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Life in Florida IX

More crazy and stuff from around the Sunshine State

Bedpans need not apply? Woman assaults her crack using boyfriend with a toilet seat.

Bring the entire family. Adult resort pulls its affiliation with American Association for Nude recreation. You ask why? The association claims Caliente resorts isn't upholding family values as other chartered resorts do.

Abandon Ship. Boat ditched on I-95 off ramp.

Sandwich meat. Woman has fingertip bitten off at meat market.

Ashes to ashes. Man drowns while snorkeling shortly after dumping his mother's ashes at sea.

"How about the town of dumb ideas?" The town council of Northport pays marketing firm $92,000 to brand the town and give it a market identity. Whatever that is.

Scrap metal. Horse sculpture found ten years after it was stolen from a museum.

This is certain to make people want to serve on a jury. North Florida judge sentences prospective juror to 3 days in jail after the woman calls him an asshole. Wouldn't some kind of community service been a better idea?

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