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Another House Democrat proposes nationalizing the US oil industry

This is the second Democrat who thinks Marxist and tyrannical thug Hugo Chavez has all the right ideas. I know there are people out there who are pointing fingers and screaming "Communists!" as if doing that would scare the Democrats into backtracking, but what they may not realize is that these folks probably don't have a problem with being called communists because, based upon what they're calling for, they obviously seem to think communist ideals are the right ones.

Take this video courtesy of Hot Air, for example.

Link: sevenload.com

Notice how both New York Congressman Maurice Hinchey and Malia Lazu, the guest on Neil Cavuto's show, have no qualms about identifying themselves as communists. I mean, take a look at what she said:

Maybe the government's taking it over because it never should have been private in the first place.

That's about as communistic as it gets. She described the privatization of the oil industry as a "mistake" that the US government has to correct. She argues that Mexico, Norway, and Venezuela have the right idea and that the US needs to be more like them. When Neil confronted her with our government's track record of running things, this is how she responded:

I think the government has a good track record of being as responsive as its people expect it to be.

Which is not responsive at all, Ms. Lazu. How does she think gas prices got to where they are right now? Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in Congress sat on their hands for months and did absolutely nothing as the gas prices continued to climb. When they took over Congress in 2006, they criticized President Bush for the high gas prices and said they would bring them down. But they did nothing to provide relief - like a gas tax vacation for the summer - that the American people need badly.

Congressman Hinchey and Ms. Lazu are packaging this nationalization scheme in the same way all communists do: let "the American people" own the oil companies. It's a complete sham, a lie, and an unbelievably manipulative and condescending one. Like US citizens will actually have any say in how much oil would get refined if the US government were to take over the oil industry. The same ignorant bureaucrats who have driven the Senate restaurants in the ground, who have destroyed America's public education system, and who have bankrupted social security will be the very same people making the decision about the drilling, refining, and distribution of oil. Rather than give me comfort, it makes me want to stockpile gasoline.

These people are not hiding their communist sympathies any more. They're out in the open, trying to persuade the American people into believing that communism is the way of the future for America. And with the public education system as it is in this country, they may very well make a lot of progress.

Update: Stop the ACLU is following this as well.


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Comments (27)

I'm sorry, which economists... (Below threshold)

I'm sorry, which economists thought that a gas tax holiday was sound policy?

Perhaps the Dummycrats bett... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Perhaps the Dummycrats better check with ol' Hugo. Since nationalization, production has fallen. You dumb ass Dummcrats want a closer example. Couple of years ago, the Dummycrats in Kalifornia deregulated electrical rates. Gonna SAVE us money! We got raped! Go ahead, nationalize the oil companies. And when the bottom falls out of the market, stand by for the American public to put every damned one of you against a wall!

Just remember - to your ave... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

Just remember - to your average Democrat, the American populace is too stupid to look after itself. In their eyes, we cannot take care of our own money (Social Security), we cannot raise our own children (just look at the public school system and the recent ruling against home schooling here in Kalifornistan), we cannot be trusted to defend and protect ourselves and our own (just look how many Democrats are hoplophobes and supporters of the Brady Bunch)... the list just continues to go on.

History has more than adequately proven that once the government, any government, gets its talons into something, you can pretty much write it off as a complete failure from that point on. Burocracies, red tape, pork barrels, micromanagement, disinterest, misappropriation, and gridlock all become the words of the day... And now they are proposing the same fate for our primary (and, in some cases, only) modes of transportation?

Yeah, best of luck with that.

Call me a conspiracy theori... (Below threshold)

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I find this whole situation over oil prices to be a bit... premeditated. Pelosi and the Democrats did nothing when they had the chance to do something, but perhaps they did nothing on purpose. In doing so, they ensured that the average American would demand that something, anything be done to "fix" the oil problem. Enter Hinchey and Lazu and their Communist rhetoric.

Democrats have identified more with Communist principles than democratic ones since the 1960s. Perhaps the current crop of Democrats are ready make a push for it, comrades, only in a less obvious way. Push a couple of relatively unknown Democratic politicians into the limelight spouting Communistic ideas, and if they sink, oh well. If, on the other hand, they win this particular battle, then the big D's have come that much closer to installing their socialistic policies in the USA.

Of course, this is based entirely on personal speculation, so take it for what it's worth (not much, probably).

Abigail, sometimes it seems... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

Abigail, sometimes it seems that way doesn't it. The average American voter this year reminds me of a fish that is looking at the shiny lure (Obama, Socialism) and thinking "boy that looks tasty" The problem is that after the fish strikes, the only thing that turns out tasty is the fish on my dining room table. If we continue down the path we are going, it's going to be too late for us to go back. Once government gets its hands on anything, it rarely lets go.

Lunacy. Sheer lunacy. FYI, ... (Below threshold)

Lunacy. Sheer lunacy. FYI, right now, I DO own an oil company. At least a part of one. Damn near everyone with a 401k does. Same with public employee pensions. They hold lots of oil company stocks. And there is nothing stopping folks from going out an buying shares in whichever oil company they fancy.

