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The Obama Iraq Documentary

Mr. Hope-Changeyness himself shows us just how unlike a regular politician he is. See, these aren't flip-flops. This is just pandering you can believe in! Like, duh!

Of course, the name John Kerry is floating around in my head right about now. Obama was just for this stuff before he was against it... before he was for it again. Or something like that. But of course, we need to remember that the Obamamessiah has charisma. And hope. And he stands for change. And that's all we need to know. Who cares if he can't keep his story straight on Iraq? Solid policy isn't what's important. Pretty speeches are much more important.

Hat Tip: Hot Air


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Bush says no talking to Ira... (Below threshold)

Bush says no talking to Iran, now he's talking to Iran. Who cares if he can't keep his story straight?

Mr. Obama may have been wro... (Below threshold)

Mr. Obama may have been wrong about the reality that "the surge" has cut U.S. combat deaths. But that's a pretty small mistake compared to other mistakes about Iraq....

It was indeed the Bush Administration who was wrong about the presense of WMDs in Iraq. It was Donald Rumsfeld who sent in inadequate numbers of U.S. troops to keep order in the nation, and poorly equipped them with inadequate amounts of bullets, flashlights or body armor or armored vehicles. It was President Bush who told head of CBN, Pat Robertson, that he didn't expect any American casualties in Iraq. It was the Bush Administration that was wrong about expecting a hero's welcome for American troops as they rolled into Iraq, and instead there was a protracted conflict with rival Shiite and Sunni sectarian militias as well dead-ender Baathists associated with Saddam Hussein's government to contend with. It was a mistake for Bush to encourage Al Qaeda "to bring it on", and make a deadly stand against the U.S. in Iraq, resulting in the loss of many American and Iraqi lives both. It was a mistake for Britain to occupy Iraq for the sercond time, when their first occupation that lasted from 1922-1958 ended in failure, once before.

Rather than a real democracy, the government of Iraq is a Shiite dominated religious-militia government where some politicians such as the Mayor of Baghdad was replaced with a militia member in an armed coup, other politicians have been slain, and videos made of these killings to terrorize many Iraqis into not voting. I don't know of any American city in which armed gangs install their own as mayor of a city. Yet some still call Iraq a "democracy" for some odd reason.

In addition this war in Iraq has killed 1,236,604 Iraqis according to JustForeignPolicy.Org and created 2 million Iraqi refugees who have overwhelmed social services in both Jordan and Syria. This war has also increased the power of Iran in the region, who are urging the Shiite dominated government to set a timetable for U.s. troop withdrawal so that Iran can pick up the pieces in Iraq.

Yes, let's make this an honest discussion about all the mistakes made about Iraq by everyone and just how much money and lives it cost. "The surge" has reduced violence against Americans, but it has still fallen way short of giving the people of Iraq the security that they desire to raise a family or prevented so many from becoming refugees into neighboring states that are far safer places to live.

In the interest of full dis... (Below threshold)

In the interest of full disclosure, Wilson initially sent an insufficient number to France, as did Roosevelt in Guadalcanal, Johnson to Vietnam, Truman to Korea, and Reagan to Lebanon, so the point of that was what exactly? Every war, declared or otherwise, has had bad decisions and policy errors. Errors cause people to die. I wouldn't want the job of the president, because decisions the president make can make or ruin lives. The job is over my pay grade and over the grade of commenter #2.
And to add a little snark, it's interesting that Iran's and Obama's troop positions are the same!

Actually Hooson, the number... (Below threshold)

Actually Hooson, the numbers I found at ICanMakeShitUpToo.com say that only 2 civilians in Iraq have died since the day Saddam was hanged. Of ANY causes.

Though, to be honest, the site does report that John Bolton's mustache was involved in both cases so I guess the administration is at fault after all...

I can say that because I was personally there as a SEAL/Green Beret performing freelance superhero work disguised as an interpreter. Personally.

"...so the point of that... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"...so the point of that was what exactly?"

Silly goose, the point was, is and will be to distract from the subject of the post: Obama's flipflops. In other words, Oh, look over there! Something shiny! S.O.P. for some of the usual lefties here.

