamese didn't pay for his food and board? The fact is that McCain has been a government man from day one, born in a government provided hospital, raised in government provided houses, fed by government provided food and his bills paid by government wages. Not once has he had to worry that the people who pay for his lifestyle don't want his products (not that he made any).

Here is one of your fellow Democrats answering another Democrat who said the same thing as you.

This was John Glenn's response to Howard Metzenbaum

Metzenbaum criticized "Colonel Glenn" of having never "Met a Payroll," leading many to assume the Senator was implying that his opponent's long (and distinguished) military career didn't qualify as a "real job" and alienated him from the 'common man.

Senator Glenn: "I served 23 years in the United States Marine Corps. I served through two wars. I flew 149 missions. My plane was hit by antiaircraft fire on 12 different occasions. I was in the Space Program. It wasn't my checkbook, Howard; it was my Life on the line. It was not a nine to five job, where I took time off to take the daily cash receipts to the bank. I ask you to go with me .... as I went the other day... to a Veterans Hospital and look those men - with their mangled bodies - in the eye, and tell THEM they didn't hold a job!

You go with me to the Space Program at NASA and go, as I have gone, to the widows and orphans of Ed White, Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee...and you look those kids in the eye and tell them that their DADS didn't hold a job.

You go with me on Memorial Day and you stand in Arlington National Cemetery, where I have more friends buried than I'd like to remember, and you watch those waving flags. You stand there, and you think about this Nation, and you tell ME that those people didn't have a job?

I'll tell you, Howard Metzenbaum, you should be on your knees every day of your life thanking God that there were some men - SOME MEN - who held a REAL job. And they required a dedication to a purpose - and a love of country and a dedication to duty - that was more important than life itself. And their self-sacrifice is what made this country possible.

I HAVE held a job, Howard! ---What about you?

Another benefit from Presid... (Below threshold)

Another benefit from President Johnson was Bill Moyers, the press secretary who also lied to the press daily about what was going on in Vietnam. So, the dems are way ahead of the curve.

Let me say it again, the left hates the military. Always will. Even when they say they support our troops, do not believe a word of it. ww

Great post Jumpinjoe, I thi... (Below threshold)

Great post Jumpinjoe, I think Mr. Glenn summed it up pretty well.

I've been in the military, even been a defense contractor and work with the military every day now. Every last man and women of the military earns that pay every single day. Pilots have some of the hardest, most dangerous jobs in the military, one simple mistake could cost their life and the lives of others on grounds. When pilots aren't flying they are training, and depending on their rank and status are often commanding the units they fly for. There isn't now and never has been a commander in the U.S. Military that hasn't earned their pay.

M Price and ryan: Thanks f... (Below threshold)

M Price and ryan: Thanks for proving Cassy's point. In case you're wondering, the blood and pain in your lower extremity is where you shot yourselves in the foot.

Kipling said it best in his... (Below threshold)

Kipling said it best in his poem Tommy. "For it's Tommy this and Tommy that and chuck him out the brute. But saviour of his country when the guns begin to shoot."

So, government is not too b... (Below threshold)

So, government is not too big and McCain has not been on the goverment payroll all his life?

No, that is not it. It is that you don't like how someone talked about your boyfriend.

"No, that is not it. It... (Below threshold)

"No, that is not it. It is that you don't like how someone talked about your boyfriend. "

As opposed to what world citizen, your bitch obamamessiah?

Ryan,You are an idio... (Below threshold)
Davy Jones:

You are an idiot, plain and simple. Having had the honor to serve our veterans for over 15 years, I can tell you first-handedly that Republicans had absolutely nothing to do with the piss-poor state of the VA today. In the second term of the Clinton presidency, between sessions with Monica, he gave an order to Al (I have an Oscar and a Nobel Peace Prize) Gore to dismantle the VA. He did an excellent job, as the facility that I worked at went from 17,800 employees to 900 employees from 1996 to 1997. The official term is a Reduction In Force. It was the largest civilian reduction in force in U.S. history. This is how he was able to balance the national budget. As an added bonus for him, RIFs are not calculated into the unemployment figures as Federal employees are not part of the Unemployment system and receive no benefits, so he was able to hide the millions of new jobless. So, with a smile on his face, he touted himself and his cohort Al as heroes. And facilities like the one I worked at that could handle over a quarter of a million veterans per year were diminished to mini facilities that could only handle a few thousand.
So, before one more imbecile spouts off about the horrid, inadequate treatment of our Veterans, remember who is really to blame.






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