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Rules are rules

A 67-year-old woman can't grade AP exams because she only has one form of identification. From the Washington Post-

Every time Elly Kluge's friends and colleagues ask what happened last week at the Advanced Placement European history test grading session in Colorado, the 67-year-old Arlington County history teacher says: "I was sent home early because I am a terrorist."

That is not quite accurate, Kluge acknowledges, but she loves saying it because she wants to make a point.

Kluge is one of the most experienced AP history teachers and graders in the Washington area, but Educational Testing Service officials told her she had to stop reading exams, and pay her own way back to the airport, because she had only a Virginia driver's license to prove her identity. They insisted she show a second form of identification under a federal law meant to control immigration and protect homeland security.

"What does homeland security have to do with grading history tests?" asked Kluge, who flew back to the Washington area Friday after being turned away from the seven-day grading session in Fort Collins.

Nothing, just another possible sign of government bureaucracy run amok. Go read the Post article in its entirety and decide for yourself, I'm inclined to believe Ms. Kluge myself.

Hat tip- Betsy who writes "Do they think that someone is going to sneak a 67-year old woman into the grading?" What do you expect from the same agency that insists on deporting legal immigrants only because their spouse died before their immigration paperwork was completed.


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Dunno, but wasn't Virginia ... (Below threshold)
GarandFan Author Profile Page:

Dunno, but wasn't Virginia one of those "sanctuary" states where anyone can get a driver's license?

Just get a stinkin' second ... (Below threshold)

Just get a stinkin' second form of ID and stop whining.

Was this undoubtedly nice l... (Below threshold)

Was this undoubtedly nice lady told beforehand she would need two forms of ID. When I applied for SS it took 20 minutes including some chitchat with the SS worker. I had all the paperwork required. The SS guy told me he sceduled an hour per applicant because nobody brings what they need to complete on the first visit, he was visibly surprised.

I agree with George and Gle... (Below threshold)

I agree with George and Glenn. What is the point of this story? The U.S. needs rules but not everyone has to follow them? ww

I'd guess she may b good at... (Below threshold)

I'd guess she may b good at grading history exams, but lousy at reading directions.

The point of this story is ... (Below threshold)

The point of this story is that Fedco has decreed "Papers please" before they are allowing anyone to grade papers at a location they are providing 'security' for.
They aren't using common sense that would have let them know some grandma type, that they so obviously previously extended an invitation to, was *not* a terrorist bent on misgrading papers to lower test scores.

And yes, VA is one of those states that issued drivers licenses to anyone standing in the line.

...a teacher who h... (Below threshold)
kbiel Author Profile Page:
...a teacher who has spent the past 29 years at the most rule-averse public school in the region.
The H.B. Woodlawn Program, where Kluge teaches, began in 1971 as part of a movement of alternative public schools that adopted a free-wheeling, power-to-the-students-and-teachers philosophy.
Gee I don't know Bill, she sounds like the kind of person who wouldn't normally rock the boat or flout the rules.
She had to get her Social Security card, which she lost track of years ago...
That sounds like a serious issue to me.
...or have someone overnight her passport to the Colorado State University dorm where she was staying.
"First of all, I live alone...Second of all, nobody back home has a key to my apartment. Third of all, I don't want my passport in the mail. Isn't that a security risk?"
So she's concerned about her passport using priority mail or Fedex or UPS, but not concerned about her long missing social security card? And she can't think of anyone else who might have a key to her apartment, like maybe the landlord or management company?

Sorry Bill, I'm just not buying the sob story here. I hate federal bureaucracy as much as the next conservative, but having two forms of identification for employment purposes has been the norm for decades now. And, even though the ever thorough reporter fails to mention it, this most likely has to do with employment, not grading tests.

This story is so full of c*... (Below threshold)

This story is so full of c*ap...

1) This twit was notified in advance by ETS (I know two other AP "graders"), and chose to ignore this, and
2) ETS sent her home - the gubbmint had nothing, nada, zilch, zero to do with this (any notice that she was able to fly back & forth????)
3) Ms. Kluge is the only one claiming that ETS' identification requirements are "under a federal law meant to control immigration and protect homeland security" ETS makes NO SUCH CLAIM...

What we have here is an insufferable twit, who, after getting called on the carpet for her own actions, is trying to shift blame to Bush/GWOT/Halliburton/AGW/Patriot Act/TSA/DHS/anyonebuther.


Yep, after reading the stor... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Yep, after reading the story I can only conclude that Ms. Kluge is just another wacko-liberal smart-ass who doesn't believe in "the system" and would have found trouble no matter what the situation.

I like the part where readi... (Below threshold)

I like the part where reading US history makes her depressed, but is delighted reading about Europe.

If the rest of the story doesn't scream 'rabid liberal', then the parts where she equates her employer telling her to provide requested identification to saying she's the same as bin laden and a terrorist surely does. Then she goes around telling everyone (I'm sure whether they ask or not) that she was sent home "because she's a terrorist" when in reality they just asked for ID so they can truthfully state that they graded the exams without there being cheating by unknown graders. By her definition the following types think you are a terrorist: cops pulling you over for speeding, the supermarket when you want to pay by check, the bank when you open an account, the guy at the dealership letting you take a test drive, etc. They all think you're bin laden, lady. Just think what'll happen if someone asks her for ID before she votes!

Help, help! I'm being repressed!

And of course, we must have... (Below threshold)

And of course, we must have no request for ID in order to vote. No one would ever commit voter fraud it's against the rules.

Sorry, this is a moonbat gr... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

Sorry, this is a moonbat granny.
I'd require three forms of I.D... and none of them can be in crayon.

I am glad this happened. S... (Below threshold)

I am glad this happened. Someone like this is NOT QUALIFIED to be grading exams. Jeeze!






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