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A Fearless Prediction

I really try to avoid making predictions. I know I'll usually get them wrong. But I'm going to go out on a limb here, stick my neck out a bit, and make a prediction. I hope I'll be wrong, but experience has made me a cynic.

Israel and Hamas have reached a truce agreement, and it just went into effect. Here is my prediction:

Within two weeks, there will be at least one major terrorist attack on Israel (or, one foiled) by a group that will go out of its way to distance itself from Hamas. The attack will come from the Gaza Strip, where Hamas holds near-absolute power, but it will deny any and all responsibility for the attack. The world community will urge Israel to "show restraint" and "not perpetuate the cycle of violence" even as it buries its dead. The calls on Hamas to find and punish those who carry out the plot will be far, far quieter (if made at all). Likewise any calls on Hamas to prevent any more such attacks.

Two weeks. By July 3rd. I'm on the record. Mark it on your calendar.


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Comments (17)

JT, I predict the sun will ... (Below threshold)

JT, I predict the sun will rise in the East tomorrow and set in the West. I know, risky thinking. ww

This is Hamas, not Fatah. <... (Below threshold)

This is Hamas, not Fatah.

The bombs will rain, but these animals don't have enough self-respect pretend innocence. They will be the first to boast about it.

Two weeks? Seriously? I'v... (Below threshold)

Two weeks? Seriously? I've never know you to be such an optimist. I have $5 on Monday, June 23rd. Whose in?

As a Canadian in China, all... (Below threshold)

As a Canadian in China, all I can say is how come you have not heard that the attack has already happened?

i live in israel and everyb... (Below threshold)

i live in israel and everybody here understands that this "truce" is good only for hamas and olmert
hamas will rearm and after few weeks this "truce" will end

and olmert will do anything to stay few more days in office
i dont know if you hear our news ,
basically olmert has around 5-6% approval
he is charged with 4 (going on 5) corruption cases
he will sell his grandma for a few bucks
and israeli security doesn't really bother him

"Basically Olmert has 5-... (Below threshold)

"Basically Olmert has 5-6% approval. He is charged with 4 (going on 5) corruption cases. He will sell His Grandma for a few buck's and Isreali security does'nt really bother Him."

Well if He loses power there's alway's our Congress where He'd fit right in with the corruption, high approval rating's and being willing to do anything to stay in office for a few more day's.

Ohh, and putting Isreali se... (Below threshold)

Ohh, and putting Isreali security at risk would also be a plus in our Congress.

I'll take The Sabbath, June... (Below threshold)

I'll take The Sabbath, June 29th, after the muslim weekly hatefest on Friday. I'm in for $5.

This kettle will boil over quickly. History repeats. Hate is one of those mental illnesses in which the patient is unaware their behaviour is being based on delusional thinking. Consequently, the infected are unable to assist in diagnosis and treatment of their disease, which must be imposed on them lest they harm others with their diseased thoughts and actions. Strong medicine and isolation in a non-stimulating environment is indicated. Jews are great doctors and will save the patient if they can.

914, lear'n how to ' use ap... (Below threshold)

914, lear'n how to ' use apos'trophe's. Did you sleep through the fourth grade?

Hyper, quit being a dick. W... (Below threshold)

Hyper, quit being a dick. We aren't here to have a papers graded! ww

Interestingly, it has been ... (Below threshold)

Interestingly, it has been both Russia and China that have been putting pressure on Hamas to recognize Israel and stop the violence. Hamas has been offered humanitarian aid as an incentive as well. In 2006, China and some other nations offered $500 in humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people to help encourage an end to violence and terrorism. Both China and Russia have voiced full cooperation to stopping any form of international terrorism.

The Hamas leadership stands to lose substantial humanitarian aid funds if they continue to allow violence. However, I agree with Jay that this is unfortunately most likely, and sooner rather than later.

Like me., I'm geusing 914 i... (Below threshold)

Like me., I'm geusing 914 iz a pubic skool prowdukt.

PZ...the nEA neeedz mo muny so plees payy teechers mor.

It's saddening to see yet a... (Below threshold)

It's saddening to see yet another farce being undertaken here. I cannot fathom how, given past history, ANYONE could take Hamas, or ANY of the terror orgs seriously when "truce" is promoted.

At some point, this situation will be resolved. I would turn a blind eye to the process of resolution, since it's going to be ultimately very bloody.

There can be NO reason or negotiation with an entity whose goal is the eradication of an entire society and country. Past history has borne this out.

Sorry ODA B -315 and hyperb... (Below threshold)

Sorry ODA B -315 and hyperbowl cleaner. Next time I will translate in Russian just for You scholars.

Actually 914, I was poking ... (Below threshold)

Actually 914, I was poking fun at hyperboy, the NEA, and liberals in general. No offense was intended towards you.

Sorry 914, used the wrong h... (Below threshold)

Sorry 914, used the wrong handle.

Please accept my apology

So I missed by TWO days....... (Below threshold)

So I missed by TWO days....

Just how many people believed this would last -seriously?






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