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Obama's Artful Campaign

For a guy noted for being so charismatic and smooth, has there ever been somebody so bumbling and awkward? Honestly, we're getting into Gerald Ford territory here.

The evidence

I present some totally specious arguments to the maladroit nature of the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Exhibit A

I quote me, regarding the news that the networks may have to change their coverage because [t]he networks hope they can scrape some change together to show the whole Democratic National Convention.:

Obama's decision "makes it enormously more expensive," said Paul Friedman, senior vice president at CBS News. "It does add to the overall question of how the networks should cover what is a non-news event."

"We're trying to figure out ways to cover what we need to cover and still stay in our budget," said Bob Murphy, a 30-year veteran of ABC News and the executive in charge of the network's convention coverage. "The change in the schedule clearly has put some very severe cost issues on the table and we are trying to figure out how to deal with that."

The horror. But still, moving things wouldn't be a problem if they had some time to plan. But the Obama camp zigs when it should've zagged, and leaves it to the establishment to do the apologetics.

Let's be honest, though. The only reason they're putting the thing on in a stadium is so they'll have enough room for all the journalists.

Exhibit B

His non-answer on balancing the budget.

Exhibit C

Via Hot Air, TelePrompTer-less Obama esplains language education:

Perhaps your argument would be more convincing if you mastered the language yourself? No, not Spanish. English. Speech 101, look into it.

Exhibit D

The FISA thing, naturally.

Exhibit E

Finally, from
Primetime Politics, Barak forgets the fundraiser part of 'fundraiser':

Maybe not Ford, how's about Michael Dukakis?


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Comments (5)

All Europeans speak english... (Below threshold)

All Europeans speak english, french and german? WTF?!

I spent 3 years in Europe i... (Below threshold)
Zelsdorf Ragshaft III:

I spent 3 years in Europe in the miltary. It was not my experience the people there all spoke multiple languages. But once again, Obama lies.

Why the constant emphasis t... (Below threshold)

Why the constant emphasis that Americans NEED to learn Spanish? Sure, it's good to learn another language. Spanish is a good one because we have a good deal of Spanish speakers here. So is French, German & Italian though. But do we NEED to?

I get tired of the "Europeans are so much more worldly in knowing other languages and customs" crap. There's a reason for that.

Many people in Europe speak more than one language. But why is that? The proximity of so many languages spoken in different countries in an area smaller than the US is the most prevalent reason. There's a NEED to learn another language. But stray from the tourist areas and not so many people know another language than their own.

I mean crap, if Alabama, Florida, Georgia and North Carolina were different countries, each having a different national language, we'd all be a little more bilingual too. It's not like I can just hop across the Florida state line to practice my Georgian either. It's not like people from Georgia regularly come across the state line to Florida creating a need for learning to communicate.

I have to wonder, do Obama's kids know Spanish? Has he made sure they learned it? Or is this something only WE need to make sure our kids learn?

OMGH... (Below threshold)


Hillary will not stand for this. O man better not go jogging in Rock Creek Park.

"Let's be honest, though. T... (Below threshold)
doug in Colorado:

"Let's be honest, though. The only reason they're putting the thing on in a stadium is so they'll have enough room for all the journalists."

No, ...haven't you ever seen Leni Riefenstahl's film of the Munich Unity Rally before WWII? Triumph of the Will? That's why he wanted a stadium...to show huge crowds weeping and trembling and falling on the ground with joy...it's called Mass Hysteria.






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