About the California electricity dereg debacle, the problem there wasn't dereg per se, but that they deregulated the wholesale buy/sell/hedge side between utilities, but didn't deregulate the retail side for their customers. The way regulations were set up, it was untenable and could only have two outcomes. Higher prices or blackouts.

There was a movement to nat... (Below threshold)
Corky Boyd:

There was a movement to nationalize the oil companies back in the seventies after the Arab oil embargo. It was being supported some in the media industry. Here is a story how this was quickly put to rest at my paper, the Washington Star (no longer in business).

I had arranged to invite representatives of a major oil company to lunch in our executive dining room. My purpose was to showcase our news and editorial folks to obtain the oil company's advocacy advertising. Two senior VPs accepted, their reason was to explain the realities of the oil business to the news/editorial people. Both sides were successful.

The conversation started when one of the oil execs explained how they recently had done exploratory work on an offshore lease in the Gulf of Mexico. They had spent over a billion dollars for the lease, and over two billion for exploratory drilling. He then said they had to close down the lease because they couldn't find oil. Nothing but dry holes.

One of the reporters took the bait. She asked what happend to the individual responsible for this fiasco, "was he fired"? The oil exec told her no, that actually he had been promoted. The reason being that there was at one time oil in the formations and that every indication before drilling was the there was oil there.

Then he turned the tables. He asked what would have happened of this were the federal government spending three+ billion and coming up dry? He answered himself by saying there would have been all sorts of congressional hearings on wasting taxpayers money etc., etc. He explained his company was in the risk business, but government always wants a sure thing. "Thats's imposssible in the oil business," he said.

It was a valid point then and it is a valid point now. No bureaucrat wants to be second guessed for failure.

Whatever happens, I hope th... (Below threshold)

Whatever happens, I hope that Exxon, Shell, Mobil, and all the rest are starting to wire their US facilities for instant demolition. If we need to be plunged back into the stone age to relearn the value of liberty, the benefits will far outweigh the costs.

She argues that Mexico, ... (Below threshold)

She argues that Mexico, Norway, and Venezuela have the right idea and that the US needs to be more like them.

She left out Iraq, where the government also owns all the oil.

When Neil confronted her... (Below threshold)

When Neil confronted her with our government's track record of running things...

Iraq certainly is a FIASCO

Andrew Kramer writes in a p... (Below threshold)

Andrew Kramer writes in a piece today in the Herald Tribune:

The Iraqi government's stated goal in inviting back the major companies is to increase oil production by half a million barrels per day by attracting modern technology and expertise to oil fields now desperately short of both.

I'm supposing he means the same oil fields that Sadaam had nationalized 25 years ago.

Actually this round of prop... (Below threshold)

Actually this round of proposals by the Democrats involved nationalizing refineries, not the entire US oil industry.

Still, this lame-brained scheme seems to revolve around the idiotic notion that oil companies are purposefully cutting gasoline and diesel fuel production in order to artificially inflate the price.

In the Democrats' fantasy socialist utopia, a caring government will always know exactly how much gas and diesel the masses need, and will magically adjust production accordingly. Likewise, the government will always know the magic price that the American people should be paying for refined fuel, so they will set the price point for the fuel as it leaves the refinery.

Of course this means that the next areas to be nationalized would be fuel distribution and retailing, so the government could control the price all the way to the pump.

And if the government decided that America needed to use, say, 15% less refined fuel that it is using now, then we would have government-managed fuel rationing, where everyone gets their "fair share."

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Why dont these socialist Du... (Below threshold)

Why dont these socialist Dummycrap's all move to Iran or Venezuela and get the hell out of our live's.

The Hugo method of stealing... (Below threshold)

The Hugo method of stealing.

A small fantasy of mine is ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

A small fantasy of mine is that no one elected to public office can assume that office until he or she has read, and been tested on, Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics."

Such stupidity espoused by these Democrats would be washed away rather quickly.

Of course, if economics a la Sowell, Friedman, et al, was taught in our schools, modern liberalism as we know it would go the way of the do-do bird.

The current spot market pri... (Below threshold)

The current spot market price for crude oil is about $135 a barrel.

The dollar is currently worth about 0.65 Euros.

That makes the price of oil around 88 euros per barrel.

It wasn't that long ago that a dollar was worth a euro. $88 oil wouldn't sound sound too bad right now to a lot of people. A lot of the increase in the price of oil is due to the decrease in the value of the dollar, and the US has a lot more to say about that than OPEC does.

This nation is just too far... (Below threshold)

This nation is just too far to the right politically and oil companies too much in control of the government to actually allow any meaningful form of oil company regulation to ever take place. Even though oil and energy have proven to be a vital portion of this nation's security, oil company pressures will always prevent price controls or other meaningful regulations and Americans will continue to pay more than twice as much for diesel as those in Mexico and in many other countries. Diesel is close to $5 here, and just $2 in Mexico, driving up all shipping of goods. And gasoline is similiarly higher in the U.S., but cheaper in some other nations with price controls or regulations. In China, the government pays the main oil company payments to keep their prices low to control inflation and keep the economy strong and growing, while our econmy is stagnant or declining by comparison.

