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Race To The Bottom

You know, for a very long time, I've wondered just how loathsome a Massachusetts politician could be. And every time I thought I'd found the champion, another would come along and say or do something even more reprehensible.

Senators Kerry and Kennedy should need no explanation.

The late Congressman Gerry Studds held it for a while. He was censured by the House for seducing an underage page, carrying on a relationship with the seventeen-year-old boy for some time. When the censuring was formally presented, he defiantly turned his back on the House.

It took a few years, but soon Studds was forgiven by most. He kept getting re-elected, and eventually rose to hold considerable power in the House.

On the local level, Massachusetts has the dubious distinction of having two consecutive House Speakers get convicted of felonies for corruption.

And there's Representative James Fagan, who I mentioned recently.

But I think we finally have a champion -- or, at least, someone who will hold the title for at least a little while: US Representative William Delahunt.

Delahunt has been an asshole for some time, but mostly a low-key one. But last week, during a Congressional hearing, he was questioning David Addingtion, Vice President Cheney's chief of staff. And when he found Mr. Addington not suitably deferential, he basically invited terrorists to kill him.

Think that's an exaggeration? Mr. Addington was stating why he could not give specific details about intelligence gathering in a public hearing. Here's the exact quotes:

Addington: "I can't talk to you because Al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN."

Delahunt: "Right. Well, I'm sure they are watching, and I'm glad they finally have a chance to see you, Mr. Addington."

Addington:: "Yeah, I'm sure you're pleased."

And here's the video:

Yup, that's our Representative William Delahunt. (Well, not mine -- I've got a New Hampshire moonbat representing me, but "our" as in "part of our government.) Just pleased that a high official in the Executive branch has been shown on television around the world while his role in fighting terrorism has been highlighted, and hoping that some of those whose lives Mr. Addington has worked to make difficult got a good, long look at their enemy.

What the hell IS it about Massachusetts, anyway? Screw a fence with Mexico. I want one along New Hampshire's southern border.


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Comments (20)

The behavior of these pols ... (Below threshold)

The behavior of these pols is easily understood when you consider they suffer from a mental disorder..

The behavior is suicidal..

*whom* I mentioned recently... (Below threshold)

*whom* I mentioned recently.

Delahunt is a-hole. However, Addington is too. (http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/09/magazine/09rosen.html?ei=5124&en=f9a7a88fedfd96e8&ex=1346644800&partner=permalink&exprod=permalink&pagewanted=all)
And Delahunt did nothing to jeopardize Addington's safety, unless Al Qaeda doesn't have access to Google.

Hyper,I know even ... (Below threshold)


I know even addressing your comments gives you a "thrill down your leg", to quote a "famous TV personality", but you show yourself to be a loser every time you crawl out from under your rock.

Delahunt is a-hole. Howe... (Below threshold)

Delahunt is a-hole. However, Addington is too...
And Delahunt did nothing to jeopardize Addington's safety,

The levels of rationalization to which you liberal twits will sink is nothing short of amazing.

I'm beginning to develop a keen dislike for you.

Hyper, the commenters after... (Below threshold)

Hyper, the commenters after you are right. There is no rationalzation for this behavior from a congressman. You have demininshed yourself. ww

Delahunt is a loathsome ind... (Below threshold)

Delahunt is a loathsome individual. Can't Mass. send us anyone decent? All their politicians seem to suck!

Addington: "I can't talk to... (Below threshold)

Addington: "I can't talk to you because Al Qaeda may watch C-SPAN."

Nah, I think Osama and Co. are far more likely to watch Turner Classic Movies. Can't you just picture all those jihadists singing with Dorothy: "Somewhere, over the rainbow..."

Jay, you mentioned: "a high... (Below threshold)

Jay, you mentioned: "a high official in the Executive branch." According to the VP, he claims he is not part of the Executive branch. So is he, or isn't he. If so, he has lied again, and if he isn't, then where does he belong?

Delahunt is another liberal... (Below threshold)

Delahunt is another liberal Democrat with heavy political investments in defeat in Iraq, blame America first, and it's W's fault. The Left "must" punish those who crushed the hopes of Michael Moore's "Minutemen" in Iraq and Afghanistan. If the approval rating of Congress is a positive number, it is not because of the Massachusetts current contribution. Term limits anyone?

