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Shiny Nerdgasm

The greatest ten seconds of my recent vacation...


In person, she's nowhere near as cute as she was on "Firefly." And she's nowhere near as hot as she is in certain glamour shots. Rather, she's just plain beautiful -- moving her "look" in either direction is part Hollywood magic, part her appearance's flexibility, and part her own acting talent -- she can project "hot" or "cute" at will.

She's also refreshingly normal, at least in her talks and interactions with her fans.

And no, I don't think I'll post the uncropped version.


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Comments (34)

Oooooh. Lucky ducky! I'm je... (Below threshold)

Oooooh. Lucky ducky! I'm jealous.

Lemme guess - the rest of t... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Lemme guess - the rest of the photo includes you, right?

And no, I don't think I'... (Below threshold)

And no, I don't think I'll post the uncropped version."

That's a relief. ;-)

Anybody needs me I'll be in... (Below threshold)

Anybody needs me I'll be in my bunk.

How did you get my picture?... (Below threshold)

How did you get my picture? ww

So, who is the woman? Post... (Below threshold)
George Toalin:

So, who is the woman? Post is a bit pointless if the reader doesn't watch the same television shows you do.

Jewel Strait from "Firefly"... (Below threshold)

Jewel Strait from "Firefly"
BURN IN HELL, FOX for cancelling that show.

Mr. Toalin,C'mon. Y... (Below threshold)
Codekeyguy Author Profile Page:

Mr. Toalin,
C'mon. You didn't watch "Firefly"? And you admit it? You therefore do not qualify to even read any of "Mr. T's" musings. Now, Begone!!!

And no, I don't think I'... (Below threshold)

And no, I don't think I'll post the uncropped version.

Thanks, I'm eating breakfast.


Jay Tea touched a girl!!!!<... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea touched a girl!!!!

(what was it like?)

She was also in Fox's short... (Below threshold)

She was also in Fox's short-lived "Wonderfalls". She played the psycho ex-wife of the pretty boy co-star. Still hot, but not the cute tomboy girl next door kinda hot that Kaylee was.

She's currently the doctor ... (Below threshold)
Red Five:

She's currently the doctor in Stargate: Atlantis, replacing Carson Beckett, played by Paul McGillion.

Oh, and "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!" (bows to the superior Jay Tea)

George: it's pointless</... (Below threshold)

George: it's pointless?

In a way, your status as a eunuch is enviable: you must get a whole lot more accomplished while surfing the internet than everybody else.

Woody: "Anybody needs me, ... (Below threshold)

Woody: "Anybody needs me, I'll be in my bunk."
I'm embarrassed that I laughed...hell I'm embarrassed that I got the reference.

Jay, I'm completely green with envy.

Jay Tea touched a girl!!... (Below threshold)

Jay Tea touched a girl!!!!

Actually - if you look at the blown-up version (I have been for the last 30 minutes) he's not really touching her...

Stephen #10,if you look rea... (Below threshold)

Stephen #10,if you look real close he,s not touching her.ahhh but if he was to do so,lucky bastard.

Gao gan you lucky du... (Below threshold)

Gao gan you lucky duck! I love Jewel Staite, she's such a bao bei. I became familiar with her as Gabriella on Da Vinci's Inquest, but I fell in love with her on Firefly. She's so damn adorably cute and sexy, in that wholesome farmer's daughter way - not that she can't play the hu li jing when she wants to.

Jewel's portrayal of Kaylee was pai an jiao jue zhen de shi tian cai . As shiny as Ron Glass and Adam Baldwin were, Jewel was simply jing cai. Ahhh, the number of nights I dreamt of grappling with her...shiny indeed.

Of course he's not touching... (Below threshold)
No One of Consequence:

Of course he's not touching her. You'll notice there's a bit of bare skin between her top and her shorts, right underneath his hand. Had he touched that, he'd have passed out.

