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McCain: "I hate the bloggers"

John Amato at Crooks and Liars posts the following snippet from a December 29, 2007 town hall meeting with John McCain in Merrimack, NH.

McCain: "Now we've got the cables. We've got talk radio. We've got the bloggers. I hate the bloggers. We've got all kinds of sources of information."

The tone of the line and reaction from the crowd indicate that we're probably not getting the humor context the line was obviously delivered in. Considering all the blogger conference calls McCain has personally done, and the fact that neither the Boston Globe nor CBS News chose to highlight McCain's comment in their reporting from the Town Hall meeting it sure looks like we're getting a cherry-picked video clip from some outfit called Progressive Media USA (aka IssueAlliance) designed to mislead. We're getting the whole video to see what the real deal is...


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Comments (17)

Does he hold bloggers partl... (Below threshold)

Does he hold bloggers partly responsible for killing McAmnesty, maybe?

Who needs more context? It'... (Below threshold)

Who needs more context? It's a joke. Jeez.

"I hate the ignorant"... (Below threshold)

"I hate the ignorant"

Golly gee McCain, thanks for McCain/Feingold! Whats next? McCain/Kerry: instituting a blogger fairness doctrine?

I'm with mcg. I have a lot... (Below threshold)

I'm with mcg. I have a lot of reasons for McCain being far down my list of candidates, but this one would be a stretch. It was a joke. One, I hope, that keeps people like Lee Ward busy. I do so enjoy reading his ruminations :)

I know it's humor here. But... (Below threshold)

I know it's humor here. But it sure sounds like Grandpa doesn't like all that new fangled technology like those Edison cylinder players the kids are listening to these days.

Heck Hooson, its humor aime... (Below threshold)

Heck Hooson, its humor aimed at a demographic. If he came to Portland (ha ha) he'd probably be making jokes about beef-eaters. And then be pounced on by Anglophiles and carnivores alike.

This ranks with the "whitey" video (which didn't even exist) in pertinence.

Epador, I actually think th... (Below threshold)

Epador, I actually think that Mr. McCain is a very nice man who is often very charming and funny. But sometimes he sure manages to betray his advanced age with some of his statements. Oh well, he'll make a great spokesman for Rascal Scooters after the November election.

Heck, his arms are too shor... (Below threshold)

Heck, his arms are too short for the scooter. I'm thinking he's eying the Cialis endorsement so he can bury Bob Dole again.

Heck, his arms are to... (Below threshold)

Heck, his arms are too short for the scooter. I'm thinking he's eying the Cialis endorsement so he can bury Bob Dole again.

Once again the well trained Wizbang commenter eye for literary wit defeats the liberal Luddite commenter. And with sex.

That's gonna leave a mark.

At ease, HughS. epador's ju... (Below threshold)

At ease, HughS. epador's just having a smidgen of fun there... his credentials around these parts are pretty good.

And the Bob Dole/cialis line was a pretty good one... I wouldn't be surprised if McCain made some kind of reference to Dole before too long.


At ease, HughS. epado... (Below threshold)

At ease, HughS. epador's just having a smidgen of fun there... his credentials around these parts are pretty good.

Was I too hard on Paul's response? Or was my comment about epador's remark too flacid?

I was paying epador a compliment, and I'm well aware of his expertise because I have enjoyed reading his comments here. BTW, Bob Dole and Pfizer own Cialis. Another Senator says so.

Or is there a Henry James insult somewhere in this that I missed?

Um, isn't epador a woman?</... (Below threshold)

Um, isn't epador a woman?

I caught it, Hugh. And fou... (Below threshold)

I caught it, Hugh. And found it very funny too.

And um, isn't Hyperbolist a teenager?

I also "got" it, Hugh and f... (Below threshold)

I also "got" it, Hugh and found it funny as well. Epador's comment was great.

And Hooson, it was fun being able to interact with you in a discussion. Many of us don't have the opportunity anymore.

For your part, you were able to give a stock "talking point" from McCain's opponent's playbook - not once, but twice - and get away with it.

Isn't free speech great? ;-)

I seriously confused epador... (Below threshold)

I seriously confused epador with you, Oyster. It was late. I wasn't being a misogynist and using the word 'woman' as an insult. Chillax.

Thank you for clarifying th... (Below threshold)

Thank you for clarifying that, Hyperbolist.

I did wonder about that and thought that, if that was what you were saying, it was uncharacteristic of you.

Glad to see you didn't mean it as it came across.

Of course not! There's noth... (Below threshold)

Of course not! There's nothing I don't love about women. :)






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