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I'll jump on the Sarah Palin bandwagon.

I recently suggested Sen. Jim DeMint for McCain's running mate. Now, let's be honest, that's not going to happen. And that's not necessarily a bad thing -- we can use tenacious Senators, willing to dive headfirst into the fray to fight for conservative principles, in Washington. And if Sen. DeMint ever decides to run for President, I'll stand enthusiastically behind him. But, to get to the point...

There are still a lot of rumblings about who McCain will pick for his running mate. There's been talk about Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Fred Thompson, Condoleeza Rice... people who would all make great choices. But McCain has not given us even the tiniest inkling of who he's leaning towards. And so the speculation continues.

One of the biggest questions everyone seems to be asking is how he can offset Obama through his choice for his veep. He'd need someone young, someone who isn't necessarily a Washington insider, and preferably a minority, someone who is black or female -- like Obama or Hillary.

Preferably a minority. I cannot tell you how much it grates me to have to write that. But it isn't our side that likes to focus solely on the skin deep.

In any case, who is it that could fit that bill? There are three women that the Politico is suggesting could be great choices for McCain's running mate. I'm putting my weight behind Sarah Palin. There's been a lot of buzz about her, and rightly so. Just read her damn bio!

Palin, 44, would add youth to the GOP ticket. As governor she has shown a willingness to veto some of the state's large capital projects, no small plus for fiscal conservatives. But it's her personal biography, which excites social conservatives, and reformist background that might most appeal to McCain.

She's stridently anti-abortion, and recently brought to term her fifth child -- who she knew would have Down syndrome. A hunter, fisher and family woman with a rapid professional rise, Palin is a natural for Republican framing.

In 1982, Palin led her underdog high school basketball team to the state championship, earning the nickname "Sarah Barracuda." Two years later she won the beauty pageant in her hometown of Wasilla, Alaska -- and was also named "Miss Congeniality." By her early thirties, she was the mayor of Wasilla.

In 2003, as ethics commissioner on the state's Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, she risked her rising political star by resigning her position in protest of ethical misconduct within the state's Republican leadership as well as then-Gov. Frank Murkowski's acceptance of that impropriety. Though this briefly made her an outcast within the party, within a year several state Republican heavyweights were reprimanded for the conduct she'd decried.

Her reputation with the party thus redeemed, Palin defeated Murkowski in the 2006 Republican primary on the way to being elected governor.

As governor, she's continued challenging the state's powers that be, even winning tax increases on oil companies' profits. Her approval rating has soared as high as 90 percent, making her one of America's most popular governors.

"Palin is becoming a star in the conservative movement, a fiscal conservative in a state that is looking like a boondoggle for pork barrel spending," said Kellyanne Conway, a Republican pollster who specializes in women's politics.

"She's young, vibrant, fresh and now, and a new mother of five. She should be in the top tier," Conway continued. "If the Republican Party wants to wrestle itself free from the perception that it is royalist and not open to putting new talent on the bench, this would be the real opportunity."

Amen, honey. Here's a picture of Sarah Palin:

You know, I just might have a little girl crush on Sarah Palin. How could you not?? The woman is amazing!

What's especially delicious is that she's younger than Barack Obama, but blows him away in the experience department. She's accomplished more in ten years than he has in forty! I don't see a lot of negatives that she could bring to the campaign, but there sure are a heckuva lot of positives. She could do wonders for McCain, and conservatives would be thrilled.

James Joyner thinks that all three women are somewhat weak candidates, and says of Palin,

Palin has become a darling of the conservative blogosphere in recent months and has been touted quite a bit. She's no doubt a rising star. But it makes little sense to nominate a 44-year-old with no foreign policy experience to be one heartbeat away from the presidency on a ticket whose principal message is that it's risky to put a 44-year-old with relatively little foreign policy experience in charge of our nation's security.

But, as Ed points out,
Palin has executive experience, and that comes as a reformer in the wild-and-porky Alaskan political realm. Some will say that she has little foreign-policy experience, but as the only state that borders two foreign nations and is isolated from the rest of the nation by one of them, Palin has to work in that arena on some level in order to govern Alaska. She has sterling social-con credentials and a compelling life story. The only drawback will be the limited time she has served in executive office -- just under two years -- but that still beats the Democratic presidential nominee, and unlike Obama, she has an actual track record of reform and taking on her own party to get it.

