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When REAL feminism works: Iraqi women training to join the Iraqi police.

Some real empowerment for your Saturday:

The training program designed to strengthen Iraqi Security Forces and employ women in the fight against terrorist activity has expanded in Al Anbar province as several new recruits graduated and became the Sisters of Ameriyah-Ferris here on June 5.

Previous graduates of the Sisters of Fallujah program work at multiple entry control points into the city to disrupt insurgent efforts to use women to transport contraband into the city of Fallujah. The Sisters of Amariyah-Ferris is the first group trained outside of Fallujah within the 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines' area of operations.

The Sisters participated in classes held near the towns of Ameriyah and Ferris. 3rd Battalion, 6th Marines was augmented by the female search teams of Combat Logistics Battalion 1 who came out and taught the five-day training.

To thoroughly train the new Sisters to assist Iraqi Police, the Sisters studied topics such as police ethics, human rights, women's issues, working in a terrorist environment, female searches and first aid. The Sisters also performed live-fire training with AK-47 rifles and 9mm pistols as a confidence booster. The final stage before graduation involved putting their newly learned skills to the test with on-the-job training at entry control points to Ferris Town.

"In contrast to Fallujah, which already has female search points, this will be a first for Ferris, meaning the women here are starting from scratch," said 1st Lt. Kathryne Schilling, officer in charge of the training, who is overseeing her third class of Sisters with 3rd Bn., 6th Marines. The women were taught very basic skills since the idea of women providing security alongside all the male Iraqi Police is new to Ferris.

Schilling and the CLB-1 Marines also addressed the issue of women protecting themselves while performing a dangerous job such as this. Ferris is a small but dense city that is home to approximately 30,000 people, with only one way in and out. The Marines went over different tactics to deter the unique threats against them in Ferris.

One of the new graduates said the Iraqi Police of Ferris Town told her about this job opportunity. She said this is her first job and it is a new challenge that she is happy and brave enough to take on.

"I joined to help the Iraqi Police and to help my family," she said. "I'm proud to get this job. I'm proud to help the Iraqi Police. I'm going to make the city safer. I can prevent illegal passengers in the city. I'm so proud, I'm so happy."

Shockingly Unsurprisingly, I didn't see a single mention of this on any of the feminist blogs. Mind-blowing, I know. I must have just missed it or something, because this is clearly a huge step forward for feminism in the Middle East. And aren't feminists telling us over and over again that they are working for women there, too? I guess this flew under their radar, as it has nothing to do with sex or abortion.

Anyways, this story has pretty much made my day. I love that these women are able to do this, and I love even more that they've volunteered to do it. It's yet another sign of just how very far we've come in Iraq.

Would these women ever have had this opportunity if we had embraced defeat like the Democrats wanted us to? The answer is a resounding no.

See-Dubya at Michelle Malkin's blog


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Comments (16)

I hope that pic isn't indic... (Below threshold)

I hope that pic isn't indicative of the level of training they're receiving. She's about to get the top of her knuckle shaved off.

Yeah, women in Iraq have it... (Below threshold)

Yeah, women in Iraq have it so great now! The Baathist regime was terrible, but at least they didn't enforce bullshit Islamic laws. Girls went to school with faces and arms uncovered.

Yeah, feminists should be totally fucking thrilled about Iraq, Cassy. It's such a wonderful place for girls to be girls!

"A Marine who trained the f... (Below threshold)

"A Marine who trained the females mentioned that one "sister" compared herself to a James Bond girl and how she was training like a Bond girl; learning about weapons and providing security for a city, while making money. It's not a situation as glamorous as in the movies but the reference gave both women common ground to joke about."


Hyperbolist, he of the self... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist, he of the self referent name, is such a cautionary tale with every post he makes that we hardly need to point it out. A lower IQ on display in cyberspace has rarely been seen.

You'd think that most anyone would just get burnt out looking for evil in every single event but not "H". He could doubtlessly have told us all the peccadilloes of that great phony, Mother Therese, for he does little else but search high and low for such, never having been taught by anyone, parent or teacher, to observe the benefit of a situation when it is there, lest one become forever a victim of his own black hole of negativity.

It appears, I would venture, that our poor "H" has passed that point long ago. I doubt there is much hope left for his dark mind.

She'd better fix that grip ... (Below threshold)

She'd better fix that grip of hers on the pistol, or she's going to end up with railroad tracks on the back of her thumb.

Go on looking for roses in ... (Below threshold)

Go on looking for roses in a huge pile of shit, then, Michael, rather than owning up to the huge pile of shit your president has deposited upon the people of Iraq.

Her grip is all wrong. She ... (Below threshold)

Her grip is all wrong. She should have her right hand resting in the cup of her left hand.
Otherwise both hands seek to control = no hand in control.

Conclusion: I say this is a pic of some 2nd Lt on a date with Burka Barbie. She'll miss by a mile, he'll say "BULLSEYE!" and grab a quick feel.

Hyperbolist, you're not a m... (Below threshold)

Hyperbolist, you're not a misogynist by any chance are you?

A country where women are n... (Below threshold)

A country where women are no longer free to show their faces in public is not a country that ought to inspire any warm fuzzy feelings in feminists, Dave.

But don't let me keep you from enjoying your gun porn.

I don't think feminists rea... (Below threshold)

I don't think feminists really care too much about how the women in the Middle East are treated. I mean there is some lip service paid to it but with very little conviction.

Iraqi women packing heat. I... (Below threshold)

Iraqi women packing heat. I like it!

I agree, Dave, and I don't ... (Below threshold)

I agree, Dave, and I don't like it. An ex-girlfriend of mine constantly complained about Islamophobia within the hallowed walls of the Academy, but wasn't really up for talking about the compatibility of progressive feminism within Islamic society.

My type of Woman... the str... (Below threshold)

My type of Woman... the strong silent type.

Um, Cassy?As you c... (Below threshold)

Um, Cassy?

As you characterize it, this is a victory or a step forward or whatever positive term of progress you wish to use for egalitarianism, not feminism.

That's because feminism is about institutionalizing the prioritization of women's interests over those of men and children. It's not about equality. It's about gender and age chauvanism and elitism -- specifically, female. To expand, it's about establishing, as cultural rule and State law, the superiority of the importance of women's interests over those of men and children.

Egalitarianism, OTOH, is about institutionalizing the equal treatment of everybody as a common beginning default state.

So to call this progress for feminism is kind of like calling an advance in freedom a step forward for collectivism. . .which it certainly isn't. A step forward for collectivism is, if anything, a step backwards for freedom, and vice versa; and likewise, an actual step forward for feminism is, if anything, a step backwards for egalitarianism.

May I respectfully ask you to please stop validating the elitist and discriminatory ideology and practice of 'feminism' in general? And particularly by mistakenly misrepresenting it as being at all egalitarian, when it is in fact the direct opposite?

Hyper, Bryan,You ass... (Below threshold)

Hyper, Bryan,
You assume it is a burka because of your own bigotry.
Check out the picture on the same page as linked at the top of the posting.
It's a head wrap/scarf, which in the desert sun is just common sense. Her face is not obscured or covered.

I wasn't referring to that ... (Below threshold)

I wasn't referring to that woman, SCSI. I was referring to women in general in Iraq. Cassy presented an anecdote with the intent of mitigating the extent to which Iraq has been reduced to a steaming pile of fundamentalist Shi'ite, to phrase a coin. Her anecdote is contrary to the goings-on in the country, where the state of affairs now more closely resembles the Taliban's Afghanistan than it does the rosy democracy Wolfowitz et al promised the world.






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