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Gee, Agenda Much?

Recently, I wandered into my local Borders Books. Right by the front door, greeting me as I walked in, was this display:


Let's see... Richard Clarke's "Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters," Glenn Greenwald's (and a cast of thousands of sock puppets) "Great American Hypocrites: Toppling the Big Myths of Republican Politics" and Vincent Bugliosi's "The Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder."

Nope, no agenda there.


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Nice. I bet those books wi... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Nice. I bet those books will be on the 80% off table inside of 6 weeks. Libtards can write propaganda BS, but they have to find other libtards willing to part with cash to buy their BS.

One more business to follow... (Below threshold)

One more business to follow the MSM down the toilet.

No worries. Borders will b... (Below threshold)

No worries. Borders will be sold for scrap soon.

Conservatives are smart eno... (Below threshold)
Yogurt Author Profile Page:

Conservatives are smart enough to buy their books online for less.

Mighty exspensive toilet pa... (Below threshold)

Mighty exspensive toilet paper.

smart enough to buy thei... (Below threshold)

smart enough to buy their books online for less.

Our small town just recently got a Barnes & Noble. They have a propensity for hiring college kids with piercings, tattoos, and they're always well-read when it comes to the writings of Focault and Nietzsche, and little else. Last week I finally visited the new bookstore. I approached one of these fine, young gentlemen and inquired as to where I may find the Philosophy section. He looked up and apprised my appearance (I had just come from my office).
"Of course, you mean Western philosophy?" he snidely asked.
"Is there any other kind?" I replied in feigned surprise.
His look of disgust was exceedingly worth it and pretty much made my day.
I usually use the chain bookstores to browse the books in which I may have interest. Then I buy them online for cheaper. I haven't bought a book at Border's or B&N in years.

Not that it would do a lick... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Not that it would do a lick of good, but suggesting to the manager of the store that they are isolating 50% of their customer base by allowing such overt political statements is warranted (who knows, maybe it was only a moonbat employee).

Either the manager is a business-oriented person, and will put a few books in the display that aren't outright batsh*t crazy hate-America books, or he/she wishes to make a "statement" isolating 50% (or greater) of what may have been potential customers.

If it's the latter, at least knowing moonbattiness affects financial potential will be seared, seared into his/her memory.

Piso Mojado beat me to it, ... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Piso Mojado beat me to it, but I give 'em two weeks, not six.

There is a B&N near where I... (Below threshold)

There is a B&N near where I do a lot of my business.

Ive found if I go to 1 of their 'reading areas', I can get WiFi from a nearby restaurant that I frequent 6-8 times a month. (As Im sure many of the working people her eknow, its sometimes easier and more efficient to get stuff done when not in the office.)

Every now n them I might get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, but, like boycotting bookstores with an obvious non-conservative agenda, I really try no to pay the equivalant of $20+ a gallon for a cup of coffee from those whackjobs.

Either the manager is a ... (Below threshold)

Either the manager is a business-oriented person, and will put a few books in the display that aren't outright batsh*t crazy hate-America books,

Their managers are usually one of the college kids who's managed little more than a decent attendance record. They're attitude is that people must read these important works. I don't believe that they particularly care if potential customers feel alienated. Those are not the people they're trying to reach. Leftists feel that there are alot more of them then there really is...ask anyone at Air America. Oops. Is there anyone left at Air America?

I'm amazed that there was a time in this country when one was not considered educated unless one was proficient in Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. One was uneducated who had never read the Bible, or the works of Virgil, Plato, Thucydides, or Aquinas. For crying out loud, the target audience of the Federalist Papers was farmers.

These days reading Gore's Inconvenient Truth and Chomsky's Hegemony Or Survival qualifies one to be considered intellectual. That and being proficient at Grand Theft Auto. Crap. Where is my controller?

Perish forbid any book e... (Below threshold)

Perish forbid any book extolling the goodness of this country and it's people should be placed in a prominent area in a bookstore.

I guess such actions wouldn't fit the narrative.


Why put up with the snot-no... (Below threshold)

Why put up with the snot-nosed, geeked-out, psuedo-intellectual, Noam-Chomsky-reading, "you're-buying-a-conservative-book?" stares from the latte-sipping schmucks at B&N?

I said, "Hello, Amazon" awhile ago where I can buy in peace, minus the crappy stares and without all the books bashing conservatives/Bush turned outward on the shelves.

BTW, all of the above outli... (Below threshold)

BTW, all of the above outline the reasons that I canceled my Book of the Month club membership years ago. A few times a year they'll send me a "We Miss You!" letter with a postage paid order card included. The last time I mailed a brick back to them...postage paid.

