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Timing Is Everything

Well, ain't this a fine kick in the teeth.

The day before I leave on vacation, my desktop computer (Frankenputer) suffers an apparent catastrophic failure of its primary hard drive.

Good thing I have my laptop backup (Electric Mayhem) on hand.

But I'm gonna be largely offline for a day or so longer...

Trust me, folks: I miss you more than you're missing me.


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Comments (13)

For a while I thought there... (Below threshold)

For a while I thought there was a blogging holiday at Wizbang. ;-)

Acronis True Image is your ... (Below threshold)

Acronis True Image is your backup friend.
I have found it on-line for $24.99

Just go on vacation, let us... (Below threshold)

Just go on vacation, let us know what happened when you get back, we'll survive.

And more important, have a ... (Below threshold)

And more important, have a good time.

I developed a rather embarr... (Below threshold)

I developed a rather embarrassing facial tic and my Tourette's got a little out of control due to the lack of posts today.

I'm much better now, thank you.

Uh Geez, did I miss somethi... (Below threshold)

Uh Geez, did I miss something?

'Trust me, folks: I miss yo... (Below threshold)

'Trust me, folks: I miss you more than you're missing me.' -- Jay Tea

I trust you, Mr. Tea.

Now all you need is your ce... (Below threshold)
the struggler:

Now all you need is your cell phone to blow up.

Well, I'll be thinking of y... (Below threshold)

Well, I'll be thinking of you this weekend as I pass through that little corner of the Granite State as I make my way to Nouveau-Brunswick from Boston. It's been requested that I stop at the state liquor store for the max allotment of Allen's Coffee Brandy, a staple in the Pinetree State, and an even more important commodity to the island dwellers. Good luck with the computer issues and return quickly. I'll have plenty of examples of moonbattery from my conversations with the same island folk when I return to the Beehive State (oh hell, with a trip to San Francisco in between. Lord help me).

Does anybody know why Coffee Brandy is known as IPR in those parts?

Whatever you are doing and/... (Below threshold)

Whatever you are doing and/or wherever you are going, have a blast. Don't think of us jonesing for a JT fix. ww

I dunno if 'Frankenputer' i... (Below threshold)

I dunno if 'Frankenputer' is to be salvaged or taken out back and shot, but you really should take a long look at a Mac next time around. Time Machine is your friend.

And we're supposed to belie... (Below threshold)

And we're supposed to believe that you can't blog from the "frankenputer?"


Nifty name, I just call mine the brand and year I bought it. (ie Dell2008) or (HP2007)

I meant that he could use t... (Below threshold)

I meant that he could use the "Electric Mayhem" to blog on while the frankenputer is on vacation.






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