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Life in Florida VI

More wild and crazy news from around the Sunshine State.

The scarlet letter lives. Jacksonville man has the words 'wife beater' carved into his chest.

Happy meal. Man found with 55 grams of cocaine in a McDonald's bag.

I feel faint. Palm Beach Post columnist Jac VerSteeg thinks the US Supreme Court was wrong in banning the death penalty for child rapists..

Maybe he should pick Fuschia instead. Man breaks into woman's home and then flees but not before putting on one of the homeowner's blue shorts.

Assault with a deadly kielbasa. Central Florida man hits his mother with a Polish sausage.

He ought to be in pictures. Walmart security guard chases gets struck over the head with a 19-inch television set as he attempts to prevent a theft.

What drugs will do to your brain. First a crackhead assaults a woman, then ten minutes later returns to the scene of the crime to tell police, 'I did it'.

Listen to me carefully or Fluffy will die. Wellington woman steals neighbor's cat in order to get her dog back.

Hat tip- SFDB


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