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Thirty-three, trying to be sixteen, acting like five

Some how I don't think this news will make the Today show.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Colorado woman alleged to have sparked the raid on the polygamous FLDS ranch in Texas with bogus tips may be on the run.

On Monday, an arrest warrant was issued for Rozita Swinton after she failed to show up for a court hearing on charges of violating her probation for one of two other false-reporting cases against her, court administrator Lori McKager told Salt Lake City's 2News.

Swinton is accused of violating her probation stemming from her 2007 guilty plea for telling police she was a 16-year-old girl who was suicidal after giving birth.

Authorities have linked her to a phone number used to call a Texas crisis center thought to have triggered an April raid where more than 460 children were removed from the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints' Yearning for Zion ranch in Eldorado, Texas.

Swinton, 33, faces jail time if found guilty of violating probation

If not for Don Surber's blog post, I wouldn't have known that the FLDS travesty, was all the result of an adult pretending to be sixteen. Funny when children's and family lives were being disrupted, it was front page news and worthy of all sorts of media attention. Now that the truth is coming out, its not worth mentioning. The Baby 81 incident, but on a much bigger scale. The stories of multiple couples claiming to be the baby's parents was also learned to be a hoax, but sensation beat truth there also. Only a few bloggers and some South Asian news services reporting what really took place.

If found guilty, I hope Rozita Swinton gets the worst possible sentence. It will be a pinprick compared to the chaos she caused.


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When you business is sellin... (Below threshold)

When you business is selling ad space and entertaining people, and sensationalism accomplishes those two goals, I'm really not sure how the TV/Newspaper business can be the entity it needs to be to remain relevant. I often tell people I am lucky to be the age I am. I remember when newspapers did real investegative reporting.

Don, unfortunately the nati... (Below threshold)

Don, unfortunately the national press (and obviously the judiciary) was unable to deal with a subculture which has practiced deception and subterfuge under the banner of religion for over a hundred years. Ever since the mainstream LDS church eschewed polygamy in the 1890's, underground "fundamentalist" groups have perfected their polygamous lifestyle by using Mexican (Colonia Juarez) and Canadian (Bountiful) colonies and clustering in insular groups in remote intermountain west communities (Short Creek/Colorado City, Hilsdale, and Fredonia). These people believe that, as Brigham Young and the early Mormon leaders taught, that a man must have at least 3 wives to attain "Eternal Life," or Exaltation. To that end, daughters are groomed to become brides and mothers shortly after puberty, and leaders exchange their daughters with each other to enhance their status in the community. Many young men are forced out of their communities when they reach the ages of 17-19 by the adult men, because the demographics do not allow them even one wife, let alone the 3 or more which exemplify success and achievement in the FLDS world view. It is a tragedy that the Texas law enforcement and child protective services did not understand the tortured history of this sect and their demoniacally clever theology, which convinces girls and women that they will never attain eternal life if they do not submit sexually and mentally, to the powerful men who lead the group and command total obedience.

While I agree with AnnInAZ,... (Below threshold)

While I agree with AnnInAZ, I also don't think the situation was handled correctly or lawfully.

Our straight arrow, non-bia... (Below threshold)

Our straight arrow, non-biased media would never consider playing up a story for the purpose of damning a Christian faith based organization. No. No way. As usual, it was simply all about the chirren!

The court date for which sh... (Below threshold)

The court date for which she did not show has to do with violating her probation requirements. She is on probation for making false reports in 2005. She also has misdemeanor charges against her for false reporting in February, 2008.

Valid questions are: Did Texas authorities confirm the origination of the phone calls to NewBridge? If they did not, why not? Aren't they supposed to ascertain the credibility of reports before taking action?

And if they did investigate the source of the calls, they would have discovered the calls were false. If they discovered the calls were false, did they then scurrilously obtain a search warrant for "Sarah" in spite of that knowledge?

The MSM has made clear it is not interested in investigating for the truth. The hysterical headlines sell much better and make for better TV ratings.

Was Annie pointing out a cr... (Below threshold)

Was Annie pointing out a crime report that I missed?

Is Annie holding evidence of crimes committed to play later?

Did Texas help to free all those women that are captive victims of the brainwashing cult Annie sees?

Are there specific portions of the scriptures that Annie wishes for all of society would ignore?

Is there a change that justifies we ignore such?

Is it obvious to all by now that God is gender biased?

If God is gender biased, th... (Below threshold)

If God is gender biased, then He ought to be ignored, or chastised, because it's wrong. I take it that's what you're implying, right kbp?

Oh, and there is a hell of ... (Below threshold)

Oh, and there is a hell of a lot of scripture that needs to be ignored, and ignored hard. Leviticus? Umm, no thanks, shellfish is tasty and anyone who says I shouldn't eat it can keep that deranged opinion to themselves.






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