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Life in Florida VII

Mostly insane news from around the Sunshine State. Does too much sun exposure cause people's brains to fry down here?

A picture is worth a thousand words? We'll start off with the Florida photo of the week. A garbage truck totals a Florida home.Garbage.jpg

Out with the trash- A woman from Jamaica gives birth and then puts her child in a garbage bag. The baby will be fine, the mother is likely to be deported.

Was it Vanilla or Chocolate?- Sarasota drug bust goes wrong when dealer goes back to a McDonald's counter to get his milkshake. Police then storm into the fast food restaurant.

I spoke too soon. Palm Beach County elections supervisor apologizes for the undercounting of votes in a recent election. Arthur Anderson can't competently handle one small special election limited to one city, how can he supervise the whole county?(Only reason Anderson isn't getting the Knucklehead, is because is because he has three already. The man defines inept.)

The report of my death was an exaggeration. South Florida blogger posts again less than three weeks after saying they were quitting.

Attention to detail- Miami Beach hotel changes the way their toilet paper is folded.

Sad news- Four-year-old dies in a Tallahassee daycare fire. The building was evacuated, but Grace Chen was accidentally left behind. Firefighters went back in but the child died less than two hours later. Say a prayer for the Chen family, there is nothing worse for a parent than to lose a child. I know this from personal experience. It has been reported that Grace's Mom is pregnant at this time.

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Arthur Anderson ca... (Below threshold)
Arthur Anderson can competently handle one small special election limited to one city, how can supervise the whole county?
Is this a sentence?
Bill, I am probably the las... (Below threshold)

Bill, I am probably the last Wizbang reader to learn the story of your son Daniel. I just read that trackback post and I want you to know that although I'm very late, my thoughts and prayers will be with your family.

As to my home state of Flor... (Below threshold)

As to my home state of Florida--how many of those people are native Floridians and how many are transplanted New Yorkers or Bostonians? Don't blame us for their spreading their madness down here! - :-)

Sorry to hear of the loss of your child. The wife and I went through two late term miscarriages and it never goes away.

Bill I think you are giving... (Below threshold)

Bill I think you are giving Anderson too much credit, I believe it was just one district.

I'm a native Floridian, and... (Below threshold)

I'm a native Floridian, and if you look on the news it's almost all non-natives. People from New York, other big cities, Mexico, Cuba, etc. etc.. They come to this 'Paradise' to get away from the troubles of the place they left, unknowingly turning it into the place they left. If it's city people mowing down hundreds of acres of natural life, notorious teenagers forming gangs, or just a person who hardly speaks a lick of English making drive-through a massive pain. Immigration is what's ruining Florida. (Of course, I have no problem with other races, I'm personally a giant mix of them myself (Native American, Viking, Norwegian, you name it), but I do have a problem with the people coming here. Like, I don't care if you're white or black, if you're a gangster, I'm staying away from you (Hope that doesn't go across the wrong way))






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