Allen, while I think the Ve... (Below threshold)

Allen, while I think the Veep is part of the Executive branch, Cheney's lawyers made a hell of an interesting point -- the only actual day-to-day duty given to the Vice President is as the presiding officer of the Senate, and therefore a de facto member of the legislative branch. While I normally despise weaseling maneuvers, there's a part of me that admires the ingenuity behind that perticular ploy.


There was a time when Delah... (Below threshold)

There was a time when Delahunt's deplorable actions would be summarily condemned by lovers of truth. Unfortunately, we have arrived in the age of relative truth. There are some, as we have already seen, who will seek to justify Delahunt's actions in relative terms. But, as C.S. Lewis aptly observed: "The human mind has no more power of inventing a new value than of imagining a new primary color, or, indeed, of creating a new sun and a new sky for it to move in."

Those familiar with Gulliver's Travels (I know, it's not a widely read book these days) will remember the land of Balnibarbi, where the Lagado Academy is located. The oldest department in the Lagado Academy is devoted to the study of color. Amazingly, the philosophy of color has been studied in Balnibarbi for over 2000 years. It was the scholars of Balnibarbi who discovered that all of the colors in the universe come from just three primaries - red, yellow, and blue - and that all colors derive from combinations of these. Of course, the primary colors themselves are not derived from anything.

Unfortunately, over the last few centuries the grand institution of Balnibarbian color philosophy has deteriorated, as the pseudo-intellectual upheaval has deluged the Academy of Lagado. A cadre of scholars still hold in high regard the doctrine of primary colors, but they are thought to be nostalgic reactionaries, deserving of derision or worse.

So, here we are in the upside-down world of today, where truth is a lie and men defend evil against good. Make no mistake; there is no small number of men and women who view Delahunt as a champion of the oppressed Muslims and are applauding him in his battle against America.

We've heard from a few already.

No, you haven't. I don't th... (Below threshold)

No, you haven't. I don't think anybody defended him above. I pointed out the fact that Addington is an asshole who wants to get rid of the FISA court, and that his safety was not jeopardized by Delahunt's stupid remark. He's not a secret agent, he's a high-level government employee.

I just realized that I negl... (Below threshold)

I just realized that I neglected to state that the above recounting of a fictional re-visit to the land in Swift's story was related by J. Budziszewski in Written On The Heart. My extreme bad.

Hyper: Doesn't Canada have ... (Below threshold)

Hyper: Doesn't Canada have a blog you can go to? I, for one, have absolutely NO interest in what you think!

Delahunt sounds like a bumb... (Below threshold)

Delahunt sounds like a bumbling idiot in the last few seconds of this clip. He just cannot string together enough 50-cent words in a way that sounds the least bit coherent. Kinda like Maxine Waters and her "socialization" commentary. Compared to him Addington sounds downright erudite.

I wonder how many democrats... (Below threshold)

I wonder how many democrats are on al Qaeda's payroll?

I see hyper, we can now hav... (Below threshold)

I see hyper, we can now have GW Bush give up his secret service detail because he isn't an agent? How about any islamofacist sympathizers here that may take note of Addington? Oh, I forgot, you say he and is family are safe. NO sense in takin precautions. Hyper, you just don't impress me with your ability to see wrong. ww

Taxachussets - San Francisc... (Below threshold)
Piso Mojado:

Taxachussets - San Francisco ?

Sister territories of which inhabitants deserve whatever comes to them.

What the hell IS it abo... (Below threshold)

What the hell IS it about Massachusetts, anyway? Screw a fence with Mexico. I want one along New Hampshire's southern border.

I second the motion. Those a**%^#es keep moving north to get away from the taxes, then voting for the same type of regime that taxed them down south.

If you want Democrats, stay in Mass. If you want to "Live Free or Die," for real, then come north and vote that way. Don't turn this beautiful little gem of a state into a Mass. annex.

Willie, I'm sorry you took ... (Below threshold)

Willie, I'm sorry you took me to be making cavalier statements about the security of Addington or the life of any public figure. I see no reason to think that one assclown's stupid, malicious statement might jeopardize the man's life. All it does is reveal Delahunt to be an a-hole. I thought it on topic to mention the fact that Addington is a person who suggested doing away with FISA courts. I think that, more than whatever Delahunt had to say to him, would be of more interest to terrorists; and that if terrorists were in fact interested in causing him harm or scaring him with threats of some sort, there was nothing preventing them from doing so prior to Delahunt revealing himself to be insane and malicious.






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