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Dr. King Would Be Proud

Background from Gateway Pundit.

And yes, after months of quiet, this is what I post. Unreal.


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It is unreal. Jacks... (Below threshold)
dr lava:

It is unreal. Jackson and Wizbangers agree, Obama is an uppity negro.

dr lava thinks "bm s n ppty... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

dr lava thinks "bm s n ppty nr"?

Wow. That's an awful thing to say.

Think about it this way, it... (Below threshold)

Think about it this way, it was done purposely and Jessie knew the mic was recording.

This is just a distraction.... (Below threshold)

This is just a distraction. I would rather talk about Obama's experience. 183 total days in the Senate before he announced his candidacy. 183. This is what the lefties are putting the future of this country on. I could care less is Jesse dissed Obama. ww

Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson? ... (Below threshold)

Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson? Say it ain't so!

I guess the upside of thi... (Below threshold)

I guess the upside of this is that JJ may finally have consigned himself to well deserved irrelevancy.

Or not.

JJ, another product from Ch... (Below threshold)

JJ, another product from Chicago, only part of a different corrupt political machine.

Dr. Magma Extrusion again misses the point. We all done been thinkin' that Jesse is one of dem uppity Kneeegroes for a LONG time, and this is more eveedence. Obama isn't black, he's just a shade.

/saraster off

JJ's limited credibility ta... (Below threshold)

JJ's limited credibility takes another blow. Somehow I think Sharpton took over the 'come kiss my ass when you run for president' office two elections or more ago.

He's irrelevant and just got relegated to history's scrap heap of forgotten bigots.

dr lava,Project mu... (Below threshold)
Sheik Yur Bouty:

dr lava,

Project much? You lefties have an amazing ability to take your own worst, deepest, darkest thoughts, fears, and even behaviors and see them in everyone else, especially those you don't agree with politically.

I really don't care if our President is black, white, brown, yellow, or pink with purple polkadots. I don't even care if our President is male or female. The ONLY thing that matters to me IS 'the content of their character', their ideas, their beliefs, their experience, etc.

Obama has no content in his character. There's no there there. His only ideas come from sticking his finger in the wind to determine which way the wind is blowing. His 'beliefs' were shaped by some of the vilest, most anti-American people I've ever seen who actually live in America and have all the blessings and benefits of being citizens of this great nation. So, he could be the whitest whitety in America, but it wouldn't matter in the least.

Jessie's gonna rip Obama's ... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Jessie's gonna rip Obama's nuts off?
Jessie must have the combination to Michelle's safe.

So telling the black commun... (Below threshold)

So telling the black community that Jews are the ones allegedly suppressing their hopes is dreams is talking UP to the community?

I see.

Can we all agree to stop ad... (Below threshold)

Can we all agree to stop addressing Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton as "Reverend"? That's waaay more offensive than what he said.

Without the use of the term... (Below threshold)

Without the use of the term 'revrund', Je$$ie and $harpton would be standing on a street corner begging for nickels. The world has asked for years, 'What church are they revrunds of'? So you can replace revrund with 'con man using religion as a crutch', same to them.

The reason that Jackson cri... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

The reason that Jackson criticizes Obama is because Jackson is jealous of Obama.

Obama is what Jackson wants to be.

Jackson's ultimate goal in life is to obtain that same icon status that Martin Luther King, Jr. has, but without being killed in the process.

If Obama becomes the President, then he will gain the status that Jackson wants.






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