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What will they do after Bush?

I was reading a post today at Moonbattery about Amnesty International that included this picture:

It also linked to this story from CNS News about yet another ridiculous Gitmo protest:

Amnesty International USA brought a life-sized replica of a Guantanamo Bay prison cell to Washington on Wednesday. But amenities provided to prisoners -- bedding, toiletries, a copy of the Koran and three meals a day -- were nowhere mentioned.

AIUSA says it timed its Washington, D.C., stop -- part of a national tour -- to coincide with a House Judiciary subcommittee's hearing on harsh interrogation techniques.

Dressed in orange jump suits, "chained" together and holding placards that spelled out "Stop Torture," AIUSA members and other activists staged a rally at the foot of the Washington Monument.

"The purpose is to try to bring to the American people a little bit of the reality of what the United States government is doing to human beings in Guantanamo," Larry Cox, executive director of AIUSA, told Cybercast News Service.

"We want people to actually see what's being done in their name, to get a sense of what it means to be held for not just one year or two years, but as many as six years in a box," he said, "where you can't move around, where you're almost totally isolated, where you're put in stress positions that are extremely painful, when you're humiliated like that, when you haven't been charged or tried for any crime."

Cox's description of Guantanamo, however, contrasts with other reports of the facilities where individuals suspected of terrorist training and activities have been held since it opened in 2002.

According to Globalsecurity.org, an online security and military database, detainees at Guantanamo are given basic supplies, such as clothing, towels, sheets, blankets, soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste.

They also are given a copy of the Koran and three "culturally appropriate" meals. Prayer rugs also are distributed, and a recorded call to prayer is broadcast five times a day.


The cell on display on the Mall is 10 feet long, 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall. It has a toilet, a sleeping bunk and a small window. The AIUSA says it is an example of a Camp 5 cell.

According to Globalsecurity.org, however, Camp 5 is a permanent two-story maximum security complex with cells that measure 10 feet by 20 feet and have a toilet, bed and a sink.

"Those that are considered the most dangerous and those deemed to have the most valuable security are housed there," the Web site reports.

The Web site also reports that there are a variety of other quarters. Detainees who cooperate with staff and help to develop intelligence are relocated to less restrictive quarters, the Web site reports.

In Camp 1, detainees wear tan uniforms instead of orange ones, and social interaction is allowed, including pairs who can kick soccer balls around. Thirty one percent of detainees at Guantanamo are in Camp 1.

Camp 4 has dormitories that hold up to 20 detainees and detainees are allowed to eat, sleep and pray together. They wear white uniforms, have lockers for personal belongings and common recreation areas for games and team sports. Chess, checkers and cards, the Web site says, are the most requested games.

The "GITMO = TORTURE!!!" meme is old and tired. I think I've stayed in motels crappier than Gitmo. What I really wondered about this story, though, had not a whole lot to do with yet another dumb protest of Guantanamo Bay. Yeah, yeah, we get it. We're not treating the terrorist murderers nicely enough for you liberals. We should be welcoming them into the United States with open arms and absolve them of their crimes, no matter how horrible. Understood.

I saw the picture Van Helsing posted though, and the text gave me a thought. In case it's tough for anyone to read, here's what it says on the signs in the picture:


I couldn't help but read that and wonder... what are these people going to do after Bush? I mean, he's got less than a year left as President. He'll step down. A new President will step up. America will still be in tact. There will be no massive takeover, no shredding of the Constitution, no last-ditch effort to hold on. The "Bush regime" will come to an end.

How are these people going to handle that??

There are so many lefties who are absolutely consumed with hatred of W. Once he's out of office and there's no one left to hate, what are they going to do with themselves? There'll be no more need for protesting the "Bush regime". There'll be no more reason to carry on with BDS. It'll be over. And I can't help but think that these lefties who hate W will be massively disappointed that their conspiracy theories weren't true. It seems to me like these people were enjoying their misery these past eight years thoroughly. It probably makes them feel so important to carry on with all of these protests, so sophisticated to deny America and align themselves with terrorists and their appeasers. They get attention for their stunts. And with Bush out of office, all of that will go away.