Ed also points out that if McCain wants to make a splash, Palin would be a good choice. And Ed's right: McCain needs to do something to liven up his base. As of right now, Obama's supporters are fanatical. For the most part, McCain's are dreading having to vote for him. Sarah Palin as McCain's running mate could make this race a lot more exciting, and would not only appease the base, but wake them up! And that's exactly what McCain needs if he truly wants to be able to win the Presidency. A passionate base is crucial to victory, and a reluctant base can lead to a heavy-handed defeat.

So, as for jumping on the Palin bandwagon, I'll do it. I'm already there. The only question is whether or not McCain will even consider her.


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If Govenor Palin is a risin... (Below threshold)

If Govenor Palin is a rising star among conservatives, why would she want to throw it away as VP? Give her another term as Alaska govenor and let her run as the first Republican Female. Don't make her to second fiddle to McCain.

Maybe McCain and even Obama should consider looking outside of the Box for a VP candidate. Why should it be a seasoned, or not seasoned politician? Why politics as usual? They should consider somebody from outside the political spectrum that is well known or liked. How about a celebrity or popular CEO etc.

Hell, if you want to play t... (Below threshold)

Hell, if you want to play the race card, why not entice Colin Powell to run as VP?

Q&A: How can McCain SIMULTA... (Below threshold)

Q&A: How can McCain SIMULTANEOUSLY attract both Hillary AND Bob Barr voters?

ANSWER: Sarah Palin as Veep.

My choice for Veep is J.C. ... (Below threshold)

My choice for Veep is J.C. Watts. Experience, football star, conservative cred, inspirational.


I think I heard J.C. Watts ... (Below threshold)

I think I heard J.C. Watts publicly professed some interest in voting for Obama. If that is true I figure it would automatically disqualify him as the Veep nominee. I'd hate to see that tape played while he is running with McCain.

McCain's choice for VP will... (Below threshold)

McCain's choice for VP will likely come after Obama's, as the Democratic Convention comes first this year. Before speculating, perhaps you guys should at least wait until then. If Obama chooses the Kansas female governor, it's going to seem weird if McCain responds with the Alaska female governor.

In addition, Alaska has but three electoral votes and almost always goes Republican. Better to take a Republican VP candidate from a potential prominent toss-up state. How about that Missouri governor or the Florida governor?

I've read quite a bit about... (Below threshold)

I've read quite a bit about Gov. Palin. She's very impressive in all regards with solid conservative credentials. Also her oldest son is in the Army, if my memory serves me correctly. Another kudo. She would add a lot to a McCain ticket. Which is exactly why McCain won't consider her. A McCain ticket is going to be all about McCain and McCain only.
McCain sits on his brains.

All I know is He better pic... (Below threshold)

All I know is He better pick a conservative. She looks good, which is why He wont pick Her. She looks like she could be checking His blood pressure as His nurse.

I'd love to see Sarah Palin... (Below threshold)
arcman Author Profile Page:

I'd love to see Sarah Palin. Same for JC Watts, Michael Steele, Ken Blackwell, or Bobby Jindal. The rising stars in the Republican party have so much more going for them than their counterparts on the Democrat party. McCain absolutely needs to tap into this talent, because we can ill afford Barack Obama as our next president. While I am not a huge fan of McCain, he is what we have. A solid VP would help greatly toward energizing the base.

You lost me with this nugge... (Below threshold)

You lost me with this nugget:

"even winning tax increases on oil companies' profits"

Is that a Hillary pen she i... (Below threshold)

Is that a Hillary pen she is wearing on her lapelle? Seriously.

I think that is a Hi... (Below threshold)

I think that is a Hillary pin on her sweater. Cool!

A Hillary pin? Um, not unle... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

A Hillary pin? Um, not unless she had them made in 2002, when the picture was taken.

It's an Emma Goldman pin th... (Below threshold)

It's an Emma Goldman pin then! Or an Aunt Jemima pin! Either way, cue Michelle Malkin questioning her conservative credentials.

She's a foxy fox!... (Below threshold)

She's a foxy fox!

How about "cue hyperbolist ... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

How about "cue hyperbolist for being an extravagant exaggerationist."

And actually, Palin these days sports a polar bear pin, because she's going after the Feds for declaring polar bears endangered or threatened (or whatever) based on idiotic media and manmade globalony warming hype instead of actual evidence -- evidence that the polar bears are thriving.

Jump on the Sarah Palin ban... (Below threshold)

Jump on the Sarah Palin bandwagon? Sure. But I'd rather just jump on Sarah Palin.

The facts (at least as I se... (Below threshold)

The facts (at least as I see them).

I will not support any candidate for President (or in this case, for VP) who is in favor of punishing the beneficiaries of capitalism, whether big oil or big anything else. I don't think I'm alone there.