I don't think it's very useful to scream "Communism" everytime someone in Congress advances some idea to regulate hyperinflation of a vital good central to the security of the nation. On a case by case basis, serious proposals need to at least be debated to stabilize oil prices, although I don't expect them to ever become law.

"oil company regulation"???... (Below threshold)

"oil company regulation"????

Where I come from "nationalizing" is called stealing.

Oil prices will only stabilize when projected supply exceeds demand, period. Using govt funds to subsidize energy purchase looks great, but gee, I wonder where these govt. funds come from?

ps...."price controls and meaningful regulations" in the same sentence? Evidently you slept during the Carter years.

Paul, you may not find shou... (Below threshold)

Paul, you may not find shouting "Communism" useful but shame on anyone for calling a spade a spade.

The idea of nationalizing ANY private property is unconstitutional at best, blatant thievery at worst. How will the refiners (ie shareholders) be compensated for the loss of these capital assets? Wouldn't the same citizens the govt vows to be protecting be the ones to foot the bill? Many of these (shareholders are citizens too) would also be footing the bill if the govt just snatched the refineries.

But most importantly, how in the hell could the govt bureaucracy that can't get most anything right successfully operate a refining business?

AND even if it could what impact would this new refinery ownership have on the price of fuel? NEAR ZERO!!! Refineries are tolling operations which take a material, convert it to another material, and pass it on. All for the cost of conversion and a small profit. I'm told currently this "profit" is around 4 cents per gallon.

Only a group of lawyers-turned-politicians whose specialty is pandering could concieve of such a thing.

Libs/Dems can hide their ob... (Below threshold)

Libs/Dems can hide their obsessions most of the time, but like an alcoholic near an open bar, they can't resist the urge to exercise their socialist tendencies. It's like a mental disease with that crowd.

Go live in Venezuela, Nicaragua, etc. if you want the workers paradise of a socialist system . . .I guarantee you'll hate it. Garanteed.

btw Ms Lazu, the countries ... (Below threshold)

btw Ms Lazu, the countries you hold up as shining examples of government-run oil industries are NET EXPORTERS. They can be as sloppy and corrupt as they please as long as they keep pumping it out of the ground and producing the expected cashflow for their politician patriachs.

When you pay for raw materials, convert them to an end use product whose price must be acceptable (I'd say competitive but were now talking about socialism with no competition present) you must be efficient and well-managed.

Unfortunately, when you've spent your life as a pandering politician or comunity organizer never leading a company or managing a for-profit enterprise, these are just pesky little details.

Paul Hooson:I don... (Below threshold)

Paul Hooson:
I don't think it's very useful to scream "Communism" everytime someone...

I know! I mean, every time I enter someone's house to take their stuff without their consent, they scream about being "robbed". Geez. I don't think that's very useful.

Of course, if economics ... (Below threshold)

Of course, if economics a la Sowell, Friedman, et al, was taught in our schools, modern liberalism as we know it would go the way of the do-do bird.

And with the lock that the NEA has on our public school system, you've pretty much stated the reason that the doctrine of Adam Smith will never be presented to our children...in school. That's why the real education of the next generation rests with us at home.

Ruin a liberal's day. Teach your children the facts of this country's founding. While your at it, help them to understand capitalism, the economic system that made the US the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Can I get a hell yeah?

18. Posted by Paul Hooson |... (Below threshold)

18. Posted by Paul Hooson | June 19, 2008 11:31 AM
I don't think it's very useful to scream "Communism" everytime someone in Congress advances some idea to regulate hyperinflation...

Geez, what a maroon. Ignorance rules.

Do you have the fainest idea of what "hyperinflation is?

Rhetorical question, as it is clear you are profoundly uniformed on economics and history.

Google 'Weimar Republic' if you want to educate yourself about "hyperinflation."

For your benefit, I shall explain this BRAZEN, IN YOUR FACE MARXISM now mainstreamed by the Communist wing of the Democrat party

Marx 101/Communist Manifesto
Marxism is the system of socialism of which the dominant feature is public ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange.

The workers' "triumph" (stop laughing) will eliminate the basis of class division in property through public ownership of the means of production.

Oil Refineries are the means of production of gasoline.

You are the perfect pod to be a future slave.

Just watched Maurice Hinche... (Below threshold)
stan25 Author Profile Page:

Just watched Maurice Hinchey on the Cavuto show and he has denied that he ever said that the oil companies need to be nationalized. Who the hell does he think he is fooling when the proof is there for all to see? Everyday I see the Dems in action and there has never been a more dishonest bunch of idiots and dolts that are the leaders of the Social Democrat party.

Our nation needs to hold th... (Below threshold)
C W Hutchins:

Our nation needs to hold these idiots to their words. Hanging for treason should be brought back into fashion.

The People of the United St... (Below threshold)

The People of the United States ALREADY own the oil companies. They are called Share Holders, and anyone in the U.S. can be one. "Nationalization" is actually the taking of ownership from The People and giving it to beurocrats.






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