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I Knew There Had To Be Something About The Guy I'd Like

One of the big themes being pushed by John McCain's detractors is that he apparently has a bit of a temper. This struck me as odd, as we haven't really seen him "go off" on anyone despite some rather hefty provocations on the campaign trail (like the minister who asked him if he'd called his wife a cunt), but I'm willing to play along with it.

In that vein, Senator Thad Cochran (R-AL MS) is telling folks about seeing a glimpse of McCain's Irish during a visit to Nicaragua back in 1987.

During one meeting, Cochran says, McCain got physical with one Sandanista guerrilla leader:

"McCain was down at the end of the table and we were talking to the head of the guerrilla group here at this end of the table, and I don't know what attracted my attention," Cochran said. "But I saw some kind of quick movement at the bottom of the table and I looked down there and John had reached over and grabbed this guy by the shirt collar and had snatched him up like he was throwing him up out of the chair to tell him what he thought about him or whatever. I don't know what he was telling him but I thought, good grief everybody around here has got guns and we were there on a diplomatic mission. I don't know what had happened to provoke John, but he obviously got mad at the guy and he just reached over there and snatched him."

Two elements of this story struck me immediately.

The first is that I have to wonder if it's true. McCain makes no secret of his disability from his years of being tortured as a prisoner of war -- he can't lift his arms over his head. I'm no orthopedist or physical therapist (although I'm tempted to ask one I do know), but it seems to me a bit unlikely that he would be able to grab a guy across a table and yank him up, then threaten to throw him around.

The second thought came from my inner FrankJ (which we all have, if we are willing to admit it): McCain spent years dropping bombs on commies, got caught and tortured by commies, and about 14 years after being released, is still willing to manhandle commies. If he'd actually punched out the commie terrorist, I'd almost be ready to vote for him for dictator for life.

Note that while McCain's actions did not exactly improve our relations with Nicaragua, neither did they trigger a war -- or even a major incident.

That could make quite an ad:

"John McCain. First he dropped bombs on commies. Then, when they caught and tortured him, he stood up to them and took all they could do to him. Then, over ten years after being released, he still hates commies enough to almost punch one out in a diplomatic meeting.

John McCain. He hates commies more than anyone. Vote for him, or you're a commie, too, and he'll punch you out."

Either way, I don't think this story will do much to harm McCain.


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The first is that I have... (Below threshold)

The first is that I have to wonder if it's true...he can't lift his arms over his head...it seems to me a bit unlikely that he would be able to grab a guy across a table and yank him up, then threaten to throw him around.

I can tell you from experience that he could. I was re-covering from an accident that left me temporary paralyzed. While re-covering I could barely lift my arms. I got into an altercation in that condition. It did not come to blows, but the addrenaline took away the pain and for a brief moment I had full motion.

The affect of addrenaline are well documented. Epinpherine causes your body to break down glycogen and supply your muscles with "fast" energy that you would normally not have, it is known as the fight or flight response and will only be stimulated in times of stress.

I'm pretty sure everyone has read accounts of people performing feats they normally would be cabable of due to addrenaline.

Sounds like cowboy diplomac... (Below threshold)

Sounds like cowboy diplomacy. That didn't work too well for Bush.

McCain could bitch slap Oba... (Below threshold)

McCain could bitch slap Obambi. Obambi would just have to sit there and bleed, like Johnny Tyler did when Wyatt Earp popped him in the kisser.

McCain could bitch slap ... (Below threshold)

McCain could bitch slap Obambi. Obambi would just have to sit there and bleed, like Johnny Tyler did when Wyatt Earp popped him in the kisser.

What grade are you in?

MBA--University of Texas '8... (Below threshold)

MBA--University of Texas '81.

Great line: "You just going... (Below threshold)

Great line: "You just going to stand there and bleed...". Yea! JT, I am liking him more also. Dave, get a life dude. ww

I certainly won't fault Joh... (Below threshold)

I certainly won't fault John McCain if he ever got angry at some Sandinista leader. This wacky South American antiimperialism political cult was so bad for the economy of Nicaragua and fostering conflict with the United States, that even the Communist Party of Nicaragua joined a coalition of democratic opposition to remove the awful Daniel Ortega government from power once before in 1990. Unfortunately, that rascal Ortega won a narrow election in 2006 and took power for the second time with just over 38 percent of vote with five parties on the ballot.

It's absolute nonsense for Ortega to foster strong economic relations with some very poor and economically isolated nation like Cuba when the U.S. promises far greater investment opportunites and markets for goods like bananas and produce grown in Nicaragua. Cultists like Ortega blame the U.S. for every ecenomic problem in Nicaragua, while failing to develop meaningful trade and economic growth. Those in poverty in Nicaragua fall for the Ortega line far too easily.

You ought to turn your dipl... (Below threshold)

You ought to turn your diploma back in, obviuosly you were cheated.

McCain could bitch slap ... (Below threshold)

McCain could bitch slap Obambi. Obambi would just have to sit there and bleed, like Johnny Tyler did when Wyatt Earp popped him in the kisser.

If were going to re-regress to grade school:

My candidate can beat up your candidate. Obama would simply brush it off before pounding the snot out of McCain.

I dunno Dave. Your candida... (Below threshold)

I dunno Dave. Your candidate couldn't keep his wrist from going limp while fist bumping his own wife, so I doubt he'd be very effective even against an aging cripple.

SCSIwuzzy,Your eye... (Below threshold)


Your eyes(or memory) must be as old as McCains. Obama had stiff wrist. Michelle had the limp wrist.

