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What's there to blog about?

I've been working hard to find something to write about. This in order to feed the craving Wizbang readers have every day for fresh posts.

Like any other day, I went around the internest. Yahoo news, Florida newspapers, blogs looking for things. This is all that I could find.

An 18-year-old in Indiana robbed money from a lemonade stand. Other than setting this loser up on a date with the Girl Scout Cookie money bandit, I don't have much else to say.

A Japanese firm has manufactured a robotic girlfriend for lonely men. It comes with extra options if a buyer is interested. Among those are

*- A 'Can I borrow your credit card to go shoe shopping?' chip.

*- 'Leave me alone now its that time of the month.' chip

*- 'Who's that strange woman I saw you talking to?' chip

*- 'No, I'm not your mother. You can do your own laundry.' chip

Then there is the news about Fidel Castro appearing on Cuban television. The former Cuban dictator really should become a spokesperson for Addidas.

A school in Thailand has transvestite bathrooms. You got to love Thailand. If you ever plan on marrying a woman there, for an extra $25 you can get drag queens in addition to an elephant for your lovely bride to ride in on. No that's not a joke, I read that on the internet recently.

A plane landed on I-95 yesterday just north of Daytona Beach. Two years ago a candidate for Governor in Florida had a similar experience. No word if yesterday's pilot or passenger is running for political office.

AFP supplies the typo of the day in an article about the things you can get at a Afghan Bazaar.

The presence of some items causes concern, however, such as articles of US military uniforms, including sand-coloured hiking books that still bear the name of their former owners.

If you need a different size, the salesman takes just five minutes to come up with another pair that he offers to sell for less than 30 dollars.

Books now come in multiple sizes and sand coloured. Why didn't Amazon think of that?

Scientists recently reversed a horse's vasectomy. I think people who concern themselves with such things are nuts.

Oh and there is this Wizbang commenter named Mary Khan who keeps repeating what I wrote in the comments section of a post without leaving a comment of her own. Congratulations Mary I now know you can cut and paste. Please lay down if you haven't already.

As I said there's just nothing out there to blog about.


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Comments (5)

You see, there I have to ad... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

You see, there I have to admit that the Left is better prepared. When there is nothing to blog about, nothing to blame on Bush or McCain, they just sing the praises of THE OBAMESSIAH.

Of course, OUR frontal lobes still function ...

I think Mary Kahn may be a ... (Below threshold)

I think Mary Kahn may be a bot. Can Mary?

I think we need a good disc... (Below threshold)

I think we need a good discussion about energy and the Dems' views on opening up land for drilling. It's shameful. They say they are concerned about the pain at the pump and yet they fight anything that might bring on more supply.

The only thing I can say ab... (Below threshold)

The only thing I can say about holding back on using the supply we have is that in another 5-10 years it will be even more valuable, and then we'll hold the cards. But if we don't start developing it now, it won't be available in 5 - 10 years. Immediate gratificationcrats don't understand that.

I know it is hard sometimes... (Below threshold)

I know it is hard sometimes to get something to write about, but that is alright because you have my permission to write about me. This old Transvestite could use some notoriety. My life is boring anyway so just make something up. ;)






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