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Memo to Johnny Miller- Stick it where the sun don't shine

The NBC golf announcer has issued an apology for statements he made about Rocco Mediate during last Sunday's golf broadcast.

NEW YORK -- NBC Sports golf analyst Johnny Miller apologized for his description of U.S. Open runner-up Rocco Mediate , saying the comments had "absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity."

Mediate, a 45-year-old Pennsylvanian of Italian heritage, held a one-stroke lead over Tiger Woods during the fourth round Sunday. Miller said Mediate "looks like the guy who cleans Tiger's swimming pool." He also said, "Guys with the name 'Rocco' don't get on the trophy, do they?"

"I apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks," Miller said in a statement Friday through NBC. "My intention was to convey my affection and admiration for Rocco's everyman qualities and had absolutely nothing to do with his ethnicity. I chose my words poorly and in the future will be more careful."

Miller be more careful? Like when he claimed to win the City Championship of San Francisco in a book he authored. Something he has never done. Miller has had a long history of making idiot comments during the broadcasts he works. When you sum it all up Johnny Miller is a loud mouth gutless liar.

The apology by Miller is bogus. He didn't feel Mediate's name belongs on a trophy his name is on, pure and simple. Miller also could have apologized on the air Monday, but didn't. A written statement of apology five days later is as bogus as most of the facts in the book he authored 'I call the shots'. I never knew Tiger Woods lost a playoff to Ed Fiori. Neither does Ed Fiori, the PGA Tour, and any golf writer/announcer around with the exception of Miller.(That's the tip of the iceberg, there are almost 20 more factual errors in the book)

Johnny Miller is a disgrace to golf and television announcing. If Miller had any class he'd never work in the TV booth ever again.


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Bill,I took a liking... (Below threshold)

I took a liking to Johnny Miller when he began his career as an analyst. But I agree with you. He has become way too condescending and is no longer a pleasure to listen to.

BillWell said. And t... (Below threshold)

Well said. And thanks again for blogging the playoff. That was enjoyable to read.

Holy crap, somebody publish... (Below threshold)

Holy crap, somebody published a golf book with 20 errors in it? How hard is it to check sports facts?

I think every golf announcer should have a British accent of some sort. And not be a liar.

Miller should be fired, end... (Below threshold)

Miller should be fired, end of story.

Can you imagine if someone said, 'Obama looks lik someone who holds the lantern at the end of your driveway, wearing a jockey outfit', or, guys names Obama usually carry RPG launchers on their shoulders'? Fired!

"I apologize to anyone who ... (Below threshold)

"I apologize to anyone who was offended by my remarks," Miller said.

This form of "apology" is becoming more and more common.

"What I said was offensive and I apologize to Mr. Rocco Mediate for trying to be funny at his expense."

There, fixed it.

Holy crap, somebody publ... (Below threshold)

Holy crap, somebody published a golf book with 20 errors in it? How hard is it to check sports facts?

Apparently pretty hard. Someone put a book out about the Masters called 'The First Sunday in April'. Only problem- The tournament is played the 2nd Sunday in April!(Has been for over 50 years)

Miller is the best golf ann... (Below threshold)

Miller is the best golf announcer on tv and was for a couple of years in the 70's the best golfer in the world. Only offensive to overly sensitive, politicly correct aholes. The apology was therefore appropriate. As for me, if you were offended get a life.

jerseychris, I'm going to a... (Below threshold)

jerseychris, I'm going to assume you're a white guy of non-Mediterranean heritage. I LOVE it when white guys tell people not to react to bigoted stupidity and to stop being politically correct! God, you're a douche.

How interesting. HB seems ... (Below threshold)

How interesting. HB seems to be on a racist-labeling binge. I think its odd that this posting, basically calling out a real bigot, falls right after an anti-Obama post that has gotten mired in a color card dropping spree in the comment section.

Miller should just shut up ... (Below threshold)

Miller should just shut up and go back to selling ugly pants.

The reason why I like Johnn... (Below threshold)

The reason why I like Johnny Miller is because he is prone to say stupid stuff...that's the entertainment.

Interesting post because I'... (Below threshold)

Interesting post because I'm familiar with who you're referring to (unlike your abominable "knucklehead" series).

But what's the ultimate goal? To have never-beens and gym-skippers and mellifluous wig stands do color commentary?

PS. Johnny Miller says, Meet him behind the church after school. OOOO!

Like David Letterman, I thi... (Below threshold)

Like David Letterman, I think Miller has timed out. His competitive career is too far behind him, and he is out of touch with the current crop of golfers, even Tiger. Nick Faldo, on the other hand, seems to have really taken well to broadcasting. I really enjoy listening to him with Nantz and the whole CBS team.

Um, some of you guys need t... (Below threshold)

Um, some of you guys need to try real hard not to be stupid. Miller was a great golfer, and is a good golf commentator. His comments are edgy and interesting. He has brains and the ability to communicate well. The comments in question are completely innocuous, anyone who is offended by them is a girl.

OTOH, Faldo was a great golfer. He might be a nice guy (?), but can't complete a sentence, much less communicate his thoughts. I thought Baker-Finch did a great job today spelling Faldo on CBS.

I don't find any of this te... (Below threshold)

I don't find any of this terribly offensive to anyone, least of all Rocco.

If he had said, "Does a fucking guinea's name really belong on the US Open trophy?" OK, you got something. But otherwise, what's Miller got to apologize for.

Um, I'm not kidding.

I completely AGREE with Miller.

Just whom or what group exactly did Miller offend? Talkative Italian Americans? Guys named Rocco? Or Vinny? Guys named Rocco?

Come on.

Miller didn't choose his words poorly. You all are choosing to read something into something that wasn't there.

Your linguistic and metaphorical skills are sorely lacking.

Worst of all, your golf knickers in a bunch, seriously.

I'm with will and P.... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

I'm with will and P.
I laughed when I read the quotes.Knickers in a bunch indeed.Charles Barkley is funny as hell in the same way.As jerseychris said,"only offensive to overly sensitive,politically correct aholes."

I'm waiting for a class action suit by Guys Named Rocco.

I agree completely with jer... (Below threshold)
Mike in Oregon:

I agree completely with jerseychris, couldn't have said it better myself. Those who are so thin-skinned that they can't hear comments like Miller's without taking offense should just go back to their Little House on the Prairie books and turn off the t.v., they'll be a lot happier.

I'd rather have Johnny Mill... (Below threshold)

I'd rather have Johnny Miller any time than the
disgustingly touchy/feely Jim Nanz. He seems to think we're interested in his 'stories' rather than golf itself. At least Johnny provides good information about golf techniques. We hear Nanz's voice and immediately go into mute mode. How many months did we have to hear about Olazabal's feet hurting? Forget the stories and provide golf analysis. Golf is the last bastion for viewers interested in the game not the pc gobblygook!

Im Italian and in no way of... (Below threshold)

Im Italian and in no way offended by Millers Norwegian smear tactics.






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