Any nod given to anyone but a white male will be spun by the MSM as "pandering" no matter what the credentials of the person in question.

Much of the "Hillary bloc" won't swing Republican just because there's a woman nominee for VP, just as the black voting bloc won't swing Republican if there's a black nominee. The liberal philosophy (and the "D" behind the name) is enough to keep most of those two categories enslaved to "The Party."

McCain himself is enough of a concession to "moderates" without stooping to identity politics to try and attract the mythical "swing voters."

All that said, I believe that the race is more-or-less McCain's to lose at this point. Obama must walk a tightrope between portraying himself as a candidate for the far-left fringe and alienating that same fringe. If they're turned off by Obama, they won't vote Republican, they'll just stay home. Same for McCain's support on the right. If he alienates the conservative base (by picking someone more liberal than himself, specifically) he'll see them staying home, and Obama will win in the lowest-turnout election in history.

But Palin is definitely a h... (Below threshold)

But Palin is definitely a hottie...and a smart one at that.


Please, not the Florida gov... (Below threshold)

Please, not the Florida governor as VP, a RINO if there ever was one. I'm no bigtime social conservative like many here but RINOs who oppose drilling, oppose defending the borders are useless.

"But it isn't our side that... (Below threshold)

"But it isn't our side that likes to focus solely on the skin deep."

So then it must have been the Texas Democrats selling the "If Obama is president, will we still call it The White House?" buttons.

Rance, as usual, is only te... (Below threshold)

Rance, as usual, is only telling a fraction of the story...

The vendor, Jonathan Alcox, said he was trying to be funny and based the button on a political cartoon. He said he made 12 buttons and sold four, two of them to reporters.

"We're into humor, not racism," said Alcox, who described himself as an independent who may vote for Obama in November. "Why would I do that purposely? I thought it was funny."

The state GOP will bar the vendor from booth space at future events and "encourage him to clean up his act," Klingler said.

"The Republican Party of Texas told me I can never go there again. They're my biggest event," Alcox said. "It's pretty much put me out of business."

State GOP officials said they also have alerted the Republican National Convention so that Alcox will not be allowed to sell merchandise at the convention in St. Paul, Minn., in September.

Emphasis added by yours truly.

Sorry Cassy, but women are ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Cassy, but women are not a minority in the United States nor in most other countries in the world. Some like to be treated like victims and martyrs because of their sex, but life sure would be better for all concerned if people in the USA women, blacks, Asians, handicapped, Katrina victims and Deomocrats) stopped blaming others for their problems and got to work overcoming their adverse circumstances whatever they might be.
Nobody ever solved their problems by blaiming others.

SCSIwuzzy:So your ... (Below threshold)


So your contention is that he thought the Republicans would think that race baiting was funny. Strange that they waited until the story hit the national press before the stopped him.

"encourage him to clean up his act"? That sounds like the kind of slap on the wrist you would link to a liberal organization.

No Rance, I contend what he... (Below threshold)

No Rance, I contend what he said is what he meant. He clearly says that he thinks it is funny. The Reps didn't, and tossed him on his ass.
Considering he only had 12 buttons, only sold 4, chances are they didn't know he had them until after the fact.
Also in the story, was that the buyers of the buttons were members of the press. I guess that means that the press corps are a bunch of racists, huh?
Still, thanks for showing off your willingness to twist and lie as always.

SCSIwuzzy:Do you t... (Below threshold)


Do you think someone would pay $1500 dollars to rent a booth to sell just 12 buttons? Do you think that maybe he planned to take orders?

If you read the press reports, you'll see that they didn't "toss him out on his ass", the said he wasn't welcome to come back next year. They didn't do that until Wednesday, the 18th, 3 days after the convention closed.

Rance, now you are just bei... (Below threshold)

Rance, now you are just being thick on purpose.
He had more stuff in his booth, but only 12 of that button. And he only sold 4. 2 of them to the press.

So to recap, an Obama voter rents booth in the vendor zone of a convention full of repubs.
He brings a handful of offensive buttons, offensive about his chosen candidate.
He sells them to members of the press.
The press report that there is racism at the convention, based on his buttons, of which only 2 were sold to someone other than the reporters in question.
Reps look into the press reports, take action, and also make sure he doesn't pull the same BS elsewhere.

Sounds like this guy is a kindred soul of yours, Rancid.

From the quote "I yet may v... (Below threshold)

From the quote "I yet may vote for Obama" you get that this guy is an Obama voter?

Have you looked at his web site?






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