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Barium for Breakfast

I was in MD Anderson this morning for another look-see into the bad little cells which have been going after me for a few years now. As before, things went well and the little monsters - rather literally - are not growing in size or number, so all is well. I have to admit that in the past year, I have been feeling a bit guilty when I come in for these examinations, because things for me are going well. It is unsettling to see so many people who are not getting good news, including children. Too damned many children get cancer, and I do not much like seeing children forced to undergo the nasty symptoms I have been blessed to avoid - not only from the cancer, but many of the side effects of the treatments. Then again, having seen - and seen up close - what Cancer does to people - I will say again that no one deserves it. It's an evil, foul thing, and anyone who could be trivial about someone dying from it is a soulless ghoul, so far as I am concerned.

Sorry if the tone's a little rough. I am still radiating from the barium, I think, but for all of that I am awfully lucky, and feeling a bit depressed that I can't do more to help others who have not dodged that particular bullet.

May the Lord have mercy on all His children.


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Comments (17)

Congrats on the positive pr... (Below threshold)

Congrats on the positive prognosis, DJ. My father's mother succumbed to breast cancer at an early age, leaving my grandfather to care for nine children while struggling to keep his farm in operation, and my best friend passed away from brain cancer five years ago at the age of 21 after having barely survived it twelve years previous. I firmly believe that it's the worst thing in the world.

Good luck. I'm a 14 year su... (Below threshold)

Good luck. I'm a 14 year survivor and believe me when I tell you it will be a while before you don't think about it every day.

They use barium in drilling... (Below threshold)

They use barium in drilling mud, too.


Which explains a lot.

I always wish you the very ... (Below threshold)

I always wish you the very best, DJ. Soldier on. ----I'm still trying to get over the very sad loss of Tony Snow to cancer this week. He was such a nice man, great journalist and a very brave and inspirational warrior with this losing battle.

Glad to hear your good prog... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear your good prognosis, DJ. I understand where you're coming from concerning your wishes to try to more to help others. It is a terrible disease.

Praises and Blessings! I'v... (Below threshold)

Praises and Blessings! I've been working on a Pink Flamingo post about bad things and good people. It's nice to have something good to report. As someone who is 'looking good' after 10 years being free of melanoma, I rejoice at your news. I hate this stuff. I am so thankful you are doing good.

The Pink Flamingo

FYI - The last time my mother did "nuclear medicine", she set off the radiation detectors at the Border Patrol checkpoint at White Sands, NM!

DJCo-Sign with you... (Below threshold)


Co-Sign with you about the children! I wish you all the best! Many blessings!

Good for you!I'm g... (Below threshold)

Good for you!

I'm getting my tumor chopped out this Thursday. I hope I do as well as you.

Hang in there, DJ!... (Below threshold)

Hang in there, DJ!

Glad to hear things are going well. I hope they are going well for your co-blogger Bill Jempty, too.

God bless you both and your families as well.

Take care.

DJ, my fellow Houstonian, I... (Below threshold)

DJ, my fellow Houstonian, I pray that you have nothing but good news from now on. Don't carry guilt, it does not help. ww

DJ, I know the feeling. I ... (Below threshold)

DJ, I know the feeling. I was in the hospital last week for a series of tests, including all the yucky drinks. I was surrounded by people who were in various stages of cancer. I felt so guilty, I have/had gastritus.

I am so glad you have recei... (Below threshold)

I am so glad you have received good news, believe or not you are one of many I keep in my prayers. May your faith continue to sustain you. God Bless

Great news DJ! The prayers ... (Below threshold)

Great news DJ! The prayers will continue.

Glad to hear the good news ... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear the good news DJ. Keep on keeping on.

12.5 year survivor here. T... (Below threshold)

12.5 year survivor here. The saddest day during treatment was the day I wasn't the youngest person in the waiting room. I sat down across from a 17 year old. And he was on his second time around. Normally, at 37, I was the youngest there. The other sad time? Walking out of the office and seeing someone I knew in the waiting room.

It's not a picnic for anyone, and all you can do is to hunker down and keep going.

There will come a day... The greatest day was about a year and half ago when the doc plastered a big ole smile on his face, and told me to get out of his office and NEVER come back.

DJ, as someone who has had ... (Below threshold)

DJ, as someone who has had a close family member and several friends to die of cancer, I'm thrilled at your good news. It gives me hope that the medical establishment does help some people overcome. I live here in TN, where St. Jude Children's Hospital was started by Danny Thomas many, many years ago. What a gift that hospital has been to many families. More children now survive cancer than ever. I'm grateful to God for giving people the intelligence to learn through research how to help sick folks.

Glad to hear the good news,... (Below threshold)

Glad to hear the good news, DJ.

And as a new father, I now have some vague sense of what it must be like to have a child sick with cancer. Soul crushing is the only phrase that comes to mind.

May the peace and grace of God be with the children.






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