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Terrorists Losing Criminal Support

Last week in New York City, a career criminal broke into a van in Brooklyn, planning on robbing it. Instead of a CD player or a GPS device or spare change, though, he found all sorts of scary things -- gas cans and cups and tubes and wires.

So, what did he do?

He took the van, left it down by the waterfront (well away from anything), then called a cop with whom he had had some past dealings (not necessarily positive ones for our bandit) to tell them about it.

One little detail leaped out at me: the van had been in the same spot for about a month before our patriotic thief broke into it. And just where was it sitting?

The street is lined with brownstones, and there's a ballet studio and a small Muslim school.

Obviously, we need to pay far more attention to those shifty ballerinas.


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Comments (15)

If you don't like ballerina... (Below threshold)
Son Of The Godfather:

If you don't like ballerinas, you're a racist!

Obviously, we need to pa... (Below threshold)

Obviously, we need to pay far more attention to those shifty ballerinas.

That's profiling, and that's wrong!

Need some new meter maids t... (Below threshold)

Need some new meter maids too, I think.

I'm sure those Balle... (Below threshold)

I'm sure those Ballerinas represent a small radical minority. Afterall, ballet is a peaceful dance.

"Terrorists Losing Criminal... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"Terrorists Losing Criminal Support"

Now if they would just lose Democrat support...

Will never happen Jeff, th... (Below threshold)

Will never happen Jeff, them, criminals, illegals, and dead people are all key voting blocs for the donkeys.

Everyone got voted up one -... (Below threshold)

Everyone got voted up one - all great comments :)

RE: Everyone got voted up o... (Below threshold)

RE: Everyone got voted up one - all great comments :)

I agree!

I read more on this and the... (Below threshold)

I read more on this and the police are saying it could be in connection with a Chinese national who was caught with similar paraphernalia in the recent past and also detonated a bomb in '02 injuring a tenant, but he's been in jail in Rhode Island since January. The van was parked a few blocks from his home that his wife recently sold.

"Terrorists Losing... (Below threshold)
"Terrorists Losing Criminal Support"

Now if they would just lose Democrat support...

What's the difference?

Duke Cunningham and Scooter... (Below threshold)

Duke Cunningham and Scooter Libby are Democrats?

Oyster -So who own... (Below threshold)

Oyster -

So who owns the van? They can trace the registration by the VIN, after all...

Or could it just be politically incorrect to say?

The article I saw (sorry to... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

The article I saw (sorry too lazy to find a link) said that the police believed, but could not prove that the van was the work of a guy they had in custody for a different attempted bombing.

The target (if the cops are right) was the dudes Ex-wife who lived on the block where the van was found. The guy has been in custody on the other charge since shortly after the van was first parked there.

If the van belongs to the g... (Below threshold)

If the van belongs to the guy who was in custody... that's one thing, and I'd imagine they'd come out with a definite yes/no on it.

But to kind of fuzz the issue like this - ah, hell. I'm suspicious any more of stuff like this.

JLawson: I agree. The fou... (Below threshold)

JLawson: I agree. The four media reports I read did mention that the tags were registered to another car, so we know the police started tracing right away. I'd imagine they knew who the car was registered to, but why the media reports don't say so is beyond me. Every report says the car had been there for over a month, but this guy has been in jail since January - that's 6 months. This is what irks me about much of the media. No follow up, selective information reported, and on to the next speculative story they go.






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