I love SciFi, and FIREFLY w... (Below threshold)

I love SciFi, and FIREFLY was a great show. Fox had some other great shows I sure miss like MILLENNIUM. Lance Henriksen may be typecast as always starring in something creepy, but this craggy-faced actor is great in whatever he does,and played a strange hero, Frank Black, in this Chris Carter masterpiece. FOX has had a little more success with more daring programming than the other networks, such as ABC, CBS or NBC, where most SciFi shows except for HEROES tanked. Even the original STAR TREK was relatively shortlived on network TV. I sure miss ENTERPRISE as well as Jeri Ryan as Seven Of Nine in STAR TREK VOYAGER. There's your poster girl for a real "nerdgasm" right there and enough to make many a nerd have to do their laundry.

Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine, p... (Below threshold)

Jeri Ryan, Seven of Nine, played a role in Barry Obama becomming a US Senator

It ain't all about politics... (Below threshold)

It ain't all about politics, Phil. Sometimes, it's just about the moment.

Man, I sure envy Mr. Ducky!

I've met all of the main ca... (Below threshold)
Eric F:

I've met all of the main cast, except Fillion.

Summer Glau surprised me the most. She's just gorgeous in person.

Several of them donated their Dragon*Con autograph proceeds to a Katrina charity shortly after that disaster happened. I know Adam Baldwin did, and I believe that Jewel, Morena Baccarin and Ron Glass did too (they were the only Firefly actors there that year).

Very shiny crew indeed.

Lucky duck indeed.... (Below threshold)

Lucky duck indeed.

Awesome! Valerie was almos... (Below threshold)

Awesome! Valerie was almost named Kaylee, but it was too popular. Funny thing is, just as Jewel Staite resembles one of my cousins, whose face I sometimes see in Valerie, so Valerie has that sometimes reminds me of Jewel Staite thing.

We saw her first in Wonderfalls and had low expectations because we didn't like the Heidi character or her look. It was such a remarkable difference, her playing Kaylee.

Creepiest. Hand. Ever.... (Below threshold)

Creepiest. Hand. Ever.

Very waxy.

Don't even know who she is,... (Below threshold)

Don't even know who she is, but, nice legs, and the pumps don't hurt either..

Now, the kook to the right of her....

When I saw the title in my ... (Below threshold)

When I saw the title in my RSS reader, I thought the post was going to be about this. Close, it's still about Kaylee. Lucky duck!

"And no, I don't think I'll... (Below threshold)

"And no, I don't think I'll post the uncropped version."-jt


And no, no reflection on Jay Tea. All nerds, straight and otherwise are welcome and the conventions are notable for drawing TV stars from LA and Canada. Like JT says, "nerdgasm". Like snails in an aquarium. I'd go if Truman Capote was there.

As for why the pic is cropped? I'll be nice: Because Jay Tea could not hide his disappointment all day when he discovered that Sulu was a no-show, girl picture or no girl picture. And a long face while "holding" a SF babe wouldn't look quite right. So: flab, OK. Long face, Not OK.

Either that or "Butch" weedled into the frame uninvited.

...I'll stop now.

Heh, heh, hmmmm. That chick... (Below threshold)

Heh, heh, hmmmm. That chick touched your duck, Beavis.

(I couldn't help it)

"Engines make her hot!" </... (Below threshold)
Linoge Author Profile Page:

"Engines make her hot!"

In other news, you have no idea how extraordinarily jealous I am of you. The best I can claim is a hug, on film, from Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Yowsa ...She sure ... (Below threshold)

Yowsa ...

She sure is pretty and Mr. Ducky sure is lucky.
Grats you on a nice celeb shot.

WOW...SOO THAT'S whe... (Below threshold)

WOW...SOO THAT'S where the phrase "LUCKY DUCK" comes from!!

Mannnnnnn... that musta been one hell of a vacation.............

Jealous!... (Below threshold)


Jewel Staite ... shiny.... (Below threshold)

Jewel Staite ... shiny.






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