I get my books from conserv... (Below threshold)

I get my books from conservative publishers direct, or I read a review that intrigues me and order it from Amazon.com. Whenever a book by a conservative author I like is due to be released within the next month or so, I preorder it in my constant campaign to make the heads of the NYT Best Sellers' List people explode! There is nothing sweeter than helping Ann Coulter or even Bill O'Reilly debut at NO. ONE! You have to know that the NYT is having a major priaptic episode whenever a conservative author's book is in the top 5 or 10 nationally.

See what you find ... (Below threshold)
Adrian Browne:

See what you find when you accidently wander outside the No Minors Allowed section?

Well, geeze? What'ya expec... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Well, geeze? What'ya expect? The Borders chain started in ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN fer gawd's sake. Straight from the belly of the beast.

Note placement of the Deave... (Below threshold)

Note placement of the Deaver book alongside. Maybe Lincoln Rhyme will get to the forensic investigation into the suicide of Borders.

Where are the Winnie the Po... (Below threshold)

Where are the Winnie the Pooh books so I can learn more about Barack Obama's foreign policy philosophy?

Obama's foreign policy</... (Below threshold)

Obama's foreign policy

You mean the illustrated foreign policy for the wearers of big boy pants?

Actually I was talking abou... (Below threshold)

Actually I was talking about THIS must read story.

Thanks Eric,Must b... (Below threshold)

Thanks Eric,

Must be trying to appeal to all the 3 - 7 year old swing voter's?

Oh hell. You can't make thi... (Below threshold)

Oh hell. You can't make this stuff up:

Mr Danzig [Navy Secretary under President Clinton and is tipped to become National Security Adviser in an Obama White House] spelt out the need to change by reading a paragraph from chapter one of the children's classic, which says: "Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump on the back of his head behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming down stairs. But sometimes he thinks there really is another way if only he could stop bumping a minute and think about it."

Thanks Eric. That's just be... (Below threshold)

Thanks Eric. That's just beautiful.

Why don't you wingers just ... (Below threshold)

Why don't you wingers just say what you really want to happen? You really want them burned don't ya?

By the way, since you are the folks who believe in a market economy why do you think those books are for sale? Duh.

As for the 50% of the customer base cited by one of you wingnuts, it's actually about 28% and dropping rapidly.

JFO, it seems to me that th... (Below threshold)

JFO, it seems to me that these days free speech is being assailed by the left. Are you aware of the ongoing HRC Tribunal cases in Canada? Or how about campus speech laws?

Those aren't being driven by the right, they are being driven by the left. If those policies continue unabated, it will be those on the left that will be burning books.

JFO | June 17, 2008 4:05 PM... (Below threshold)

JFO | June 17, 2008 4:05 PM

Based upon the threats and warnings posted at Obama-oriented sites by plenty of Lefties, I have a strange feeling that it is Leftist themselves who are anxious for a book-burning...

... of any Conservative or Christian (or Jewish) author out there.

I wouldn't burn a darned liberal book out there... just so people would see exactly how mentally deranged minds think alike.

Not to mention, JFO, that Liberal books out there are nothing but JUNK, PC thought - a great example of "garbage in, garbage out." I'd rather have the termites eat them... but the termites might probably vomit afterwards.

Hey Eric, It's not... (Below threshold)

Hey Eric,

It's not just book-burnings.

Have you wondered how many Dantons and Robespierre wannabes seem to come out of the Left? I wouldn't be surprised if they called for the guillotine for us.

" You really want them b... (Below threshold)

" You really want them burned dont ya?"

If You buy it and want to burn it? Why would I care? I guess if You leftist's can burn the American flag, then a book is surely not off limit's.. Although You might run into some problem's with the Global warming kook's out there.

It's too bad taxes + shippi... (Below threshold)

It's too bad taxes + shipping and handling fees make it more expensive now to shop online than to run down to the local bookstore.
Luckily mine doesn't seem to have such a blatant bias on their shortlist.

"You really want them bu... (Below threshold)

"You really want them burned dont ya?"

I love the left accusing the right of what the left just did. Seems a habit of late. Its right wing books that were pushed out of view. Why burn them, when you can bury them in the back corner, eh? And then for cover, accuse the right of what your kindred spirit in the bookstore just did.

Why don't you wingers ju... (Below threshold)

Why don't you wingers just say what you really want to happen? You really want them burned don't ya?

Sheesh. I actually had spittle coming through the monitor on that one. Take a pill there, JFO. It'll be alright.

