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Life in Florida VIII

I have lived in 6 states in my life, but it seems like Florida gets most of the crazy people.

Never bring an orange to a knife fight. An interesting domestic disturbance takes place between boyfriend and girlfriend in Indiantown Florida. No serious injuries, but both are taken off to jail.

We deliver. Unknown person puts decomposing opossum on Port St. Lucie home's welcome mat.

Karma. Man holds up 7 eleven, then gets robbed by men he asked for a ride from.

Ransom demands. U of Central Florida student is holding the Eucharist hostage.

Why Florida schools are flunking. Orange County School Superintendent gives press conference with a sign in the background using the word 'inital'.


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I recommend "Ed School Foll... (Below threshold)

I recommend "Ed School Follies" by Rita Kramer for an insight into our sorry schools.

Anything by Carl Hiaasen is... (Below threshold)

Anything by Carl Hiaasen is a good window into the weirdness that is Florida.

"Ransom demands. U of Centr... (Below threshold)

"Ransom demands. U of Central Florida student is holding the Eucharist hostage."-bj

Replace "Eucharist" with "God" to more fully communicate to the general public the wacky world of Roman priestcraft.

(The whole nomenclature of the mass derives from the worship of Astarte/Ishtar ("Queen of Heaven"). She demanded cakes shaped like the sun. It's in Jeremiah. It's a no no. Google it.)

BTW The last supper that Christ and the apostles shared (and which the Catholic mass riffs off of)was the Passover meal of unleavened bread and wine which Christ says was for a MEMORIAL (remembrance) as opposed to a magic lamp for calling God down IN SUBSTANCE like a fucking genie* to be held hostage by the nearest retard.

1: The "man of sin"(Satan as antichrist is revealed.
2: THEN (and ONLY then) will Christ come down to earth, etc, again. It's in black and white.

*That includes burnt toast and lime stains on sidewalks, too. Thank you.

Bill, your link to the robb... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Bill, your link to the robbery story is actually linking to the dead opossum story.

it seems like Flor... (Below threshold)
it seems like Florida gets most of the crazy people.
What do you expect? Someone took the lower 48 and tipped them over. Everything that wasn't firmly nailed down ended up in the lower right-hand corner...
The kidnapping of Christ is... (Below threshold)

The kidnapping of Christ is over. However, the perp has filed hazing charges with the University against the group holding the Mass, for "forcing" people to consume the Host.






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