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The biggest problem plaguing Americans? We just aren't selfish enough!

I'm having a hard time figuring out if this is a joke or not. But considering this was a recommended diary at DailyKos, there's a good possibility the author was dead serious.

You pay all these taxes but you don't want anything in return for it. You don't want free health care. You don't want time off of work. You don't want anything. You're not selfish enough.

You get mad when someone is taking welfare and sitting on their ass. What have you got against sitting on your ass? The whole point behind having a government and paying taxes is to have more time to sit on your ass. That's what technology is for. You Americans work longer than anyone, pay all these taxes, make all these robots, and then not only don't you sit on your ass, but you get mad when anyone else does. You're f*cking crazy.

You aren't selfish enough. That's your whole problem. In a regular country, if anyone tried to take away health care and free time, there would be riots in the streets. Why? Because people want free health care and free time. That's all. They are selfish.

That's why people in other countries have a goverment. That's why they fund all the robot-making. I can't for the life of me tell why you have a government and do all the robot-making. Near as I can tell, you have machines that do more work than you just so you can be homeless and die. Which is the wrong kind of ass-sitting.

You say, "people on welfare are lazy." What the hell is wrong with lazy? Do you want lazy people to starve to death? Don't you want to be more lazy? Don't you want a hobby? Why not?

The genius of the left, folks. Laziness is good and working hard is bad.

Of course, with this mindset, we'd never have invented electricity, or made it to the moon, or created the internet, or any of the other incredible technological advances mankind has enjoyed. Without the enterprising spirit that Americans are famous for, where would we be? If everyone's ultimate goal was just to sit around on their asses and do nothing, then nothing would ever get accomplished.

And to wrap up, I'll let John and Right Wing News have the last word:

The reality is that this country can't afford to pay for the government services it's handing out now. So, the whole idea that we can receive even more while most of the country kicks back in a hammock and lets someone else do all the work is a fraud -- and it's a fraud at the heart of liberalism.


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Comments (33)

I think it was Gordon Lefto... (Below threshold)
Mike in Oregon:

I think it was Gordon Lefto who said "Lazy, for lack of a better word, is good. Lazy is right. Lazy works (pardon the pun). Lazy clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Lazy, in all of its forms, in life, with money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of leftists."

Do you want lazy p... (Below threshold)
Do you want lazy people to starve to death?
I'd prefer they got off their asses and did some work, but dying works [no pun intended] too.
Wow, Americans "invented <a... (Below threshold)

Wow, Americans "invented "electricity"? That must have been done by the same guy that invented light and sound.

Joe, I think you're nit-pic... (Below threshold)

Joe, I think you're nit-picking a bit there. Your right, we didn't invent it, but we did learn how to distribute it first. Which was obviously what Cassy was talking about. But I could be wrong.

I bet that asshat waits for... (Below threshold)

I bet that asshat waits for his/her welfare check and starts whining when it dont come on time.sheez,libs piss me off,but what ya gonna do,cant sendem anywhere they just come back.

I have no problem of people... (Below threshold)

I have no problem of people sitting on their ass. I have a problem of them sitting on their ass and making me pay them to do it. I'm a great believer in a "momism" passed down from my mother, from her mother. That is "No work-ee, no eat-ee". There is no shame in welfare anymore. Now it is a "right" and "entitlement" as in "I'm entitled to the benefits of YOUR labor". After all it is "from those according to their ability, to those according to their need". I NEED to sit on my ass, and YOU need to pay for it.

The Progressive Democrat's ... (Below threshold)
Bob Finer:

The Progressive Democrat's alternative national anthem, "Big Rock Candy Mountain".

I went and read the Kos pie... (Below threshold)

I went and read the Kos piece, and I didn't end up with quite as negative reaction as you obviously did.

So many of the discoveries and inventions that make life better for us all have resulted from efforts to reduce the amount of hard work needed to complete a task. You mention electricity, but this can be tracked all the way back to simple thngs like levers, wheelbarrows, hods, etc.

