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From the Frontlines

I haven't blogged much lately due to my daughter's most recent surgery and events my other daughter is doing over the summer, but wanted to be sure to mention the effort by Move America Forward, Michelle Malkin and others to support our troops. Please check out "From the Frontlines" -- a web-a-thon to support the troops with care packages. Here is a description of the effort from Michelle:

We've got a star-studded line-up of troops, military charities, celebs, and talk radio stars -- from Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin to Dr. Laura and Laura Ingraham to musician John Ondrasik and "Lone Survivor" author and Navy SEAL hero Marcus Luttrell -- who'll be joining us in our eight-hour marathon fund-raising drive to help send the largest number of care packages in history to our men and women in uniform serving overseas.

Sean Hannity announced yesterday that he's personally donating $15,000 to the From the Frontlines effort. Awesome. Here's my challenge to regular readers and commenters of this site and Hot Air. At the end of the web-a-thon, I'd like to see you collectively match that donation. Can you take up the challenge and make a pledge? Can you all help me walk the troop-supporting walk and raise $15,000 by the end of the night? Can we do it? Yes, you can.

You can order a care package here.


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Move America Forward's one ... (Below threshold)

Move America Forward's one day care package event is very exciting and should raise a lot of funds to help support all its activities. But please do not ignore the myriad of other grass-roots, all-volunteer organizations throughout the country that have been supporting the troops on a daily basis since the War on Terror started (some even earlier), and will continue to do so as long as there are American service members serving anywhere in the world. Wonderfully dedicated groups such as Treat the Troops (http://www.treatthetroops.org), Give 2 The Troops (http://www.give2thetroops.org) and Operation Gratitude (http://www.opgratitude.com ) have sent many millions of cookies, jelly beans, items and letters through their care packages for several years, and welcome donations and volunteers on a year-round basis to sustain their missions. One time massive efforts are an important show of support, but please let us not forget the troops tomorrow--they will still be in harm's way!






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