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Going to pot

The Netherlands has an interesting smoking ban going into effect on July 1st.

Starting July 1, marijuana will be the only leaf that can be smoked in public places in the Netherlands. Cannabis devotees aren't celebrating.
I've been to Amsterdam, but only to change planes. My parents smoked, and I have had a lifelong aversion to smoking ever since. Public smoking bans have never bothered me in the least.
Local pot smokers, who usually cut joints with tobacco, and owners of the coffee shops where they are allowed to light up will have to change their habits when the nation implements the indoor tobacco ban.

Puffing a pure marijuana cigarette in public will still be permitted; smoking one with tobacco will merit coffee shop owners a $466 fine.

So will police or some type of official be making rounds to check if its 100% cannabis.(Makes me wonder how they will test for that....) Also isn't 2nd hand marijuana smoke potentially carcinogenic also? Here I was thinking the only crazy public officals were in Florida.....

Hat tip- Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy


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Comments (20)

Pot is carcinogenic, for su... (Below threshold)

Pot is carcinogenic, for sure, though bongs or vaporizers ameliorate or even eliminate the tar and other crap. Smoking it without tobacco, though, especially the incredibly strong stuff that's available in cafes there, is like guzzling a pint of tequila instead of having five margaritas over the span of an afternoon.

Ah HAH!We now unders... (Below threshold)

We now understand from whence hyperbole exudes. And bongs and vaporizors really don't reduce the stuff DELIVERED to the lungs, they actually increase it as the air is cooled and gets down farther as it's less irritating. Of course, if you drink your bong water, as it is possible HB does, then you're even in more trouble.

Vaporizers eliminate nearly... (Below threshold)

Vaporizers eliminate nearly all of the smoke. They turn THC into (ta-da!) vapor of some sort. From what I've read, drinking bong water does nothing, though it's probably a funny trick to play on 15 year old cousins.

I don't think I've ever seen douche bags smoke a joint in front of a bar and start punching each other in the face. Beer, though--that stuff is dangerous. Violence, rape, road accidents, new country music...

"Beer, though-- that stu... (Below threshold)

"Beer, though-- that stuff is dangerous. Violence, rape, road accidents, new country music..."

I drink beer and take exception to Your conclusions. I never fight, never had an accident, hate country music and have nothing in common with Bill Clinton as it relates to Women.

The question is, will the p... (Below threshold)

The question is, will the pot heads have the short term memory to remember whether it is pot or regular tobacco when asked?

Pot is carcinogenic? Show m... (Below threshold)
John S:

Pot is carcinogenic? Show me one case of lung cancer in the past century that can be traced to smoking pot. Tobacco is carcinogenic, and even that takes 40 to 50 years of heavy smoking, and doesn't affect most smokers. The majority die from emphysema.

Second hand smoke? Put that in the same category as Bird Flu, African Killer Bees and Global Warming.

"My parents smoked, and I h... (Below threshold)

"My parents smoked, and I have had a lifelong aversion to smoking ever since. Public smoking bans have never bothered me in the least."

That's a rather narrow view, isn't it?

"Why, it doesn't affect me, so why should I object? In fact, I like the way it affects other people! Taking away their ability to what they choose makes things better for me! YaY!"

Gee, I don't go to bars, so I shouldn't care if they are banned?

Heck, I don't even eat at McDonald's, so why should I care if they are sued by activists over the "unhealthiness" of their menu.

I don't like smoking of any... (Below threshold)

I don't like smoking of any type. Any type of secondhand cigarette smoke causes me nasty ear, lung and sinus infections, and even tongue swelling since I'm allergic to it. My mother never smoked a day in her life but suffered a terrible death from COPD because of secondhand smoke. The last few years of her life she had to spend $800 a month on medicine so she could even breathe.

Unlike drunks or drug addicts, smokers pass off their nicotine drug addiction on others whether they want it or not, and others even consider cigarettes as a weapon to either blow smoke in someone's face or to burn someone or arson something like the fires in California that destroyed a great deal of property. A friend of mine nearly lost his life at a duplex when some smokers who were evicted for nonpayment of rent tried to burn the building down to get even with the landlord. Nicotine destroys REM sleep and alters brain function just like any other drug does.

In the workplace, smoking employees often take numerous cigarette breaks during the day and have very poor productivity and cost companies more in health premiums as well as take off more sick days or cause medical problems such as asthma attacks and sinus and ear infections to nonsmoking employees. And smoking employees are a turnoff to customers. I've refused to patronize businesses many times because of smokers hanging around near the store and spent my money somewhere else. Any employer is a darn fool to hire a smoker as an employee. Just like any drug addict, they're just not worth the hassle when better persons are seeking work who are more serious about their jobs. At many businesses, you can often see the same bunch of employees hanging around outside smoking no matter when you drive up. Any business that is serious about making money should not hire smokers, and any business that is serious about business should not allow bums and others to loiter in their parking lots and not buy anything, discouraging away paying customers. Smokers can always go to a bar or their own home to smoke. They don't have to make the entire world their own dirty ashtray.

PaulLevity Is t... (Below threshold)


Levity Is the Soul of Wit.

If you can't get your head around that, then take a leave from Wizbang for a while and devote yourself to Hemingway.

My apologies, Paul. I meant... (Below threshold)

My apologies, Paul. I meant Brevity, not levity.