Oh, shaddap about the HRC t... (Below threshold)

Oh, shaddap about the HRC trials in Canada. Ya'll weren't hollering foul when we were using them only to defend Jews, but now they're defending Muslims and all of a sudden my country is a police state. Chill out, you can still buy pork rinds.

Oh, shaddap about the HR... (Below threshold)

Oh, shaddap about the HRC trials in Canada.

See, the beautiful thing is that we can talk about this all we want. We can continue to rail on the stupidity and the obscenity of Canada's HRC. As America looks on at the kangaroo court it is, I pray that Americans see enough idiocy to understand it's grave warning.

David Warren's assessment cannot be improved upon: "That's why you go to an HRC: because your case is not good enough to stand up in a legitimate court of law. And because you don't want to invest your own time and money, but would rather the taxpayer provide officers to do the paperwork, and pick up the tab. Instead, you want a slam-dunk way in which you can victimize someone you don't like, by playing the victim yourself, without any financial or legal consequences, except to him. 'Human rights' commissions were designed to provide just this service, for the use of persons who are both litigious, and lazy."

O, Canada!

Hell, while we're talking a... (Below threshold)

Hell, while we're talking about it anyway, I'll just continue:

In it's most recent show of the CHRC's notable folly, the trial of Mark Steyn, Steyn repeatedly reminded readers that his opponent, Dr. Mohammed Elmasry [self-styled "Muslim community leader"], was a rather unlikely defender of "human rights":

"... he's the guy who said on Canadian TV [in 2004] that he thought all Israeli civilians over the age of 18 were legitimate targets for murder. In other words, he is an objective supporter of terrorism - I've got no complaint against that: he's entitled to his views, I just wish he thought I was entitled to mine.

"But it does show you how absurd this is, that a guy who is an active supporter of terrorism is suddenly the poster-boy for Canadian human rights."

What's at the heart of these civil rights abuses under which the Muslims have suffered so? Canada's oldest newsweekly, Maclean's, printed an excerpt from the bestselling book America Alone, by their columnist Mark Steyn. The essay explored the implications of Europe's changing demographic profile. As Steyn saw it, below-replacement-level birthrates among native secular Europeans, combined with the high birthrates of Europe's vastly unassimilated Islamic immigrants, was creating a perfect storm on the continent.

Shocking, huh? It's easy to understand why Border's wouldn't want to prominently display America Alone, in favor of the intellectual pablum that's on the shelf pictured above.

I don't know what the big d... (Below threshold)

I don't know what the big deal is, I thought "Jumper" was a fun movie......

I don't know what the bi... (Below threshold)
John Irving:

I don't know what the big deal is, I thought "Jumper" was a fun movie......

The original book is far superior.

The irony here is almost de... (Below threshold)

The irony here is almost delicious.

If I really believed in censoring opinions that disagreed with mine, JFO, I would start out by banning you and your spittle-flecked invective. I already have that power at my fingertips. Indeed, your continued presence here is living, breathing, frothing testimony to my opposition to censorship.

You'll have to find a new game to play. The "Come and see the violence inherent in the system!" one, while a comedy classic, won't play here.


Clay, I like that you were ... (Below threshold)

Clay, I like that you were vocally opposed to the CHRC when they were attempting to silence Holocaust deniers. Right?

I can't stand these PC kooks either, but it's clearly not an institution that is long for this world and it hasn't affected my life one iota. As for Mark Steyn, he should move to the United States. Maclean's is like Time with less depth. (Yeah, hard to fathom, but there it is.) Steyn's piece of shit book is an explicit attempt at casting suspicion upon the entire Muslim population of Canada (even if he says it isn't--I mean, c'mon, his target audience isn't clear thinking people, but those who feel uncomfortable around swarthy people). I see no difference in him saying "All Muslims are opposed to our way of life and are systematically breeding us out", and some skinhead saying "The Jews want to use the negroids to conquer the Aryan world, which is our birthright". Both are examples of someone trying to change ethnographic preconceptions for the worse, and as such I can think of no good reason for anyone to want to read it, and no good reason for anyone to publish it. Still, I agree with you: let retards read whatever they want.

Funny you should mention St... (Below threshold)

Funny you should mention Steyn, hyperbolist. He happens to live about two towns north of me here in New Hampshire. I believe he is still a Canadian subject, though.

And you said:

I see no difference in him saying "All Muslims are opposed to our way of life and are systematically breeding us out", and some skinhead saying "The Jews want to use the negroids to conquer the Aryan world, which is our birthright". Both are examples of someone trying to change ethnographic preconceptions for the worse, and as such I can think of no good reason for anyone to want to read it, and no good reason for anyone to publish it.