Other discoveries and inventions have been made possible by the free time to have hobbies (simply a word for doing stuff one finds interesting but is not necessary for today's food and shelter). Edison's own work and experimentation that resulted in electrical distribution, sound recording, electric light bulbs, etc. all came about that way.

If there is a discordance, it is that some folk are willing to postpone the gratification that comes from being lazy, or put their hobby energy into finding new tools, etc. to help facilitate even more gaining the chance to be lazy.

Me, I want to take lazy naps too, but I want to take them aboard my FTL vessel enroute to Alpha Centauri and, in the meantime, I'm willing to work towards that goal.

Don't forget, Algore invent... (Below threshold)

Don't forget, Algore invented the internet..

I agree! We should stop giv... (Below threshold)

I agree! We should stop giving so much money to the government and let the individuals who earned it spend it the way they see fit!

Be as lazy as you like but don't think taking care of your needs is someone else's responsibility.

So many of the ... (Below threshold)
So many of the discoveries and inventions that make life better for us all have resulted from efforts to reduce the amount of hard work needed to complete a task.
That's just so we can get more done in our 60-hour work week. Duh!
People who feel the way laz... (Below threshold)

People who feel the way lazy does should go where they will be treated better. Soon.

I'm sure that in the coming... (Below threshold)

I'm sure that in the coming Obamanation many, many more people will be sitting on their asses. When the unemployment rate hits Great Depression heights, getting people back to work will become the highest priority.

Liberals believe in bigger and bigger government. What liberals fail to understand is that government is the least efficient enterprise. Therefore, bigger government means a lower standard of living. Liberals who want European-style democratic socialism here in the US either don't know what that has done to Europe or won't tell the public. Even in Europe, the concept has been thoroughly discredited and many countries have changed back to something that work.

The original author has it ... (Below threshold)

The original author has it all wrong (so what else is new?).

We are plenty lazy here, but the problem is that we want the things that are too expensive to buy if we are just on welfare. We complain because we don't want to work so hard to afford those things, but get caught paying more taxes until the laziest do nothings can.

I know that the majority of... (Below threshold)

I know that the majority of leftists don't believe in God's Word, but last time I looked the latter part of 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, "If a man will not work, he shall not eat." That is the way our household gets fed anyway. Now, the lazy, drug-addicted neighbor is another matter. She's "disabled." Yeah, right. Does most anything she wants to when her laziness doesn't "disable" her.

"Why Work?" has been a recu... (Below threshold)

"Why Work?" has been a recurring theme in rich white kid anarchist literature for a long time. These kids are too clever to fall into the work trap, and they want to be rewarded for it. They think being a poet is enough to earn them monthy government checks. It's laziness and privilege left to simmer for too long.

Demand Utopia Globally
Crap On Everything Locally

So KOS has writers that wer... (Below threshold)

So KOS has writers that were reared on welfare and educated? by welfare. Would you expect them to do anything other than sit on their ass and ride welfare? They're words prove a point, they are dead inside (as all democrats are) and dead people never accomplish anything but fertilize the earth when they are finally put in it.

Please for the love of god,... (Below threshold)

Please for the love of god, tell me that is a joke.

The only joke here is Cassy... (Below threshold)

The only joke here is Cassy trolling for the stupidest things written in Kos diaries and then drawing conclusions about anything other than the author's shitty reasoning and rhetorical skills.

There are better things to read.

hyper, I beg to differ. Th... (Below threshold)

hyper, I beg to differ. This is far from the stupidest thing written on Kos.
It lacks the truther-ism and abject hatred for Israel that marks the true wackjobiest diaries on Kos. Or for that matter on the myObama blogs on the Obama campaign site.

But it's still stupid enoug... (Below threshold)

But it's still stupid enough to ignore, right? Like the point of this post?

Cutting away all of the ane... (Below threshold)

Cutting away all of the anedotes and handwaving from the diarist post, the purpose of government is to provide the people with a large inverted pyramid scheme whereby most folks can lay around as long as some sucker is willing to tote the load? Or did I miss something?