When are you gonna get with the program and recognize Obamessiah's excellent hopefullability and changitude?

Talking about flip flopping... (Below threshold)

Talking about flip flopping, Obama has done it, same as McSame has done it. McSame has flip flopped more than Obama, but you haven't mentioned that. WHY?

You have to realize that all the idiots, elected or running for office will say anything, change their positions, etc. to get elected.

Just more ODS, you know, like CDS, BDS, etc.

Hooson wrong again. Congres... (Below threshold)

Hooson wrong again. Congress gave the President the authority to go into Iraq because Saddam was not in compliance of the cease fire from 1991. Gee, you liberals need to get off the BDS. ww

Um, Allen? Pointing out tha... (Below threshold)

Um, Allen? Pointing out that politicians lie to get votes is one thing. Using that line of reasoning to defend an unexperienced candidate in over his head who ran solely on not being a typical politician and being able to ChangeTM politics as usual doesn't really have the effect you might desire.

Brainy, and everyone else: ... (Below threshold)

Brainy, and everyone else: so what, vote for John McCain? Seriously? Obama could threaten to outlaw the consumption of meat on days that end in -y, and he would still hold greater appeal than that angry old man.

I swear, Obama makes John... (Below threshold)

I swear, Obama makes John Kerry look rigid and unbending in terms of flip-flops.

Someone else writes his spe... (Below threshold)

Someone else writes his speeches for him, so there's no telling what he would say without a piece of paper in front of him. Anyone who has heard him talk without the help of a teleprompter or crib sheet would know just how scary his speeches really are.

"... who ran solely on n... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

"... who ran solely on not being a typical politician and being able to ChangeTM politics as usual.."

Exactly. The only reason he has gotten this far is because some people believed him when he said he is hopey and changey; not like the usual politician. Well, he is just like the usual pols, maybe even slimier.

So why should the Dems want him over older, more experienced, more qualified Dems?

"Brainy, and everyone else:... (Below threshold)

"Brainy, and everyone else: so what, vote for John McCain? Seriously?"

Yup. Unfortunately. If you have two people ill-suited for a job, any rational person would go with the one with relevent experience over someone with no experience whatsoever.

But McCain's experience sho... (Below threshold)

But McCain's experience shouldn't mean sh*t-all to you if his career has been a joke. All he's done is pander to the media to position himself for a run at the Presidency, and in so doing, revealed himself as even more of a political windsock than Obama.

Have you read what the papers in Arizona have to say about that clod? The guy is such a jerk. Personality matters a lot for the job, and I think likeability does (or should) too. "Who would you rather have a beer with?" was a relevant question when it was Bush vs. Gore/Kerry; why isn't anybody asking that question now?

To be fair, perhaps the question of who one's grandparents would rather watch Matlock with also should be asked, because John McCain always looks like he could use a hug.

Hyper, you need to pay atte... (Below threshold)

Hyper, you need to pay attention to your own countries sorry state. Obama: "I am angry that Rev. Wright said such things" "I am angry that the catholic priest said such things", "I am angry that people talk about my wife", "I am angry at Fox News", on and on. Obama is the demonstrated miserable man. And as a matter of fact, I would like to have a beer with McCain over the "loose change" guy.

Also, we all know McCain is a politician, he never said he was anything but. Obama said he is different, but really isn't. Who is the liar? ww

Hypie - "Brainy, and ... (Below threshold)

Hypie - "Brainy, and everyone else: so what, vote for John McCain?"

Well, you're certainly welcome to - but I don't think he's running in Canada.

No, I meant, what are you g... (Below threshold)

No, I meant, what are you going to do, obviously, JLawson. I empathize--you seem like a smart guy, with principles, and yet the best the (quasi-)conservative party could come up for you with is a septuagenarian with a mushier political than John Kerry.

Willie, my country is fine. Murder rates are low, life expectancy high, literacy and infant mortality rates are excellent, the economy continues to grow... for what reason would I troll Canadian blogs looking to pick nits with other prosperous, content, successful people here? To complain about the price of pot, or beer?

