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One of the Gloucester teens speaks

For what it's worth:

Do you believe there wasn't a pregnancy pact? I don't know that I do, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't change the utter foolishness of getting pregnant on purpose as a teenager.


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Not to make light of this a... (Below threshold)

Not to make light of this awful story, but shockingly one of the daddies was some homeless bum well into his 20's. Who knew that was a major babe magnet? But seriously, this is a terrible story. Persons this young will probably get caught into a cycle of poverty or low paying jobs and the babies won't grow up in a stable mother and father household, which involves additional risk factors as well. This will become a generational problem for these young mothers.

Pact or NO pact it's mASS a... (Below threshold)

Pact or NO pact it's mASS at it's best. I think the PR experts are on damage control. The Gloucester Mayor was a riot, nope NO pact here just like any other mASS city no big deal just move along.. ho hum.
These twits will be a burden to society, and just imagine how much quality parental care they will provide.

As for one of the donors/fathers being "Happy Gilmore's" caddy, who knows...the story belongs on Jerry Springer.

The host said "Great, this ... (Below threshold)

The host said "Great, this will change your life forever".

His biggest understatement of the day.

Back in the day, women were... (Below threshold)

Back in the day, women were ostrisized for getting pregnant out of wedlock. Maybe a little harsh. Now we make them a celebrity, and put them on TV. The pendulum has swung way to far the other way.






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