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I Suspect Fowl Play

I go on vacation next week, and I really, really need it.

And not just for myself. I think I need to get Mr. Duckie away from his current environment, if at least for a little while.

He's got me deeply concerned.

First, he's had large amounts of cash, with no explanation where it all came from.


Then, I caught him indulging in certain habits I had not known he had taken up.


Yesterday, though, was the final straw.


I wonder... is there some sort of 12-step program I can enroll him in? And will my insurance cover him, or will I have to tell them to put it on his bill?

I only hope that the whackjobs from PETSA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Synthetic Animals) don't find out about this...


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Comments (8)

Is that a duck in cover? So... (Below threshold)

Is that a duck in cover? Sorry. I hate it when you take vacation, but I am sure it is well deserved. I am going in August for serious down time. ww

I think he's been surfing O... (Below threshold)

I think he's been surfing Obama's site too much when you are away from your computer. Check the history on your browser for the past 2 weeks.

It appears that you've fina... (Below threshold)

It appears that you've finally admitted what I suspected all along - you've "quacked" up.

Life. I was going to say, g... (Below threshold)

Life. I was going to say, get one. But being slightly off center myself, Ill just say, vacations are good. Take one! (as I am on a 'working' vacation, I'm all for them. Vacations that is.....)

Did Mr. Duckie grab the can... (Below threshold)

Did Mr. Duckie grab the cannoli?

(Enjoy the time off!)

Vacation. Sure.We'... (Below threshold)

Vacation. Sure.

We're on to you, Mr. Dickie.

P.S. - Who took the photo of Jay Tea's body?

Mr. Duckie, sry. I just rea... (Below threshold)

Mr. Duckie, sry. I just read Bill Jempty's article on the unwilling sex change, so it must have been a Freudian slip.....

Mr. Duckie reminds me of my... (Below threshold)

Mr. Duckie reminds me of my buddies pal, Rocko Rooster..

Tell Mr. Duckie if he wants to take an oath, I may have a contract or two for him....

With possibilities for lots of "vacations"







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