Here's a good reason to publish it: "sunlight is the best disinfectant." Let the hate-mongers say their piece in public, let any and all see it -- and them -- for what they really are, and react accordingly. I have enough faith that, while some might draw encouragement from so-called "hate speech," the vast majority will welcome the opportunity to recognize assholes who have done such a great job at identifying themselves as such.

I'd much rather have Nazis or the Klan marching down the streets in full regalia, where we can keep an eye on them, than skulking in the shadows and alleys, where they've always had their greatest successes and draw their greatest strengths.

In brief: I don't need the government telling me I need "protecting" from such speech, and I don't think the vast majority of people do, either. And those that do are simply saying that they think the average person is too fragile and delicate to deal with reality.

You wanna make that case? Fine with me. It's a loser.


I guess it's not so much ab... (Below threshold)

I guess it's not so much about protecting you, Jay Tea, as it is about protecting a Sri Lankan cab driver from a bunch of drunken frat boys, one of which read Steyn's book and is motivated by racist hatred and testosterone to harm an innocent person because of a very poorly written screed.

Your response will undoubtedly be "That's what law enforcement is for," and I agree with you. As I said, I don't like the CHRC either, but as for its members creating a smokescreen for jihadists, that's simply false. They censor anti-Semites as well as anti-Muslims.

Steyn, regardless of whatever feeble pretense to the contrary, really just doesn't care for Muslims. That is an unacceptable point of view in Canadian society. However, we have other mechanisms, most notably the free market, with which to deal with people like him.

Clay, I like that you we... (Below threshold)

Clay, I like that you were vocally opposed to the CHRC when they were attempting to silence Holocaust deniers. Right?

Can you say ad hominem tu quoque?

You're absolutely right, Cl... (Below threshold)

You're absolutely right, Clay, in that you can be inconsistent, a hypocrite, or lack the courage of one's convictions, and still make a decent point.

By the way, ad hominem tu quoque is a pretentious and esoteric way of referring to something relatively simple. The critical thinking classes I took and taught in university referred to it as "mistaking the person for the argument".

"mistaking the person fo... (Below threshold)

"mistaking the person for the argument".

Yeah. That too.

It appears that you know a lot about me. You're that I have never spoken against the CHRC prior to their involvement in Islamic affairs. To build upon that foundation, you feel that my alleged history of silence regarding the CHRC precludes me from finding an opposing voice now. I could be wrong, but I am assuming that it is your thought that I am only now vociferously protesting the actions of the CHRC because of an apparent dislike for all things Islamic. Of course, I'd say you're wrong. My fundamental problem with the CHRC is that its primary existence is predicated on a perceived need to circumvent a free marketplace of ideas. I have a basic problem with Islam in that at its core, Islam opposes the natural rights as guaranteed in the US Constitution. Others have the same concerns about Christianity, which seems very PC to publish. You have stated that you are opposed to those rights. I think you said that "you hate them hard", or words to the effect. So, as I understand, you can suppose to piss on my rights, but I need to keep my mouth shut about the obscene CHRC? You can display the extreme arrogance to instruct me concerning the ills of my country when you have exactly jack shit to boast about in Canada?

As far as your inconsistent, hypocritical, and cowardly assessment of me, I'll just say "how ironic".

I think I said that "I hate... (Below threshold)

I think I said that "I hate them. I hate them so hard," which is a funny way of replying to someone when they suggest that I hate their freedom(s). Obviously it's a false dichotomy--one can love freedom while acknowledging that it must be restrained by the just tenets of a civil society. A society that is absolutely free is not civilized.

When did I piss on your rights, though? When did I ask you to stop saying mean things about Islam? I don't much care for it myself. I detest Christianity, but most types of Christianity are far more liberal than most types of Islam.

I guess that if you were overly concerned with the CHRC, and not the CHRC-qua-Islamic-apologists, you would have said something to that effect somewhere, right?

As for not having anything to boast about, you're absolutely right. Never having lost a war, incredibly high quality of life, booming economy, affordable post-secondary education, booming high-tech, financial, and natural resource industries, safe cosmopolitan cities... who would want to live here? It's practically Mao's China.

"The critical thinking c... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

"The critical thinking classes I took and taught in university..."

42. Posted by hyperbolist

Oh good G*d, we're doomed.

Which logic courses did you... (Below threshold)

Which logic courses did you take, SOTG?






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