John McCain does not appeal to Americans. Barack Obama is unappealing to many Americans, but also very appealing to many others, and preferred by a majority in part because he represents the party that George W. Bush opposes. That's a monkey McCain will not be able to get off his back, ever. Obama could stop campaigning tomorrow, and McCain still would not have a chance.

And you'd want to have a beer with that guy? Shit, after half a Coors Light he'd be choking the bartender for not getting him an Obus Forme stool.

<a href="http://mediamatter... (Below threshold)


Don't worry, it's got lots of links to sites not paid for by McCain's buddy George Soros.

Hypie -I'm going t... (Below threshold)

Hypie -

I'm going to do what I always do in each election. I'm going to judge which candidate I think will do the best job, based on how they present themseves (not how others interpret what they say) and on criteria that I decide (not what someone else tells me that I should judge them by) and hope I don't make a bad choice. (Didn't vote for Carter in '76, though I probably would have..)

I don't have anything against Democrats - IF they've got what it takes. Clinton wasn't an unmitigated disaster - he kept his hands pretty much off the economy, though if his wife had gotten to be the Medical Tsarina she wanted to be we would've likely never gotten the tech bubble together as her health-care plan sucked out all excess financial liquidity in the US, and we probably wouldn't be having this conversation...

I'm not thrilled with McCain. I didn't vote for him in the primary. I don't think he was the best choice. But I believe the man has principles and wants what's best for the country. As such, if conditions change he'll adapt accordingly.

Obama... is out for Obama first, Democratic Party second, and country somewhere between sixth and 23rd. He seems stubborn where he should be flexible, way too flexible where he needs to be firm. He's great with a teleprompter, really bad with informal remarks.

He basically reminds me of a windsock - he will pander to whatever group he has in front of him at the moment, with no thought about what will happen when the wind changes. The future doesn't matter to him, because the world will give him everything he wants, as he wants it, without any questions asked, because he deserves it.

I really, really dislike seeing that in any politician - much less someone so close to the Presidency. Charisma might get him into the Oval Office - but that's not going to help him when the shit hits the fan and he's got to make hard choices... and stick with them even if someone disagrees.

I'd almost rather see Hillary there. She, at least, seems to realize her own limitations, and she's considerably smarter than Obama when it comes to the geopolitical world. She's at least half as smart as she thinks she is - and I'm not meaning that as a slap at her at all.

Willie, my country is fi... (Below threshold)

Willie, my country is fine. Murder rates are low, life expectancy high, literacy and infant mortality rates are excellent, the economy continues to grow...

Sure. It's fine, with the possible exception that people die while waiting for biopsies (my wife's grandfather, for instance), or they die waiting for an appointment with a specialist (her uncle). My mother-in-law found a lump in her breast in January and waited until May for a biopsy. Fortunately, the lump was benign, so I guess the system worked this time. You live in Montreal, how nice for you. Step outside of your city the next time you run out of pot or beer, and you'll find how the real people live with a health care system so overburdened that hundreds of thousands in need of medical attention wait for care -hell- any care; a system where people in towns like Norwalk, Ontario, participate in lotteries to win appointments with the local family doctor.

Years ago, Canadians touted their health care system as the best in the world; today, Canadian health care stands in ruinous shape. Oh, it's great health care alright, until you need it.

I'll tell you what. You get your country's issues worked out and then come here and lecture us. Better yet, I'm more than willing to send you all the Molson you like to keep you in your state of stupor. Maybe then you'll forget about our states and shut the hell up.

Have you read what the p... (Below threshold)

Have you read what the papers in Arizona have to say...?

I lived in Arizona for 20 years and used The Arizona Republic to line my bird cage. The birds didn't much care to shit on it either.

Clay, you're alive! I haven... (Below threshold)

Clay, you're alive! I haven't been accused of being full of shit based on where I pay taxes in weeks, save for Wild Willie (God bless him!).

Molson, though? Those morons bottle Coors in Canada! That's like me assuming you shop at Wal-Mart. C'mon, we're better than that! We read philosophy, and don't watch television!

