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The Obamamessiah thinks enforcing immigration laws equals terrorism.

Conveniently enough, he was giving a speech to the National Council of La Raza. What a coincidence! I wonder if he would give this same speech to a room full of, say, Border Patrol Agents. Just wondering.

Here's the transcript:

When communities are terrorized by ICE immigration raids, when nursing mothers are torn from their babies, when children come home from school to find their parents missing, when people are detained without access to legal counsel, when all that is happening, the system just isn't working, and we need to change it.


Hard to believe it would be possible for someone to make John McCain's immigration position look good, but there you are. Anyway, this is quite possibly the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I have a hard time gathering up much sympathy for illegal immigrants seeing as how their mere entry into this country makes them criminals. They break our laws to get here, and then we're just supposed to look the other way? Well, sorry. That isn't how it works. Breaking the law bears consequences, and perhaps these illegal immigrants should think about that before they come here illegally.

Is this really the kind of person we want as President, someone who thinks that Al Qaeda and ICE are similar organizations? It's unbelievable to me that he would smear immigration enforcement that way, especially as there's no basis in truth to anything he's saying. As Ed says,

The ICE raids workplaces when they have probable cause to suspect an employer of hiring illegal aliens. They arrest workers who have false IDs and/or cannot prove their identification. The ICE takes pains to find children who have been in school when these raids occur and no other guardian can be found, and unless I missed a news story, ICE agents do not tear babies from nursing mothers' breasts. Does Obama have a citation for that, or does he just feel like lying to people to make ICE agents sound like Nazi brownshirts?

My guess is that he's perfectly happy making ICE agents sound like Nazi brownshirts, especially given his audience. That was probably his goal going into it. Doesn't matter how honorable the men and women working for ICE may be, the Obamamessiah's got votes to win. If he'll throw his own grandmother under the bus to get the Presidency, why should anyone else be safe?

And AJ Strata points out that he might just be channeling his good friend Bill Ayers:

Is anyone being beaten or bombed? Is anyone being oppressed because they broke the law? Hell no. And to insult those who are doing what they can to stem the tide of illegals by equating them with al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Hamas and others who really do 'terrorize' people just shows what a panderer Obama is. I cannot also help but note how much these comments echo those of the Weather Underground from the 60's, who decided to use violence against America. Obama is clearly having a "Bill Ayers moment" here.

And if this really bothers the Obamamessiah so, then why hasn't he done anything during his stint as a U.S. Senator to change that? Is it possibly because he was pandering to his audience just a little bit? Could it be he's taken no action against what is apparently the reincarnation of the Gestapo because he knows it would be a politically disastrous move? Or was he actually speaking candidly to the La Raza crowd? Which is it?

In any case, all McCain needs is for the Obamamessiah to keep saying things like this, although I only give the Obamamessiah less than two days before he's issuing a retraction or a clarification or whatever he thinks he needs to do for damage control.

Hat Tip: My colleagues at Stop the ACLU


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Cassy, Bill posted a simila... (Below threshold)

Cassy, Bill posted a similar article. Unlike him, I agree with your take. Obama's people know what that word will generate in the leftists circles. Excitement. He sold out the border agents for votes. Way to go Hussein. ww

The United States Governmen... (Below threshold)
Richard Fredericks:

The United States Government its slave catchers, police and now its ICE agents have employed Terrorist Tactics since the inception. The history of government tolerating/sponsoring Torture and Terror is clear and evident throughout the history of this country.... particularly and most blatantly against people of color. The more things change the more they remain the same. Snatching brown babies from the arms of nursing mothers is nothing new in Amerikkka!

Despite what BHO says, no b... (Below threshold)

Despite what BHO says, no baby was snatched. The baby was already in the hospital. He's actually parroting an NYT lie that O'Reilly debunked. Details at the link.

If anyone wants to *actually do something*, go to a BHO appearance, call him on one or more of his lies, and then upload his response to Youtube.

Richard,Point us tow... (Below threshold)
Elroy Jetson:

Point us towards some proof of these fantastic stories.
Cue the crickets....

Richard Fredericks... (Below threshold)

Richard Fredericks

your a idiot. Whats wrong with this country doing WHAT EVERY OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET DOES--Enforce its immigration laws?

Fiano: is anybody who 'terr... (Below threshold)

Fiano: is anybody who 'terrorizes' a 'terrorist'? The latter has a specific connotation in 21st century America; the former means something pernicious though far less specific.

Obama needs to spend some t... (Below threshold)

Obama needs to spend some time with people who families were victimized by illegal aliens before he takes sides with the bad guys.

The only time I remember th... (Below threshold)

The only time I remember the feds kicking down a door and ripping a child out of the arms of his family was when Janet Reno sent Alberto Gonzales to the communist hell-hole to the south of Florida.

Alberto Gonzales? Yo... (Below threshold)

Alberto Gonzales? You sure about that, Socratease?

Obama's trainers know what ... (Below threshold)

Obama's trainers know what the word means to people. They purposely put it in there. The left demands that government agencies be labeled terrorists, torturers, etc. Words mean things. ww

Obama is desperate for the ... (Below threshold)

Obama is desperate for the Latino vote, and will say whatever he thinks he needs to to pander to whatever demographic he's at.

He's already got the Latino... (Below threshold)

He's already got the Latino vote, epador. So... huh?

Willie: The left demands that government agencies be labeled terrorists, torturers, etc. I thought it was the conservatarians who were anti-government? Consistency, man!

Well apparently it's clear.... (Below threshold)

Well apparently it's clear. If you're a terrorist, Obama's your man. He'll soon be giving Iraq to you. If you're in the US illegally, Obama's your man, he'll soon be giving America to you.

If you're an American, Obama has something for you too. A hefty tax increase and four years of venomous race relations debate. So much to look forward to.

He also has something else for you. A kick in the butt to learn a new language, so you can communicate with the 12 million Illegal Aliens he'll be providing blanket amnesty for.

Yeah, that's CHANGE alright.

At least America is getting a glimps of the wild eyed liberal he really is, instead of the phoney centrist persona his campaign has been painting him to be.

Danny Vice






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