Having a President with a b... (Below threshold)
Mac Lorry:

Having a President with a bit of a temper is a good thing. It's not like McCain has an uncontrollable temper or it would already be obvious. I want a President who worries the Iranians that if they keep pushing us we'll start pushing back. I want a President who keeps all the options on the table including going to war if our interests are threatened. I want a President who won't put up with congressional BS when they try to run roughshod over him. I think McCain has just enough temper to spice up the Presidency and get things accomplished.

Dave, as usual, you are <a ... (Below threshold)

Dave, as usual, you are mistaken.
Follow the line of the arm.
That wrist is about as straight as Freddy Mercury... only able to pass when compared to the Sir Elton bend that Michelle has going on.

SCSIWuzzy,I stand ... (Below threshold)


I stand corrected. I re-watched the video. Due to the close proximity of Obama and his wife (they just finished an embrace) Obama had to bend his wrist.

You do realize how irelevant this is in who would be the better president?

Our courtroom commando JFO ... (Below threshold)

Our courtroom commando JFO said:

"You ought to turn your diploma back in, obviuosly you were cheated"

I guess they aren't into spelling in Law school anymore. You're asking someone else to turn in their diploma?

Ahhh, I forgot. You're a liberal, it's not about following your lead, just doing what you want.

Ahhh, I forgot. You're a... (Below threshold)

Ahhh, I forgot. You're a liberal, it's not about following your lead, just doing what you want.

Your right about us liberals. "You are either with us or against us."

Whoops, I was wrong again. Its republicans that said that. Maybe thats why most of the world is against us?

Actually Dave, I was thinki... (Below threshold)

Actually Dave, I was thinking about Al Gore flying around in his G5 while telling us to "change" and "conserve"......also had John Edwards come to mind talking about "two americas" just before returning home to his 20M mansion.......or DiFi screeching about thei horrible war while her husband's firm rakes in dumptruck loads of cash from defense contracts.....

Back on topic, if it wasn't... (Below threshold)

Back on topic, if it wasn't McCain, I hope it was Violeta Chamorro slapping the communist thug at the end of the table.

As Jay suggested, it would make a great campaign ad that would remind Americans of the last time communists made an attempt to establish a presence in this hemisphere.

Hypocrites can't be right? ... (Below threshold)

Hypocrites can't be right? What about all the fighting fit chickenhawks?

Um, who brought up the my c... (Below threshold)

Um, who brought up the my candidate could beat up your candidate line?

Doc One of the thi... (Below threshold)


One of the things they taught me in law school was to use a secretary. Want to apply for the job?

"Two elements of this story... (Below threshold)

"Two elements of this story struck me immediately."

"The first is that I have to wonder if it's true." -- Jay Tea

Yeah, given that this story was reported by a Republican politician (Thad Cochran), I don't blame you for have strong suspicions.

The moron at the MSM who th... (Below threshold)

The moron at the MSM who thought this would be a good "hit piece" on McCain is delusional, just like the rest of the libs.

This is the MAIN reason to vote for him, and speaks volumes of his courage, and morals.

Does any serious person ever see Obama! standing on principle like this?! Ha, what a joke!

HOOSON! My God, is that re... (Below threshold)

HOOSON! My God, is that really you? I agree 100% with your post.

Therefore, it can't be you.

The Sandinistas are PIGs, and they have done more damage to Nicaragua than Somoza ever did, and they're still doing it today, all in the name of International Socialism of the most virulent, and failed, sort.

Ortega suffers from several mental disorders; he fiddles with his Party and Venezuela, while ordinary Nicas, of which my wife is one, go without. Stupid sick bastard.

Libs. used to be all about defeating dictators--remember the Carter years??? Now, they're all about tea parties with dictators, and f'n Kumbaya. F'n losers.

Jay:I was going to s... (Below threshold)

I was going to speculate on the physical capabilities of a 20 years younger Senator McCain, but then I read the comments above and I figured, ah, what's the point with this crowd.

I will say, however, that it's certainly possible to have normal strength but limited motion in a joint (like a shoulder).

The Saudis aren't dictators... (Below threshold)

The Saudis aren't dictators? The Kuwaitis? Was Musharraf? Come on, Mitchell, that's a pretty silly piece of oversimplification, dontcha think?

JFO, one of the things they... (Below threshold)

JFO, one of the things they taught me in business school was to retain good legal help to protect me from the rest of the lawyers.

And no, you wouldn't be considered.

DocIt's obvious to... (Below threshold)


It's obvious to me that your thought process is more like a proof reader than a business person - more in the secretarial vein shall we say. I repeat my offer - not to work for you for heavens sake but for you to work for me. You've proven the only thing you have that's superior to me is your typing skills.

hyperbolist, so you're sayi... (Below threshold)

hyperbolist, so you're saying you want aggression agains Saudi Arabia, who we're dependant upon because of the political class here not having their act together?

No thanks. You can go live in your hole, though, and have a nice life. Talk about over simplifying. Plus, you libs. wouldn't be in favor of doing anything about these dictators anyway, so why comment?


Mitchell, you're a twat. Ac... (Below threshold)

Mitchell, you're a twat. Act as though conservatives are high and mighty because their un-conservative authoritarian boy king occasionally makes noises about spreading democracy, but is perfectly content to exchange butterfly kisses with some of the worst people on the planet because to do otherwise would be an economic challenge.

How's this for doing something about asshole Middle Eastern terrorist-financing dictators?: stop giving them money. Use less fuel.

Nah, fuck it, let's buy 'em another indoor ski resort and cadre of Filipino servant-slaves!

This sounds all too familia... (Below threshold)

This sounds all too familiar. The lefties went nuts over John Bolton because he's a "such a meanie". More proof that feelings are what matters to libs. But the feelings they're concerned with are their own. No one else's, as is exemplified here every day by many of them.






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