You're right, our health care system is awful! Pray tell, then, how we manage to maintain a lower infant mortality rate than the United States? That's hardly a trivial statistic; an epidemiologist whom I worked for bemoaned my country's state of medical affairs, but was quick to append any such bemoaning with this statistic, which more than mitigates the shitty waiting times we have for adults. Do you really think health care in the United States is ideal? It's clearly better in Sweden, and Norway; and they're socialists! Oh no, Lenin just patched up my hernia! I have a sudden urge to hang out with Warren Beatty...

Molson, though?... (Below threshold)

Molson, though?

You're bitching about free beer? Just like a socialist. Okay, how about Alexander Keith's? Oh hell, you're probably above drinking the swill brewed in the maritime provinces anyway.

That's like me assuming you shop at Wal-Mart.

Zellers last weekend. I'm in self-imposed exile from Wal-Mart. Though I can't say that I've missed it all that much. Feel free to give them my regards when you're there tomorrow.

We read philosophy, and don't watch television!

Just curious (I don't know why). What are you reading? I'm reading the Communist Manifesto and having an interesting time comparing it to BHO's website. Fascinating parallels. He's not even trying to cover it.

You don't have television there? I suppose it's difficult to run the wires in an igloo. Red Green would just use duct tape.

which more than mitigates the shitty waiting times we have for adults.

Maybe you'd like to look one of those adults in the eye and explain that. Forgive me for always thinking as an individual, but I've witnessed too much heartbreak with my wife's family. Closer to home, they found a spot on my lung last week following a CT scan and I had my biopsy yesterday. Do you honestly think that would've occurred by now if I lived in St. John or Halifax? I don't think so either. It all becomes relative in very rapid fashion. Like I said, if you don't need it, it's great. As far as infant mortality, I'll have to spend a little more time in thought, more than I care to spend right now. I would encourage you to check out what's happening outside of Montreal, or not, I don't much care. However, you won't find my wife's ear very sympathetic to what you're saying, nor anyone else missing a loved one lost to the dreaded wait, and we know more than a few. And that's more than a trivial reality.

Just an interesting side note. A friend of mine started working for a company that manufactures cochlear implants after she was a successful recipient. You'd be proud to know that she told me that Canadians are covered for the procedure. Funny thing is that they're only covered for one implant. She's also quite happy to be living (and hearing in stereo) in the US right now.

Now, maybe if universal health care didn't mean I was automatically obligated to care for every soul that crossed our southern border -illegally or otherwise- or every shiftless addict that has made his own life choice but wants me to bear the responsibility...or on and on. Then again, probably not.

G'night. The last word's yours.

Okay, I lied. Just had to c... (Below threshold)

Okay, I lied. Just had to check the infant mortality rates, of course. Canada is 4.63 per 1,000 live births. The United States is 6.37 per 1,000. That's certainly not insignificant, but it's also not as dramatic as you make it sound. Now, I wonder what would happen if we coupled that with the mortality rate for terminal diseases. That could be statistically interesting, no? Where's your reality these days? Mine's waiting. And that's very much relative in terms of my location.

Okay. I'm predictable. I ha... (Below threshold)

Okay. I'm predictable. I had to investigate the infant mortality, since it was admittedly bugging me. Turns out that it's not so simple and if we condition on infant birthweight -a significant predictor of infant health- the U.S. has equivalent infant mortality rates. In fact U.S. infant mortality is lower for low-birthweight babies than Canadian infant mortality for low birthweight babies. Overall infant mortality, however, is higher in the U.S. because the incidence of babies with low birthweight is higher than in Canada. This may be due to demographic factors, or it may be the case that the U.S. is better at having a live birth for low birthweight babies.

I'll research this more tomorrow. I have to sleep.

@#25: I wasn't aware. I als... (Below threshold)

@#25: I wasn't aware. I also have to give this more thought; and yes, you're right: our waiting times are shameful. Doctors and policy analysts know what needs to be done, but Stephen Harper won't hear of it because a) more money for health care would make him a socialist (and anger the 20% of the population that he considers his base); and b) less money would anger the other 80%; and so we're stuck in this shitty limbo of underfunded public health care. Our system is more efficient on a per dollar basis than yours, so I like to think that with more money (just take it from Alberta and listen to them cry about "their" oil revenue), we'll be alright. Just to be safe, though, I should probably quit smoking...

