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Oh crap

This story from the Sunshine State really stinks.

TAMPA - When a man heard the carbon monoxide alarm sounding from his travel trailer, he went inside to investigate - and immediately was overcome by an unknown gas.

Hazardous materials experts with Tampa Fire Rescue concluded the odor was from a full waste tank that needed attention.

After buying the used, 40-foot Winnebago two weeks ago, Daniel Green, 59, parked it in his driveway at 2606 N. Lincoln Ave. Shortly before 10 a.m. today, he heard the alarm sounding.

When he became dizzy and had trouble breathing, Green left the trailer and called 911.

He was treated by paramedics and driven to St Joseph's Hospital.

Hazardous materials team members entered the trailer wearing protective suits. They found no running generator and no obvious source of carbon monoxide. Their carbon monoxide meters showed no signs of the gas.

Investigators concluded that the strong sulfurlike odor probably was coming from the waste tank. They left the trailer where it was so Green could take care of the problem.

Quite a load the seller dumped on Mr. Green at time of sale. I could make other comments, but most involve a four-letter word, the waray equivalent of is that. Wizbang readers can now make their own jokes.

Of course this all took place in Florida. Isn't this a great state or what!


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