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Early morning entertainment

As is my early morning custom, I scan Florida newspaper websites in search for something to blog about. At the Orlando Sentinel I found this most interesting listing of entertainment headlines.Obama.jpg

Barack Obama, Henry Paulson are guests on CBS' 'Face the Nation'

Since when has the 2008 Presidential candidates been entertaining? Maybe in a guilty pleasure sort of way. I haven't been laughing too much of late. Time to go watch the British Open. Seeing the world's best golfers try to play in 30 MPH winds is more entertaining than listening to blowhard or shallow politicians any day.


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Not the Orlando Slantinel!!... (Below threshold)

Not the Orlando Slantinel!! I usually read the Florida Today, but that isn't much better.

For some reason Obama and h... (Below threshold)

For some reason Obama and his family are showing up quite a bit as subjects on the "entertainment" shows. I guess if you are in any kind of old media you have to be in the tank for him.






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