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Obama Shoots His Mouth Off

Last Friday, Senator (and Democratic presidential nominee presumptive) Barack Obama announced that he was ready for any and all Republican "dirty tricks" on the campaign trail.

Barack Obama is warning supporters that the general election fight between him and John McCain may get ugly, but the Illinois senator is vowing not to back down.

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," Obama said at a fundraiser in Philadelphia Friday, according to pool reports.

Tough words, channeling Sean Connery from the Untouchables, a movie set in Obama's chosen home town.

Of course, I find myself wondering just where Obama will get the gun he'll bring to the fight.

After all, he's been a staunch supporter of the "2nd Amendment as a collective, not an individual right" position for a very, very long time.

As an Illinois state senator, he backed measures that would have outlawed gun shops from being within five miles of any school or park, forbid gun dealers from selling out of their homes, made it a felony to have one's gun stolen, forbidden the selling of anything but "antique" guns at gun shows, limited people to only buying one gun a month, all gun shop employees undergo background checks, and massive taxes on ammunition.

The gun shop zoning restrictions are the most telling. I'd be very curious to see just how many places in the country are five miles from the nearest school or park. Someone did a check on Chicago, and the "gun shop free zones" pretty much covered the entire city.

Update:As is my wont, I managed to mess up this posting. It published twice, and I unpublished one of them -- the completed version. Here is the second half of this article:

He also proposed banning semi-automatic weapons in 1998. Apparently he doesn't know the difference between automatic weapons (those that fire multiple rounds with a single trigger pull) and semi-automatic weapons (those that use the energy of their recoil to reload the chamber for the next shot), and doesn't care.

I guess, under President Obama's administration, the 2nd Amendment is only reserved for metaphorical guns, the kinds people brandish when they feel the need to seem tough, for those who feel insecure about their masculinity and need to compensate with a fictional phallic symbol or something.

But what really depresses me is that the quote Obama used represents The Old Way. The movie's about 20 years old, and set about 80 years ago. He is supposed to represent The New Way, The Bright And Shiny Future, The Tomorrow Filled To The Brim With Hopey And Changeful Thoughts.

I guess you can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can't take Chicago out of the politician.


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<a href="http://www.sportsm... (Below threshold)

Sportsmen for Obama?

Scroll down to see a few cities and counties where the "five mile zone" would be applied. On each map all the white areas would be gun free. The few specks of green would be the only places a gun shop would be allowed.

And to enforce his war on l... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

And to enforce his war on law abiding citizens Obama will use warrantless wiretaps and even warrantless searches.

Yesterday was Father's day, but did Obama honor fathers on their special day? Only in passing after deriding deadbeats and praising mothers. What's he going to do on the 4th of July, praise Canada and deride our founders for using war rather than diplomacy to gain independence?

Seems like the next line is... (Below threshold)

Seems like the next line is, "He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue."

Oh well, I guess the Clintons already covered that base ...

Well this goes to show that... (Below threshold)

Well this goes to show that Obama is NOT anti-violence, just anti-war or more to the point anti-military. In one side of his mouth he says he is against guns. The other side says "we will bring guns". He confirmed what criminals know, that guns mean power in the wrong hands.

Obama is the product of the... (Below threshold)

Obama is the product of the most corrupt political system in the world, bar none- Chicago.

In staying with the Untouch... (Below threshold)

In staying with the Untouchables theme, there is also a line: "What are you prepared to do?" Obama is prepared to do nothing. ww

As an Illinois sta... (Below threshold)
As an Illinois state senator, he backed measures that would have outlawed gun shops from being within five miles of any school or park, forbid gun dealers from selling out of their homes, made it a felony to have one's gun stolen, forbidden the selling of anything but "antique" guns at gun shows, limited people to only buying one gun a month, all gun shop employees undergo background checks, and massive taxes on ammunition.

As a sane 'Merkin, what's the problem with any of these laws? Would you go on record saying that you want gun shops within 5 miles of schools? Background checks for gun shop employees? These are great!

Also, Jay - still waiting for your McCain endorsement now that Romney is out.

"As a sane 'Merkin, what's ... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

"As a sane 'Merkin, what's the problem with any of these laws?"

While I have no problem with a background check on anyone with wholesale access to firearms, I'd think as a "sane "Merkin", I'd have a little diffilculty with the others. What's the nexus with gunshops and 'within 5 miles of any school or park'? Why not 10 miles? Twenty? Because the law was designed to restrict gun sales, pure and simple. How about we start restricting access to the internet? How about a limit on the amount of paper and ink a newspaper can purchase in one month? How about restrictions on the amount of gasoline you can buy? Same with all the bogus "taxes" on ammunition. These are also designed to make gun ownership expensive. Criminals don't appear to have a problem obtaining firearms or ammuntion. In my 30 years as a cop, the common denominatior was that the vast majority STEAL 'em. Kalifornia is now flirting with a law to require your fingerprint and identifying info and home address when purchasing ammo. Including an extra $3 tax. Plus a 'data base' on those who purchase ammo. Why is it necessary for the state government to know who has ammuniton? Violaltion of the law is punishable by CIVIL penalties. No criminal penalties apply, so there is no connection with any need for "crime fighting". Just another lib end-run around the 2nd Amendment.