There are better things ... (Below threshold)

There are better things to read.

So, instead of wasting our time and yours, why not read them?

BTW, you don't have to troll very deep to find these things on Kos (or DU, or moveon, or ad infinitum). Why do you not think their relevant? They are being said, after all, and certainly not furtively. Why shouldn't they be discussed?

Your perspective is transparent enough. You're quite comfortable talking about the stupid things that you allege conservatives say, yet you advocate that we ignore the rantings of the idiot left.

You're consistent about being inconsistent. As always.

Or did I miss something?... (Below threshold)

Or did I miss something?

Nope. I think you pretty much nailed it. Quite efficiently, I might add.

Exactly, Ricardo. Maslow's... (Below threshold)

Exactly, Ricardo. Maslow's pyramid - inverted. If someone would only take care of my most base human needs, food, shelter, safety, etc. I could while away the hours pondering the human experience... and maybe get a few rounds of golf in.

To nit pick his whole premi... (Below threshold)

To nit pick his whole premise a little more...
There is no such thing as 'Free Health Care'. It does not exist.
What is his fixation with robots? I suppose it is easier to rationalize that what you are doing is okay as long as it's robots doing your work and not some kid in Thailand. Come to think of it, those kids are part of the problem. Shouldn't they sit on their ass too?

Clay: their, ther... (Below threshold)

Clay: their, there, they're. Someone as insufferably pretentious as yourself ought to know that these words are not interchangeable.

What the hell is Cassy's point? Retards write retarded things on the internet? Holy shit, why not blog about it?! When the teenagers at Kos waste bandwidth, why point it out? Are they writing campaign strategy for Barack Obama?

I don't have a problem pointing out to a conservative when they've said something stupid, but finding something incredibly idiotic and then using that to make or imply some conclusion about "the left" (or whatever Cassy was attempting to do) is infantile.

You people are making fun of a moron who isn't paying attention to you. You really have this much time on your hands?
notiz=Broadbrushing will get you every time.

Someone as insufferably ... (Below threshold)

Someone as insufferably pretentious as yourself

I really don't feel that important here. I say what's on my mind and really don't give much thought as to whether or not I'm thought of as pretentious. You, on the other hand, seem to have an intense desire to be heard and to be relevant. I got some news for you, pal. I'd wager that few think of you as little more than a minor annoyance. Most think of you as a mildly entertaining caricature, if they think of you at all. Maybe we could put it to a vote. However, it's not really necessary, is it? The fact is that you're a Canadian commenting on American politics. You're thoughts hold little sway, as most of us don't give a rip about what Canadians think of us, our politics, or anything else for that matter. We're just not buying what you're peddling, and it's a free market.

You really have this much time on your hands?

Perhaps you spend more time in thought than is necessary. And maybe you read a little slowly. I really don't know, as that requires me to think of you more than I'm inclined. However, the amount of time that I spend here reading and commenting figures as a small part of my day. Hence, my errancy in interchanging their, there, and they're (My gawd, talk about pretentious!). Of course I know the difference, did it occur to you that I'm just not bothering to proofread? These comments aren't exactly read by the scholarly elite, y'know. It would be pretentious of me to think they were. Wouldn't it?

You're thoughts hold lit... (Below threshold)

You're thoughts hold little sway,

Boy, I better point this out before some pretentious little shit points it out, huh? Your, you're, yore. I know. I know. Sheesh!

I can only discern from Hyp... (Below threshold)

I can only discern from Hyperbolist's commentary on the matter that pointing out something stupid a conservative says = no problem! Pointing out something stupid a liberal says = don't you have better things to do?

....like pointing out when a conservative misuses they're, there, and their.

No, Oyster, you miss the po... (Below threshold)

No, Oyster, you miss the point. Digging around looking for something stupid posted on a Kos diary is like me digging around on RedState or The Free Republic for something stupid; posting it on a blog; and then exclaiming "LOOKIT HOW STOOOPID THESE CONSERVATIVES ARE!!!"

