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Put down the bong, and vote for Obama!

Of course, the best way to do that will be to set up a trail of Doritos for them to follow, and then the potheads will be sure to come out in droves. Dude, you don't get between a pothead and his munchies, man.

Of course, as someone who's never smoked pot, I can't really say that I know too much about it. It does make sense that druggies would support the Obamamessiah, though, given his history with drugs and all. Just saying.

I wonder, will the Obamamessiah condemn this video?

Does anyone else besides me find it a little bit creepy the way that Obamamessiah supporters all sway, chant, and sing in unison on cue? It just reminds me of a cult or something. The cult leader gives the brainwashed masses the cue, and they all start swaying and chanting. It brings to mind the scene in "The Mummy" where all the Egyptians have boils, and they're walking around Cairo staring blankly and mindlessly chanting, "IMHOTEP. IMHOTEP. IMHOTEP." Substitute Imhotep for Obama, and, well, you've got an Obama rally. Minus the boils.

Hat tip: Hot Air


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Marijuana is a waste of tim... (Below threshold)

Marijuana is a waste of time, and life is too precious for that. This video isn't that important, one way or another.

Of far greater significance is that today is marriage day in California. You know what that means, conservatives. You're losing once again, aren't you?

Of far greater sig... (Below threshold)
Of far greater significance is that today is marriage day in California. You know what that means, conservatives

Yep, you forgot what we were talking about.

Any hoot, hope Mr. and Mr. Herman the best.


Herman - "conservatives... (Below threshold)

Herman - "conservatives. You're losing once again, aren't you?"

A temp set-back, but go ahead an gloat all you care to, when a new referendum is placed on the ballot in Nov. that ruling will be moot.

Ugh -The dopey pro... (Below threshold)

Ugh -

The dopey progressives like to think they're free-thinkers, but I find them even further out than the extreme evangelical stereotypes they love to hate so much...

"It just reminds me of a cu... (Below threshold)

"It just reminds me of a cult or something."

Really? A cult, huh?


He can't have a cult though - I think Bobby Jindal the exorcist will steal all of his members.

Aww, but boils are so much ... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Aww, but boils are so much fun!

On a more serious note, given the new religious/supernatural/metaphysical properties his devotees are proclaiming he has on a daily basis, I figure their appearance among his detractors is only a matter of time...

The point here is I serious... (Below threshold)

The point here is I seriously doubt there is a song with lyrics that say:

Put down your shot glass and vote for McCain.

However I bet there's one that does include:

Put down your Kool-Aide and vote for Obama.

"Of far greater significanc... (Below threshold)
Davy Jones:

"Of far greater significance is that today is marriage day in California. You know what that means, conservatives. You're losing once again, aren't you?"

Herman, all straight men in the U.S. should be hoisting a few to celebrate. First, there is homosexual marriage. Then homosexual divorce. As is stands now, husbands and fathers are hosed by the family court system. But with two wives, or two husbands, the courts will be forced to discharge divorces equitably, as there will be no presupposed victim. Once this starts to happen, heterosexual men can demand the same parity, or threaten discrimination litigation against the family court judges.

Let all husbands and fathers raise a glass to the future.

As for Osama, I mean Obama, We just have to wait for the video of him walking on water.

I hate hitting a button bef... (Below threshold)
Davy Jones:

I hate hitting a button before I'm finished editing. But if gay marriage will put a nail in the coffin of the radical feminist movement, how is it a conservative loss?






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