"If they bring a knif... (Below threshold)

"If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun," Obama said at a fundraiser in Philadelphia Friday, according to pool reports.

Sounds like a chest pounding cowboy. Imagine the reaction in the MSM if Bush had said such a thing.

The whole claim to "republi... (Below threshold)

The whole claim to "republican dirty tricks" is to help motivate his troops to engage in dirty tricks.

Basically lying to his followers that republicans fired first. I'm sure a few here or there have a shred of integrity that must be assuaged before they can be fully motivated. And they don't want to be accused of 'start it' in general.

"Thus, before our own time,... (Below threshold)

"Thus, before our own time, the customs of our ancestors produced excellent men, and eminent men preserved our ancient customs and the institutions of their forefathers. But through the republic, when it came to us, was like a beautiful painting, whose colours, however, were already fading with age, our own time not only has neglected to freshen it by renewing the original colors, but has not even taken the trouble to preserve its configuration and, so to speak, its general outlines. For what is now left of the "ancient customs" on which ... "the commonwealth of Rome" was "founded firm"? They have been, as we see, so completely buried in oblivion that they are not only no longer practiced, but are already unknown. And what shall I say of the men? ... For it is through our own faults, not by any accident, that we retain only the form of the commonwealth, but have long since lost its substance..." ~Cicero

What are the colors of our own Republic that are fading with age? What are the customs upon which this Republic was founded? The vital remnants of our Constitution have uncomprehendingly come to so many Americans. We should not wonder how Americans could be so uninformed regarding the Bill of Rights. How can one understand the founding of this Nation when one is unaware of the philosophy of John Locke, Platos' Republic, or Aristotle's logic? After all these philosophers are as dead as the founders, and as irrelevant. Right?

Alas, we have retained the form, but have lost the substance. Which succinctly sums up who Obama is and how we could arrive to the point where jp2 is unembarrassed in his attempt to pass his ignorant comments as reason.

The whole claim to "repu... (Below threshold)

The whole claim to "republican dirty tricks" is to help motivate his troops to engage in dirty tricks.

The collectivist liberals have permanently bound that one in the playbook. They're all simple, 'sleight of hand' carnies. While they're drawing attention here they're busily working over there.

They also apply their 'léger de main' abilities in their political three-card Monte. They tell you they have something more valuable than your freedom...all you have to do is bet. If you're stupid enough to believe that anything could ever be more dear than your freedom, then you will be swindled. The con-artists call such people suckers.

Once your freedom is lost, taking from you everything else is just taking candy from a baby...Sucker.

I gotta say, pretty weak po... (Below threshold)

I gotta say, pretty weak post Jay. This is DJ/Cassy level material. I expect better from you.

Does it matter what ... (Below threshold)

Does it matter what Obama has to say about guns!?? He's a liberal with an agenda..take a WILD guess what that agenda is.

As a proud NRA member this issue is DONE...

EVERY GUN owner in America with just a few brain cells should clearly know who gets their vote for President this fall.

As far as Obama and his Chicago political fight tactics, bring it on.
It seems to me he might be able to GIVE it, but he sure doesn't seem to be able to TAKE it.
Obama and his wife are a couple of crybaby whinebags, if someone is MEAN to them. boo hoooo...

"Made it a felony to hav... (Below threshold)

"Made it a felony to have one's gun stolen"

I know it can be a felony to steal other's property but someone steal's from You and You get charged with a felony? Only in a backward lib's thinking. crazy stuff.

made it a felony to have... (Below threshold)

made it a felony to have one's gun stolen

Of course. It's unforgivable that one has the temerity to own a gun in the first place. It's really not difficult to understand their measures once you understand their objective.

Regardless of the election results, men and women of principle had better get very good at debating leftists on the basics. For it is there that their arguments tumble.

max, I'm deeply bothered by... (Below threshold)

max, I'm deeply bothered by your comment. It wounds me to the quick.

Whoops, sorry. Just gas.

Tell you what, though: I'll be sure to let you know the instant your opinion of me (especially when couched as a back-door slam at my colleagues) matters as much as, say, a rat's ass.



Apparently it mattered enou... (Below threshold)

Apparently it mattered enough to take the time to respond.

Just sayin'.

For what it's worth, which is obviously not much, your next post is much better. It has substance.

BHO has stated on the recor... (Below threshold)

BHO has stated on the record he prefers gun control legislation. He was on the Joyce Foundation board and they support the total elimination of firearms from the general population of the US.

It is not a leap of faith to know where he stands on the issue, whether he says so or not he will sign any legislation a Democrat controlled House and Senate send to him pertaining to this issue.

If you thought 1994's AWB was bad legislation just sit back and watch what happens if they gain total control of the House, Senate and Whitehouse.






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