I live in Toronto, not Montreal, though I was born there. Montreal is nicer, except for the Scandinavian winters they suffer through. And as for what I'm reading, recently it's been Gary Shteyngart, Jasper Fforde and Cormac McCarthy. If I only read Blood Meridian twenty times before I die, my life will have been for naught.

Oh, by the way: unlike too ... (Below threshold)

Oh, by the way: unlike too many of my compatriots, I don't think Canadian beer is much to brag about. Microbrewed cask ales are my favourite, and there are an awful lot of good ones from the U.S. these days. The LCBO (very nice government-run stores, and the only place you can buy liquor in Ontario) is going to set up an American beer section for the fall, featuring producers such as Brooklyn and Anchor. Ten years ago people would have thought that was a joke, but you guys are doing great things with hops these days.

If ever you're in a pub with a good selection of bottles, I'd recommend anything by Unibroue. I think they were bought by Molson, but the quality hasn't changed. I don't know what Bob and Doug MacKenzie would have to say about it, but Blanche de Chambly is the perfect summertime beer--garnish with orange slice.

Cormac McCarthy? See, I kne... (Below threshold)

Cormac McCarthy? See, I knew that if we slapped each other around long enough we'd find some common ground. I'm a big fan of McCarthy when I read fiction, which hasn't been enough lately. "If war is not holy, man is nothing but antic clay." Yep, here comes the Judge.

Have you heard that Blood Meridian is a Ridley Scott project due next year? I'm always anxious about good books coming to the screen. I'm disappointed more often than not. Although I think the Cohen's did a fine job on No Country...

You dope. Didn't you know smoking's bad? Sure, you need a head to read Camus, but you also need a chest. Yet it's like you leftists to remove the organ while demanding the function. LOL.

Sheesh. I tore this thread to shreds. Sorry, Cassy. It won't happen again. Crap, another lie. Just like me, right?

Blanche de Chambly is th... (Below threshold)

Blanche de Chambly is the perfect summertime beer--garnish with orange slice.

An orange slice?!? An umbrella, too, I suppose? Oh well, we'll always have McCarthy at least.

HB, HB (shakes his head). Uhm, have a good day.

Wait, lemme try again. Do you like cigars?

-(Antic) Clay

A weissbeer (e.g. Hoegaarde... (Below threshold)

A weissbeer (e.g. Hoegaarden) goes well with the citrus notes of orange peel. Hoegaarden's actually flavoured with orange, as well as coriander. Not the manliest looking brew, granted, but don't knock it 'til you've tried it. You'll enjoy, I promise.

I have indeed heard of the Ridley Scott project, and I'm giddy with anticipation. Who will play the Judge? Most seven foot tall hairless albinos don't have tiny, child-like hands. I think that book might have lent itself well to the sort of stylized cartoonishness used in Sin City. Regardless, if it's as good as No Country, and at least five times better than All the Pretty Horses, I will happily pay to see it more than once.

I've also heard that The Road is in the preliminary production stage. Either Daniel Day Lewis or Vigo Mortensen would be perfect as the father, but Brad Pitt is a huge McCarthy fan and might try to take the role. As for who to put behind the camera, David Lynch seems a good fit.

I spent a couple of weeks in Cuba and tried to develop a taste for cigars, but they just aren't for me. I enjoy cigarillos, like Meharis, and occasionally the cheapies like Backwoods. (Dunno if you have those--they look like twigs made out of dog shit.) I don't see my love affair with cigarettes ending anytime soon. I've been smoking for half my life, but never more than a pack to a pack and a half per week. Just had a check-up, and my doctor said that my body gives no indication of tobacco use. (So obviously I should keep smoking until I start to look like a corpse. Hey, they're only ten dollars a pack!)

Who will play the Judge?... (Below threshold)

Who will play the Judge?

Who else but this guy...


Yikes. My eyes just popped ... (Below threshold)

Yikes. My eyes just popped out of my head and are hiding behind the sofa. "They Only Come Out At Night" indeed.






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