DailyKos diaries are not the New York Times; they are not barackobama.com; and they are not worth reading, let alone criticizing or attempting to engage in a debate with.

Now, people like Al Sharpton or Howard Dean or other relevant figures in politics; or Josh Marshall or Atrios or MarKos--bloggers with influence--they are worth reading and criticizing. If you want to smack around some inconsequential asshole, do it at their blog, so that they might read it and think "Holy shit, I am a moron!", but don't inflict their bilious drivel on anybody else. That's what I meant when I said that I have no problem telling someone in a comment thread that they're being ridiculous, but I wouldn't bother dedicating a separate blog post to it. Someone like Jonah Goldberg, though, is worth dedicating a post to, because you know he Googles himself and hates being reminded how stupid he is. Same for Jesse Jackson: let everybody know how much of an asshole the guy is! He matters.

I understand that there is very little for Cassy et al to blog about right now, though--slow news period, nothing good happening to (or because of) Republicans--so if the only thing she can find to put on this blog is some idiotic rant by an inconsequential boob, then perhaps a hiatus is in order...?

Clay--"little shit"? Oh, ouch! I could care less what you think of me, you pompous jerk. I read this blog and comment because the occasional argument or spit-ball throwing contest punctuates what is often a dull work day. I'm under no illusions as to the import of a Canadian's opinion of American politics on an American political blog. I'm not here to make friends, especially with someone as palpably dislikeable as you.

Have a swell day, friendo!

Oh, I get the point alright... (Below threshold)

Oh, I get the point alright. It's inconsequential if you think so. It's important if you think so. It's all at your discretion. And that's fine, but don't pretend you're some kind of wizened or fair objector here schooling us on what's meaningful enough to warrant one's attention.

That you're not here to make friends is obvious. That you're here to do the same thing over and over, berate right of center commenters who make comments you deem "stupid" and ignore left of center commenters, is also obvious. All that tells me is that you either purposefully ignore them or you never think they say anything stupid. I'm not sure which is worse. If you're so keen on pointing out "stupidity" on a more personal level, I'd say you've had ample opportunity to show your superbly unbiased approach here to all stupidity.

We have prominent politicians happy to post at Kos among all those "inconsequential assholes". There were well over 200 comments on that one post last time I checked. 99% in agreement. These facts rate it as 'consequential' as far as I'm concerned.

Yeah, we all know DailyKos is a cesspool, but it's fun to pick on them. You don't like it? Tough shit.

I don't defend people who t... (Below threshold)

I don't defend people who toe the "Bush = Hitler" line, Oyster. As most people here are quick to shout them down, I don't see the point. I don't have time for conspiracy theorists, or those who are essentially on the opposite side of Cassy Fiano on the Kool-Aid coin. My politics are left of yours, but very much in the mainstream. (Actually, perhaps closer to mainstream norms than yours, if we care to reference current political trends.) Following this, I draw a distinction between intelligent commenters here (you, Clay, Mac Lorry, kim [r.i.p.]), people who I can occasionally have a conversation with, and the kooks that cling to coattails like zebra mussels of the internet (like poor ol' Scrapiron). When they say insane shit, nobody calls them on it, so I feel some sort of obligation. (I guess I'm overly sensitive in that I have a problem with lunatics wishing death and destruction upon huge groups of people just to say "Told ya so, libtards!")

Diarists at DailyKos aren't inconsequential because I say so; they are because the only people who read them are fevered fools like themselves and, apparently, their imbecilic counterparts trolling the internetz looking for strawpeople to burn on their own blogs. A diarist at DKos exists outside of the zeitgeist of popular liberal opinion. Read CrookedTimber or TalkingPointsMemo or Harper's to find a collection of serious, articulate people with sensible but provocative ideas that are sometimes reflected in mainstream politics; or, if you want to make yourself feel good by beating up on the mentally challenged, go read shitty Kos diaries and bloviate about them. Feeling smug about how stupid a Kos diarist is, is akin to bragging about beating a hamster in a fist fight. Kind of sad, you know?






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