I can only imagine the emptiness these people will feel, especially if Obama gets the Presidency... because with McCain they can continue on with their merry charade, bleating feebly about how this is really Bush's third term, and Karl Rove is behind the whole thing anyways, and by the way, have they told you about Halliburton conspiring with the Jews to take out Palestine?

These are the type of people who absolutely thrive on bad news. They want everything to be going to hell, because then they get to protest and perform. When things aren't going badly, they have to create an alternate reality where everything is horrible and it's up to them and their humanitarian, leftist goodness to come in and save the day. Aw.

So, I'd imagine that they'd be terribly disappointed if their guy wins, because then, their entire existence will be erased. They'll have their Marxist President, and everything they've been working towards will likely happen.

The question is, what then? After the "Bush regime" has been driven out, what are these idiots going to do? My guess is, they'll probably do one of two things. They'll either keep protesting about nothing the way they have been for the past eight years, claiming that McCain's presidency is really just a shadow presidency and that Bush is still in charge. OR, they'll sit around, soaking in their nostalgia, wishing for the good 'ole days when they had a reason to feel important.

Kind of sad either way.


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Comments (39)

You hit the nail right on t... (Below threshold)

You hit the nail right on the head with "It made them feel important" Like the young college freshman who made the news falsely claiming the FBI had come to his dorm room to question him because he checked out Mao's red book from the local library these losers need to feel they are inportant enough to warrant the attention of some unnamed secret gov't agency, or maybe the Pres himself. And on a more practical note in some cases it helps get 'em l**d.

You've underestimated the a... (Below threshold)

You've underestimated the ability of these morons to spin conspiracy fables out of nothing.

Me thinks they'll be be in ... (Below threshold)

Me thinks they'll be be in high gear pushing congress for hearings into Bush administration activities hoping to bring Bushitlerwarforoil to justice for crimes against nature, blah, blah, blah.

"How are these people going... (Below threshold)

"How are these people going to handle that??"

Poorly. Heck, they didn't cover themselves in glory attacking the President during his Presidency, much of what they did provided support for the terrorists.

On day listening to the radio I heard Tammy Bruce, former NOW chapter president, relating the event that turned her away from the left wing. She was talking to some leftist friends and one of them stated with glee that he had a bottle of champagne chilling, ready to uncork when Ronald Reagan died. It was at that moment that she realized that she did not belong in that group. There are wonderful Democrats in the US, and there are the troofers, moonbats, socialists, communists and cop killers. The Big Tent is moth eaten and torn.

OR, they'll sit ar... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:
OR, they'll sit around, soaking in their nostalgia, wishing for the good 'ole days when they had a reason to feel important.

OR, they'll get to experience reality when terrorists discover America has lost it's mind and elected a leftist extremist as president. You know, kind of like how the reality of $4 plus gas has shocked some liberals out of their no drill, no nuke, carbon credit delusions. Will Obama still opposes drilling when gas hits $5 a gallon before election day? We can only hope he's that stupid.

You gotta look on the brigh... (Below threshold)

You gotta look on the bright side, Cassy. Your Obama Derangement Syndrome is already fully manifested so when he takes office you can hit the ground running. Anyways, we'll totally be at war with Iran by then, so the eeeevil left will have plenty to protest.

And considering that Clinton Derangement Syndrome is still going strong 8 years after he left office I'm sure it'll take a while for the libruls to let go of Chimpy McHitler. Totally. Anyways, it'll take Obama a while to totally destroy the nation, so you'll have time to go back and finish the 8th grade.

Not much concern on this ... (Below threshold)

Not much concern on this end. I suspect they'll continue the tantrums while the adults go about administering the country.

Having been unsuccessful for nearly 8 years to topple Bush, it's not likely that he's going to be affected in civilian life.

A better question might hav... (Below threshold)

A better question might have been: Will Jon Stewart and Bill Maher be out work if Obama wins? Will they turn on the Dems if they control the White House and both houses of congress?

They'll either kee... (Below threshold)
They'll either keep protesting about nothing the way they have been for the past eight years, claiming that McCain's presidency is really just a shadow presidency and that Bush is still in charge.

They will still say that Dick Cheney is in charge. The BDS crowd have believed that Bush was too stupid to do anything without the guidance of Dick Cheney. They will also say that Dick Cheney--him and Karl Rove-- will be driving the McCain presidency too.