LOL. Pot doesn't make you ... (Below threshold)

LOL. Pot doesn't make you violent. Alcohol's association with violence is established. So what? Apples and oranges, and a ineffectual argument likely made by an addict in denial.

There is a strong association with automobile accidents, fatal and non-fatal, with marijuana use, even hours after the high is gone. This is likely due to the same degradation in motor skills, cognitive skills and speed, and short term memory that can be easily measured even the day after consuming one or two grams.

While vaporizers avoid burning the herb you are inhaling, they still deliver all the chemicals in the herb, and in concentrations higher than delivered by smoking. Bongs, water pipes, etc. simply cool the hot smoke and remove a fraction of the smoke's ingredients. The cooler smoke is less irritating and allows higher concentrations to reach deep lung tissues. Nice for the THC but not so great for everything else.

Association between cancer and MJ use is equivocal, largely due to the poor design of currently published studies that rarely control well for tobacco use and the difficulty of identifying all MJ users in a population study based on self-reported use. We have now about 40 years of widespread heavy use of the substance in this country, but obtaining good and accurate information on use in study subjects (not everyone who smokes MJ is willing to admit it due to potential legal consequences) epidemiologically is difficult.

Oral ingestion avoids the pulmonary complications of use, but not those on the brain and reproductive system.

To be fair, alcohol use has latent effects 12-24 hours after the last ingestion as well. [Current rules on alcohol ingestion (8-12 hours between bottle and throttle) before controlling an aircraft are a compromise between physiology and pilots, a conflict as old as aviation.]

Are you guys trying to be f... (Below threshold)

Are you guys trying to be funny? I mean, seriously, I'm reading these comments and it appears that most of you COMPLETELY missed the point. IF you are going to write a law banning public smoking, then for crying out loud, ban ALL public smoking. It's just that phuking simple.

But these euro-wussies don't want to harsh their stoner friends' mellow, nor do they want to put their stoner friends' coffee shops out of business, so they write a law that defies common sense.

No, they really don't belie... (Below threshold)

No, they really don't believe MJ is harmful.

Especially to their economy.

And because there are so many phools that believe the hogwash that it is completely harmless and only beneficial, well, such laws get passed. So the comment section is appropriate to the subject.

The harsh truth is that while there are some studies that suggest benefit for THC in nausea from chemo, weight loss from AIDS, tremors from Multiple Sclerosis, useful in some folks with severe glaucoma, and there are studies showing it NO MORE helpful than a few ibuprofen or codeine for pain, can worsen depression and anxiety symptoms, and has significant long term effects and risks, in addition to above it increases the risk for heart attack immediately after ingestion for several hours in folks with pre-existing cardiac disease, the medical marijuana cards here in Oregon get passed out after a "medical exam" that costs about 2-3 times the usual consultation fee for just about any and all of the above ineffective and dangerous situations, with little or no attention to driving or operating machinery problems (no one gets their Driver's License pulled if they have the card). Yep, the point is more than just the smoking ban, its the ignorance and disinformation about smoking pot that NORML and its ilk spread so that folks think it is appropriate to ban only tobacco in public.

This law, and surprisingly ... (Below threshold)

This law, and surprisingly the bulk of the comments thus far, emphasize the total lack of logic in smoking bans.

Paul, I'm convinced that if you had a brain you'd take it out and play with it.

John S, bravo! Has anyone considered that "secondhand smoke" as an environmental concern is far too diffuse to actually create a problem? The studies that "prove" health problems subjected lab rats to concentrations of smoke that make the old saccharin tests look legitimate.

Clancy smokes one out of th... (Below threshold)

Clancy smokes one out of the park ...

The point is as obvious as the nose on your face.

They banned smoking one type of product and not another for a politically correct reason when they should have banned *all* smoking

They don't mention that pot... (Below threshold)

They don't mention that pot smoking is allowed at restaurants, mainly because the restaurant owners appreciate the business. Maybe they'll offer a munchie hour special.

I don't think I've... (Below threshold)
I don't think I've ever seen douche bags smoke a joint in front of a bar and start punching each other in the face.

That's because after a couple of hits of high-quality chronic, they really can't do anything except drool into their shoes.

Hey Bill, it's been a long ... (Below threshold)
George Kovats:

Hey Bill, it's been a long time. It should bother you to no end that the government once again usurped rights that do not belong to it and banned smoking in public. Creeping communism, that's what it's called. You should tremble. Tobbacco today, cars tomorrow. It is a conspiracy to bring about One World Government - a totalitarian regime the likes of which people today do not understand. But it will be introduced in tiny steps. That's why people think it is OK to ban smoking.

Amsterdam is a pretty place... (Below threshold)

Amsterdam is a pretty place, and has some interesting attractions, but it's awfully full of "counter-culture" kitsch for me. The hookers and pot cafes seem silly after a while--like a part of Disney World--made for the tourists.

"Pot is carcinogenic? Show ... (Below threshold)

"Pot is carcinogenic? Show me one case of lung cancer in the past century that can be traced to smoking pot."

Exactly right John. The lies about mj that have been and continue to be banded about are ludicrous. It was made illegal on the basis that it made people insane criminals. Give me a break. Tobacco and alcohol kill ridiculous amounts of people per year, yet remain legal.






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