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Grace Chen and family

A week ago today a 4-year-old girl named Grace Chen died in a fire at a Tallahassee Florida daycare. I briefly mentioned this news in a earlier post. The girl's family isn't just heartbroken now, but a crisis. Lili Chen, Grace's Mom, is seven months pregnant with a baby boy and had to be hospitalized in the aftermath of her daughter's death. The mother at risk for pre-term labor.


I've lost a child and know how devastating the experience is. Please pray for Grace and her family. A statement released by the Chinese Christian Church the family atttends is below. God bless the Chens in their time of need.

On Friday, July 11th, a fire at the Stepping Stones Day Care Center in Tallahassee took the life of a sweet four-year-old girl, Grace Chen. Grace's family is tremendously devastated by the loss of their beloved daughter. Their hearts are broken.

Grace's mom, Lili Chen is 7 months pregnant with her second child. Grace used to tell everyone she would be a loving big sister, but now her wish will never come true.

The family is still in shock and trying to focus on saving Grace's unborn little brother. Lili is currently hospitalized due to the huge amount of grief and stress she is dealing with and is facing pre-term labor risks.

While the family is trying to go through this difficult time, they are willing to share the tremendous love and support they have received from friends, neighbors, and communities.

In lieu of flowers, friends of the family are asking that donations be made to the Tallahassee Chinese Christian Church in memory of Grace Chen. Contributions will go towards Grace's funeral service expenses and to have a tree planted to honor her memory.Gracechen2.jpg

Per the family's wishes, any remaining funds will be split equally and donated to Pediatric Programs at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare and the United Nations Children's Fund in China (UNICEF CHINA).

Please send your donations to the following address and note "Grace Chen Memorial" on the check.

Tallahassee Chinese Christian Church

Grace Chen Memorial

8801 Centerville Rd

Tallahassee, FL 32309


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Comments (3)

Prayers for the mother to c... (Below threshold)
The Exposer:

Prayers for the mother to carry her baby safely to term and may little Grace rest in peace.

It is a shame when anyone d... (Below threshold)

It is a shame when anyone dies because of fire in a building. Automatic Fire Sprinklers have/will continue saving life's and property.

But the big/huge problem from every building having such a system is because the GOP has been convinced by the lobbyist's that it isn't feasible. (meaning it would cost them money, hell with lives's)

Do some research on Automatic Fire Sprinklers, (and yes they cost money) and see why/who is stopping the installation of them in buildings.

How awful! I pray the mom i... (Below threshold)

How awful! I pray the mom is able to deliver a healthy baby. I can't imagine what she's experiencing right now.






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