"The "GITMO = TORTURE!!!" m... (Below threshold)

"The "GITMO = TORTURE!!!" meme is old and tired. I think I've stayed in motels crappier than Gitmo."

Really...you got waterboard service and free starvation?

It bothers me that Amnesty ... (Below threshold)
Mike G in Corvallis:

It bothers me that Amnesty International now sucks so badly -- they used to do good work. Now they aim their protests against the only people who would ever pay any attention to them, and they ignore the perpetrators of true human rights outrages -- praising them by faint damns, as it were.

I am not advocating this, but I had a sudden mental image of a few dozen mock-jihadists, in appropriate costume and toting AK-47s, crashing this event ... and then suddenly pulling out very real knives and beheading a few of these moral imbeciles to demonstrate what real human-rights abuses are.

Nick Berg would be jealous ... (Below threshold)

Nick Berg would be jealous of Gitmo's conditions. God rest his soul.

Cassy, if you have stayed i... (Below threshold)

Cassy, if you have stayed in motels worse than Gitmo, maybe you should do something about how poor you are. Like, spend less time posting bilious drivel on the intertubes, and more time upgrading your career skills.

CassyI have stayed... (Below threshold)


I have stayed in a motel that was worse than GITMO. It was in a small town (population 5,000) during a hurricane evacuation. The town had a total of two motels with a total of about 36 rooms.

The furnishings and bedding would have been quaint in a family member's small farm house, but was dreary in a rental unit.

Well thank god as a victim ... (Below threshold)

Well thank god as a victim of torture McCain plans on shutting down gutananomo (he's not as evil as Bush) of course we can all still hate how Bush basically abused signing statements wiretapped without warrents outed a cia agent ruined the economy got us in an endless war bungled Afghanistan bungled katrina, politcized the justice department turned record surpluses into record deficits ruined our economic future by cutting taxes in time of war and causing major debt to the chinese for funding his stupid war which has created a terroist recruiting wonderland got WMD wrong ruined our reputation in the world

Allowed Korea to increase nuke program significantly, ignored the threat of global warming silenced scientist.

yep that idiot you loved fucked up enough for us and all that are not insane in this country to hate him forever. Luckily for him he has his fellow stupid people. who desipte all that still love him. maybe you can invest in his next company, he has such a good track record with those.

Like, spend less time po... (Below threshold)

Like, spend less time posting bilious drivel on the intertubes,

Like, the irony is astounding.

all that are not insane ... (Below threshold)

all that are not insane in this country to hate him forever.

Hey bud, not to make you more paranoid that you are, but they guy in the top bunk is staring at you.

rethug,Too bad you... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:


Too bad your rant has little basis in reality.

If I had my wish, all those... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

If I had my wish, all those pictured and some of the posters here would be immediately turned over to the Taliban, or maybe their friends in Darfur for interrogation. I'll bet anything given the choice they would prefer waterboarding. I simply hate traitors. Those pictured need a drive by.

I vote we capture, interrog... (Below threshold)

I vote we capture, interrogate and then kill the fuckers. Then 'no problem'. But I guess that's not "PC".

Same shitheads tell cops "you can reason with a drunk".

Too bad your rant has li... (Below threshold)

Too bad your rant has little basis in reality.

But, the fact that he could hit all the conspiracies without taking a breath was impressive. It's like he can spew all that without even thinking. Oh wait...

Actually, Clay, it looked m... (Below threshold)

Actually, Clay, it looked more like cutting and pasting, considering the lack of proper punctuation and capitalization.

considering the lack of ... (Below threshold)

considering the lack of proper punctuation and capitalization.

I don't think they'll cover that until 1st grade. So, I wouldn't expect better results from him until next year.

They will require some inte... (Below threshold)

They will require some intensive Mental Health care and that won't work. BDS is incurable. Thousands will comitt suicide (someone make them some Jim Jones Koolaide) and the rest will be locked away.

I'm tired of this GITMO=TOR... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

I'm tired of this GITMO=TORTURE shit. You want these scum out of Gitmo? Fine, put them in the Florence ADMAX. 23 hours a day in a very small cell, with almost nothing but yourself, a concrete molded bed, no contact with other prisoners, and one hour supervised excercise. They'll be begging to go back to the Cuban sun.

