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Sorry About The Hiccup

It turns out that having an expired credit card on file for a domain isn't such a good idea when renewal time comes up. I've fixed that and the GoDaddy parking page should be gone now.


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Kevin,I thought I ... (Below threshold)


I thought I was seeing things when that GoDaddy page showed. Glad to know I wasn't and Wizbang is back to normal.

Now if I knew what to do about my own website. It's on a server free of charge. This done kindly by a blogging friend. That friend I think has either died or had a serious health setback, no one has heard from them in six months and I can't access that blog of mine any more and am clueless if there is anything I can to do regain access.



Actually I was sent to a di... (Below threshold)

Actually I was sent to a different page, I wonder if the redirect was a local thing.

Thank God Kevin. I thought... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Thank God Kevin. I thought you guys were hi-jacked or something. I can't get by without my daily fix from Wizbang.

Yeah, I didn't know what ha... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I didn't know what happened, but glad to see you're back.

heh- been there done that.<... (Below threshold)

heh- been there done that.

Got the DTV shut off the same way.

What would Larry Bud Melman... (Below threshold)

What would Larry Bud Melman have said? (WWLBMHS?)






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