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I'd stick with my maiden name then

After two rounds of play, Angela Park is leading the Women's US Open by one shot. Park, who is of Korean heritage but born in Brazil and grew up in California, was last year's Rookie of the Year.

One of the golfers one shot back is Minea Blomqvist. Minea had more than a few interesting things to say at a press conference yesterday.

The 23-year-old from Finland was hilarious during her interview, although there's some Swedes that won't be laughing when they see her comment. She was asked that Swedes say Finns talk funny, so does she think Swedes talk funny?blomqvist.jpg

"I always tell a story that why Swedes are so good in the golf (is) because in golf you need empty mind, and there's nothing going on in their heads," she said, smiling. "So that's why they play good."

Blomqvist also had people cracking up when she mentioned her boyfriend, Roope Kakko, is a fellow pro golfer from Finland. But there's a problem with his surname.

"Kakko means (feces) in Finnish," she said. "So I'm not very happy about that if we're going to stay together."

If I was Minea, I'd get a new boyfriend or have the present one change his last name. Either that or to avoid a Scandinavian civil war, marry a Swede. Preferably one whose head isn't empty or have a last name meaning shit.

Who said pro golfers aren't colorful?


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Comments (9)

Great. Now the filthy Scan... (Below threshold)

Great. Now the filthy Scandis* are playing golf. But. at least, she is confirming what we all thought of them.

*this term brought to you by the letters AofSHQ for those that are SO unhip as to not be in the know. Like, terminally unhip.

Anti-hip even

Yowzer!! ... (Below threshold)


You can always tell a Swede... (Below threshold)

You can always tell a Swede, but you can't tell them a lot.

My main like of swedes is t... (Below threshold)
Dave W:

My main like of swedes is tied directly to swedish players on the Detroit Red Wings. Awesome hockey players. They've been my favorite hockey team since i was very small, of course no swedes on the team back then!

As far as her comments, still funny.

Agreed, Dave. Nicklas Lidst... (Below threshold)

Agreed, Dave. Nicklas Lidstrom is Ice Hockey Jesus. Sit down, Sidney Crosby, lest you sprain your vagina.

Zetterberg, a Czech, is my other hockey man-crush. As a life-long Habs fan, I know have to say that I have two favourite teams: one for emotional reasons, and one because they're vastly superior in all aspects to every other team.

She needs to find a man nam... (Below threshold)
Boyd Author Profile Page:

She needs to find a man named "Boyd," which translates into "the man who will satisfy all your needs."

Any volunteers?

*raises hand*

Fins are a different ethnic... (Below threshold)

Fins are a different ethnic/language group than other Scandinavians (ie. not Scandi) even if they have quite a lot in common. But all of them are *always* going on about the others. There isn't the hard feeling involved that we'd expect when someone said Swedes have empty heads... they just give back again. When they aren't making fun of themselves or planning subtle long term practical jokes.

They'd be a lesson to us all on how not to get our panties in a twist.

Oh, and the "some Swedes wo... (Below threshold)

Oh, and the "some Swedes won't be laughing" bit... that's Scandi humor... that's what they DO laugh at. The funniest things can be happening and these people won't even crack a smile. But a person who is not insecure (and as my bro says... I'm Norwegian, it's impossible for me to have low self-esteem... Swede, same thing) is going to appreciate the humor and then make another joke about how funny Fins talk.

Because they do.

That's so over the top it s... (Below threshold)

That's so over the top it sounds like news off The Onion. LOL






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