Really...you got waterbo... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Really...you got waterboard service and free starvation?

You know, you are a fucking idiot, jp, has anyone told you this lately?

I'd take Gitmo anyday over ... (Below threshold)

I'd take Gitmo anyday over being a resident of Waco with Janet Reno in charge.

And, by Waco, I mean the Br... (Below threshold)

And, by Waco, I mean the Branch Davidian complex. Horrible things happen there? There were certainly serious allegations made that should have been checked out.

Had they gotten a trial we would have descovered if the allegations were true or not.

Ohio.. Wasn't reno in charg... (Below threshold)

Ohio.. Wasn't reno in charge during Ruby Ridge too?

jp, has anyone told you ... (Below threshold)

jp, has anyone told you this lately?

I doubt that he's a stranger to the term.

"The "GITMO = TORTURE!!!" m... (Below threshold)

"The "GITMO = TORTURE!!!" meme is old and tired."- cassy

The service of Gitmo(and elsewhere in the GWOT Gulag) as a state-sanctioned torture chamber at the behest of a neoconservative cabal in the White House, and in reversal of 800 years of Anglo-Saxon consensus against such, will be the subject of historians (and polemicists) for decades to come. 2012-2108 is when the scholar-reporters can be expected to begin turning in their work. The more inclusive outlines and surveys might run into many volumes, like Gibbon's Decline and Fall Of the Roman Empire, considering the modern requirement for copious footnotes.

Bush: the Elagabalus who stayed too long thanks to the stability of US laws of which he himself is so dismissive.

bryanD,If Bush wer... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:


If Bush were really 'so dismissive' of US laws, you and most of your ilk would be, let's put this delicately, disappeared.

Yeah, Sheik, he would round... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Sheik, he would round up the 70% of the population that doesn't like him or approve of his job performance and toss them all out of helicopters, a la Pinochet.

I wonder what is the percentage of Americans who feel pity for their President right now. Probably more than approve of him, anyway.

Ohio.. Wasn't reno... (Below threshold)
Ohio.. Wasn't reno in charge during Ruby Ridge too?

Actually, I think that episode was during George H.W. Bush's presidency.

And actually, Chile could h... (Below threshold)

And actually, Chile could have had it a lot worse than Pinochet.

Like Allende, for instance.

I wonder what is the ... (Below threshold)

I wonder what is the percentage of Americans who feel pity for their President right now. Probably more than approve of him, anyway.

I haven't a clue how many pity him (but not many I wouls guess...he's either admired/respected or hated), but if the election were held today I think Bush would win by margins greater than he did when he defeated Kerry. His campaign would be simple: national security and taxes. Bush is far more popular with the base than McCain.

Not that this will matter t... (Below threshold)

Not that this will matter to you, guys since you are all idiots. but for posterity.

Reports indicate that the treatment of detainees since their arrests, and the conditions of their confinement, have had profound effects on the mental health of many of them. The treatment and conditions include the capture and transfer of detainees to an undisclosed overseas location, sensory deprivation and other abusive treatment during transfer; detention in cages without proper sanitation and exposure to extreme temperatures; minimal exercise and hygiene; systematic use of coercive interrogation techniques; long periods of solitary confinement; cultural and religious harassment; denial of or severely delayed communication with family; and the uncertainty generated by the indeterminate nature of confinement and denial of access to independent tribunals. These conditions have led in some instances to serious mental illness, over 350 acts of self-harm in 2003 alone, individual and mass suicide attempts and widespread, prolonged hunger strikes. The severe mental health consequences are likely to be long term in many cases, creating health burdens on detainees and their families for years to come."\"
Report of five United Nations experts on situation of detainees at Guantánamo Bay, 2006
notiz=Broadbrushing = stupid is as stupid does

I wonder what is the pe... (Below threshold)

I wonder what is the percentage of Americans who feel pity for their President right now. Probably more than approve of him, anyway.

I feel some pity. He took a job he was too stupid to do and (like everything else in his life) made a mess of it.

The fact is, liberals are s... (Below threshold)
Gary Ruppert:

The fact is, liberals are stupid and should shut up. I wish we could round you up and put you in camps.






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