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Life in Florida IV

News from across the Sunshine state.

Life is cheap. Drug dealer murders customer who tries to short change him $2

Straight to the cooler they should go. Four men arrested for stealing a/c units.

Gutless robber story of the week. Man tries to rob 70-year-old woman who then tells him to go to hell in a hand basket. Thinking this was some kind of order, the thief fled.

Lawyer says Florida Supreme court not legit. Why? Because six of the seven justices never signed loyalty oaths. I don't know if the justices are legit, but they are knuckleheads.

Identical twin sisters from Pompano Beach enlist in the Army. Thank you for your service Julie and Julia Joseph and God bless.

From The 'You can't make this stuff up' department- God arrested in Tampa for selling cocaine.

Nominee for the most misogynistic newspaper column written by a woman other than Maureen Dowd of the year goes to the Palm Beach Post's Elisa Cramer. Ms Cramer uses words like spiteful, vindication, revenge, and blithely, when talking about how she can't understand how some female Hillary Clinton supporters won't automatically support Barack Obama.

Coming up with the dough. A national specialty bakery company will have to return $400,000 to the state of Florida after not being able to create the jobs they promised.


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The sad part is, I knew the... (Below threshold)

The sad part is, I knew the lawyer/judges article would be about Jack Thompson the moment I read the title. And it was.






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