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The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are Gerald(Missouri) Mayor Otis Schulte and former Gerald Police Chief Ryan McCrary. They get the award for the following.

Bill A. Jakob, 36, of rural Washington, Mo., may have pulled off the ultimate scam when he convinced an entire police force, mayor, and board of alderman, he was a federal drug agent.

Representatives of the FBI, the MSHP, and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department executed a search warrant Tuesday afternoon at a home of Police Chief Ryan McCrary in the 200 block of West Springfield, according to Gerald Mayor Otis Schulte. McCrary was placed on administrative leave on Monday. Investi-gators removed computer equipment and several other items. A routine trash collection at the resi-dence caused a near panic agents poured out of the house attempting to halt the trash truck as it pulled away. Two agents jumped in an SUV and pursued the truck with their lights flashing. They were able to retrieve the trash. Det. Scott Briggs, Franklin County Drug Task Force is shown carrying the trash container back to the garage.

As a result, Police Chief Ryan McCrary, Lt. Scott Ramsey and officer Shannon Kestermont were placed on paid administrative leave Monday afternoon and fired Tuesday (see box on top left).

According to McCrary, Jakob first came to Gerald about three months ago. He showed McCrary a badge supposedly issued by the Department of Justice, Multi Jurisdictional Task Force. He explained that his job with that agency was to help small communities by providing extra resources to help fight illegal drugs.

And as the Gasconade County Republican has documented, police and the town's city council bought this con man's story. The police conducting raids on people's home without search warrants, which should have tipped off these clowns. The day before the truth came out, Mayor Schulte swore Jakob in as a reserve police officer.

A con artist conning law enforcement. It was all easily preventable too. Linda Trest of the County Republican claims to have found out Jakob's past in about an hour. Jakob once owned a trucking company but had gone bankrupt, he briefly worked for small police departments in IL and MO but never gained certication as a law enforcement officer, and once pled guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault.

The blundering by local officials is still under way. Jakob is a free man, in spite of his taking part in over a dozen illegal raids on people's homes. If he put restraints on even one person, that's battery. Why hasn't those charges been filed at least? This story broke in mid May but only gained national attention in late June. Just recently a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of over 15 people has been filed asking for 11 million dollars. After the truth was discovered, most of the Gerald police department including its chief were dismissed. Now residents are asking the Mayor to resign. Schulte continued to defend Chief McCrary in the aftermath of this scandal.

If you want to read more about the Bill Jakob, go to the Gasconade County Republican website and conduct a story search. Bill Jakob may well deserve the award, but instead I'm naming Gerald(Missouri) Mayor Otis Schulte and former Gerald Police Chief Ryan McCrary today's Knuckleheads of the Day. They should have known better in addition to letting down the community they were elected or appointed to serve.

Hat tip- Jonathan Adler at the Volokh Conspiracy


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Doesn't surprise me. The b... (Below threshold)

Doesn't surprise me. The brass always seemed impressed by anyone with federal ID. Was working the front desk one evening when two FBI agents came in and flashed their badges. I commented that "I thought I smelled Kansas wheat and apple pie when you opened the door." Neither one cracked a smile, so I continued, "Yep, you're Fed's no sense of humor either." The watch commander, a lieutenant, who'd been standing nearby looked like he was going to have stroke. :o)

You know it's bad when you ... (Below threshold)

You know it's bad when you have you've been duped by your very own Captain Dwayne Hernandez (a/k/a "Spanish Mike" Alvarez). Isn't "Reno 911" required veiwing for all law enforcement officers?

Washington is just up the M... (Below threshold)

Washington is just up the Missouri River from St.Louis so this quote fits:

If you send a damned fool to St.Louis, and you don't tell them he's a damn fool,they'll never find out.

Mark Twain






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